Talking about being HAPPY + my favorite faux leather jacket EVER

Why is it hard to talk about life when it's good?

Is that just me?

I was meeting with my friend recently and she mentioned (in a loving way), that I never seem to talk about what's going on in my life.

That when I'm with people I always shift the focus with questions about them and what they are doing.

That I don't often share anything about The Hundred Blog, Almost 30 Podcast, or my job (that I love). 


I just never really talk about it. I don't know how to? What do you say when everything is just, really good?

Whenever I meet a stranger, and I'm introduced as a blogger, or podcaster...I don't have much to say beyond the basics. 

It pains me to think of being perceived as self-obsessed or self-involved. 

(I think sometimes think that as a blogger you are obsessed with yourself. That you LOVE taking photos of yourself and use the blog as a vehicle to share all of your glamour shots. HA. I would maybe say that taking photos is my least favorite part. I LOVE creating a vibe in an image and I love fashion, but getting ready and zooming in on 900 images of me every week, I'M GOOD).

It feels weird telling someone brand partnerships I have upcoming, or podcast numbers. Even with my job, I have nothing to say beyond, I love it, and it's good.  It's moving in the right direction, and I have wins everyday. 

But for some reason it's hard for me to share it! Why is that?


Why is it so hard to talk about all of the good things in life, the successes and the wins?

It feels a bit like bragging, I guess? Or that you're making someone else feel bad because you're talking about the ways in which you shine.

There is a part of this where, yes, it's a good thing to be humble. I LOVE when I discover parts of others that are bragworthy but they haven't chosen to share. I always remembered that with my dad, I never figured out how traveled he was, and well read he was until I got older and I figured it out on my own, vs him telling me. He's been to over 90 countries in the world, but I never knew until I asked.

But where does humility become something where you're unable to share things you love with those you love?

I feel like lately, life has been going so well, that I don't have as much to say. Even on the blog!

Yes, I have my days, weeks, whatever, that SUCK. I got in a 3 car accident on the highway recently, which was pretty scary, and my hormone health hasn't been the best.  But, overall, I am happy, healthy, have enough food and money to support myself, and am doing things I love. I also am surrounded by people that I love. 

So, when people ask how I am, it's 'good!' and a switch to conversation about what's going  on with them, what's new and exciting. Honestly, I am more interested in what my friends and strangers are doing. I guess, when I'm in my own head, ALL DAY EVERYDAY, it seems less exciting to talk about the latest post or sponsor for Almost 30 Podcast.


But when I think about it, having Almost 30 and the interviews I share on Hundred, are an extension of things that I am interested in, and believe in, AND involve others. The interviews on both Hundred and Almost 30 Podcast with AMAZING, qualified, interesting, smart people, I can share those.

But I'd love to work on finding a way to share and be open about positivity and good in my life. Acknowledging it, being grateful, and truthful about life, is essentially keeping it 100. Ya know?

I feel like there is so MUCH TO SAY when things are bad.

Your boss was mean to you, your friend betrayed you, everything went wrong, and there's LOT'S to discuss. Small talk, is often like that. It's musings and observations about things that suck.

The weather! Never good enough, am I right?

Even in California, talking about the weeks of rain, was a popular topic. But we NEEDED that rain, and it's a natural thing.

But, it was a conversation topic. Because it's negative.


I'm just having a hard time, not feeling annoying, talking about all the good in my life.

Again, my life is by no means perfect, but I want to share more. Especially as I've deepened my gratitude practice (by writing down in a gratitude journal daily, and each morning saying thank you, the second I wake up) you notice more good. I swear.

How I plan to do better with sharing the wins:

  • Acknowledge it: This means that personally, when something good happens, when I'm feeling this good, taking a second to actually notice it. Take a breath, put my hand over your heart and think, wow, I am lucky that life is this good. 
  • Start small: Share things with those closest to me, and maybe even preface it with a joke. 'Life is good, I know it's annoying but I feel genuinely happy'. By the disarming, it gives me the space to actually be happy
  • Focus on the good, not the bad: When I find yourself in a conversation where I am focusing on the negative with someone, I am going to try to shift it, ever so slightly. Its' good for you, and it's good for them. 
  • Understand it's fleeting: The only constant is change, baby, which means that just because it's good now, doesn't mean it can't get better or sadly, worse, HA.

Any tips for me? How do you guys share in your success and the good in your life so that people can support you and be a part of it? 

