Living my best life in my FAVORITE look EVER

Not much more I can say than the fact that this outfit actually makes me happy. Like in my core and so deeply. I am not one that usually wants go to straight to buying something to make me happy, but I forgot what it feels like to actually wear clothes that make me happy. 

Most of what I have been wearing I honestly just throw on. I don't have much time to really plan outfits, get ready, or care about matching everything perfectly. I workout in the morning, go to work, work after work or do dinner, hang with J, so being picture perfect just isn't always in the cards for me as a big priority. 


But when I was given the opportunity to work with Nicole Miller, I could not BELIEVE what's happening this season.

I mean, evil eyes? On this whole set? I sort of can't explain how me it is. Finding a look that makes me feel like my best self is LIFE.

I can't say more, but want to share the links as inspiration, and the notion that really being thoughtful about what you're wearing every once and a while can really give you that pep in your step and change how you bring your energy into a situation.



What's your favorite go-to feel good look? 

Sending you love this week, hope you're surviving the mercury retrograde!