Trying to make overalls happen.

When I think of overalls I think of two things. 

1. The OshKosh B'Gosh tiny little train conductor overall stage of life. Like back when they had like pin stripes on them and you were so little and your parents mainly put them on you because it made sense (aka your pants wouldn't fall off because they were strapped over your shoulders to stay up). 

2. The *best movie ever* Clueless. The scene when Amber (the mean girl) makes fun of Tai (the new girl) in gym class, 

*Said in valley girl speak* 

"She could be a farmer in those clothes".

So I was hesitant on this trend for sure, but I noticed there were people doing it, and it looked hot. 

Like for real hot, hot girl hot.

Effortless, slept in hair waves, just rolled out of bed, threw these on to pick up coffee hot. 

So I was feeling crazy and bought some overalls, praying to the heavens that I could rock them like babe's I've seen. 

I was super surprised that when I first tried these on, Justin didn't call me a farmer or like make fun of me, but actually made the 'looking hot/you put on pants which is cool', face. Which really surprised me. 
Like please don't tell me this is a fashion trend that boys actually understand? LOL. 

I got these from Zara (sold out but a similiar style is here), obviously. I wanted to do black because it gives it a bit of an edge, and makes it less farmer than having blue jean. They're a good length, skinny leg and have rips on the knee. I actually love the fit and find wearing overalls to be super comfortable.

You can seriously now get black overalls anywhere, these are $27 dollars from Forever 21. These are good from Aso's for $81 dollars.

As far as what I wore with it, I kept it super simple with a nude camisole, to make sure to keep it simple and feminine. You don't want to wear like a flannel button up or anything. I threw on a men's watch, actually from a friend from Fossil (randomly) that I love. it's my wannabe Rolex. Sunglasses are so old, for like $5 dollars from Forever 21 I believe. These are super similar. 

ALSO MY DOPE ASS BLACK LEATHER BACKPACK! Which is sold out from Saks but a similar one from Givenchy can be found here.

I mean it's nice to know that you can rock a trend, look different and be COMFORTABLE.  Like it's a bold move to wear them but if you do it well, it's bomb.

What are some other trends I'm missing? I feel like I need a Fall trends update, because I am way out of the loop. What's everyone buying and feelin' right now?

Also can I say how grateful I am for all the love I've gotten this week? Honestly on cloud nine. Thank you thank you for reading. Means so much.

Talk soon!