What I'm wearing in this post:

DIE FOR THIS Floral Jacket by Black Denim NYC, fam. I mean how fucking amazing? The detail, the fit is everything and I get so many compliments on it. It's so good to mix the feminine with the masculine, and I am such a fan of faux leather baby.

High-Waisted Black Stretch Jeans from Nordstrom (these are like SPANX I SWEAR) 

Lace-Up Flats from Chinese Laundry

Free People Cream Blouse (on sale!) I wear this all the time. It's the perfect flattering basic.

Ray Ban Mirrored Sunglasses

Tarte BB Cream in Medium

Buxom Full on Liquid Lipstick


Always thanks for being here, supporting Hundred Blog and being my friends!

Have the best Thursday, (almost there!) 





Been doing some traveling lately! 

I just got back from a few days in San Francisco and then the weekend in NYC. Was fun to do each coast, and I LOVE staying on the move. 

Shoutout to my boo Jacqui for being the host of the century. Going around China Town with me and our iPhone flashlights to search for my wallet I lost.

Only to have my wallet found on the floor of her bedroom the next day. 

Oh, and then I went to work in Midtown and was planning to leave for the airport straight after for my flight. 

But, I forgot the wallet I had 'lost' at my friends apartment. SIGH. 

I'm SERIOUSLY special. 


So sharing below what I did, what I ate (plus some bars and other bites in between!) and what I was wearing during one of my favorite shoots ever.

As far as the feels back in NYC - it was nice! I LOVED being with my people, hanging with Jacqui is like - the best and easiest thing. Friends that GET IT. I was, though, happy to be living in L.A. where the water is a bit warmer and the beach is in my backyard. 


Yoga at Y7 Soho, Lunch at By CHLOE Soho (I ate the Detox Kale Salad) 

After lunch Matcha from Cha Cha Matcha (I get the Chai Matcha and the Coconut Matcha!) Matcha is higher in antioxidants than tea and way better for you than coffee. New favorite. 

Walked around Lower East Side Admiring the Street Art :) There is such good art in the city right now, it was LOVELY! 

Dinner at NIX Vegan spot that's really good for groups! I had the spreads (lots of hummus, guac and other amazing things to dip breads in!) 

Out at The House of YES - This place is CRAZY yo. So FUN and different. Everyone was in costume, pretty much,


SoulCycle at 10:45 in NoHo with Karyn - she's one of my favorites. SUPER hard and super fun.

Lunch at By CHLOE: I got the vegan caesar salad with the almond butter toast (balance) 

Shopped at Zara (shooting that stuff next weekend they had SUCH GOOD STUFF) 

Shoot with Lydia Hudgens (She is GREAT. Bloggers shoot with her if you're in NYC!) 

Drinks at While We Were Young - super cute spot that is perfect for the gram. Check out my photo here.

SOHN Concert: Honestly my new favorite music ever. SUCH GOOD JAMS. Highly recommend, you can listen to them here

Drinks at William Vale in Brooklyn. The BEST views of NYC for sure. It's perfect vibes. Lounge, space, good view, chill, couches, good music. YAS.

The Meatball Shop (late night!) oh YES. I get their kitchen sink (lots of veggies) with veggie meatballs (these are not vegan though babes - so this trip I didn't get them).


Workout at ModelFit- it's a dance studio, which is really fun to mix it up every once in a while. I would recommend trying and doing their dance cardio or sculpt classes!  

Juice at Juice Press: My favorite is the Mother Earth Greens and the cinnabun (buckwheat cinnamon roll - SO GOOD!)

Breakfast at Dudley's - THE BEST. Such a cute vibe, I got their salad, added Avocado. It's in LES and is good for vegans or non-vegans alike. 

Brunch at Hotel Chantelle - I got their salad, and a side avocado, good food and a great vibe upstairs for sure. 

Shoot with Asher Gardner - THE BEST. So fun, and so real, I got my favorite shots I've had in so long with her. She works for GoLiveHQ (the company that did my website, which you can find that post here).

Dinner with friends at V-Spot Vegan in Union Square


Mile High Run Club 28 Dash - SUCH a good workout. I never run on the treadmill so this was actually a treat to do. 28 minutes of intervals and it FLEW by. Highly recommend. 

Lunch at Organic Avenue - I get their macrobiotic sushi, a green smoothie and big kale salad

Flight back to LA :) 

My favorite all black vibes look from this weekend:

First, I am ALL ABOUT the high-waisted denim and the belt. Ladies, get yourself a belt. They do wonders for your waist and give you a SHAPE. This was my friends vintage belt, and I am in LOVE with it. 

Denim is Topshop and it's SUPER stretchy and comfortable, the black is just right and I felt like I could wear it all day because it's so soft.

Top is Forever 21 with the Rose and I LOVE the detail, it's super soft, fits just right and is good for weekends or work.

OTK Boots are Target baby. I wrote about them here, and am in LOVE.

Photography by Asher Gardner (BEST person to shoot with in NYC I SWEAR. Love her!)

What are your favorite spots in NYC? Things to do? This trip was very chill, relatively speaking, lots of hanging and little touristy stuff - oops!

Loving ya, have the best Thursday!



Inspired ramblings: Living two lives.

You guys want me to talk about moving again?!?!??! I know, I know. But moving makes you honestly really think. You purge stuff you don't need, you realize what matters, how annoying lugging shit around is, how having a clean slate allows you to start fresh.... 

So I'm not talking about it specifically, but since moving, I’ve been really thinking about a fork in the road type scenario. A choice that all people make either concisely or unconsciously in their life. 

*Looks up slowly at the stars*

I feel like I should preface this post with like, the road less traveled quote written in cursive over a floral design. LOL. 

I have been pondering this all the time. If you’ve been on the phone with me for the past month, this is something I am sure I have asked your opinion on. #deepchats #heyalixx


Two situations:

Situation A:

Staying in one place, for a long time (like your whole life, or where you grew up) and having the ability to foster deep connections and relationships with those people around you.  Time allows you to do that. Your commonalities (based on your location and history together) allow you to do that. Through this time you’ve weeded out the extras and the bullshit and you’ve got loyal ass people in your squad. 

It’s really a beautiful thing. 

I know people like that. Grew up in their hometown, maybe left for college, came back, and have a deep sense of community and connection with where they grew up. Their desire to leave, if they ever have it is satisfied through possible vacations, of which they look forward to going back to the life they’ve known for quite a long time. 

Situation B:

The other choice is not to stay in one place for a long period of time, to continue to see and experience all that you can while building relationships with those you meet along the way, as deeply as you can. Put blankly it’s a choice of experiences over comfort, and self growth over anything. It could essentially be seen as selfish. It’s choosing to see more, do more, be more and always keep it moving. Although you’ll have more stories to tell, it may be harder to maintain the deep connections with people that may not be in your time zone via text or phone call. 

You give up roots to create a more complex web of memories, people and places. 

Obvi, I am the latter of the two. 

I grew up in the suburbs of Ohio, and at that time made the easy decision to go to school nearby at Miami University. It may have been living abroad in Luxembourg, traveling all over to places like Paris, Berlin, Monte Carlo, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Venice and Rome... that gave me the courage to then move to Chicago for the next 4 years. 

P.S. All that glitters ain't gold I broke my foot my SECOND WEEK being abroad, so consider all of the above on Tiny Tim like crutches and a casted foot. HAWT & FUN. 

In Chicago I fell deeply in love with my group of friends, and soon after Justin, who had lived in New York City at the time. Justin's from D.C., and I had actually met him once 4 years prior in Alabama. He was visiting Chicago one weekend when I was there. reached out, 7 months and a whole lot of texts and trips later I was moving to New York City. Two years of huge growth, travel to places like Patagonia and South Africa, a whole lot of life change, and we were packed to move to the beach in California where we live now. 

So I haven’t stayed in one place to, say, be there in the flesh for every big moment my friends have. Although it’s super easy to get on the phone, or on the plane, it’s of course different than steady relationships you can have with people you live in the same city with. 

Although moving of course gives you a unique perspective, and I have accumulated a variety of experiences and friends through each move, it’s always interesting to think if I had stayed in one place, what my life would be like. 

I have always been the onward and upward, keep-it-movin’, never satisfied type. I think moving also has helped satisfy a constant desire to travel. Part of the reason L.A. was enticing to me was the fact we can hit Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the rest of the west coast spots much easily. 

But I haven’t been in Cincinnati to see my best friend graduate business school, or in Chicago to see my friends move into bigger and better places, or New York City where promotions are happening and my homies are hustlin', I feel connected deeply to each person rather than each place. 

I definitely don’t know which option is better, and i think that each person has made the best decision that fits for them. Whether it’s to stay in one place and set deep roots, or to keep it moving like a tumbleweed, LOL But it’s for real been on my mind.

What do you think? Which camp are you in? It’s like I’m asking on the phone ha, would love to hear your thoughts. 

Talk soon people, I love you!