Exciting news + if you're traveling - you NEED this list!

Hai friends! How are you? How's the week? 

Maybe you've noticed, maybe not, but lately my travel game as of late has been super local - in California pretty much, besides Cleveland for a wedding, Dallas for work and Florida for family. I've done Palm Springs (behind on that weekending guide), Santa Barbara, Malibu and really staying in California.

So obviously I'm anxious for the next trip, and was so happy that my dad acquired dad guilt and is now realizing my sister and I are getting older. He said something along the lines of 'realizing that his daughters won't be single (unmarried) for too much longer'. He probably doesn't know that I have a few more years....but I'll take it.

So after some research and basically me just taking the reigns on this (like I do most things involving group decisions hehe), I planned a trip for us to go to....






Bow chica bow wow OH YAH. 

Sigh. #dadsrule

I mean you can't do Thailand with your dad (too sexy like I don't want to be on a secluded beach with my dad ew), I feel good about my Europe travels, and after you've seen one Church you've seen them all.

Plus I've never been to Asia. 

I was thinking about my packing game, and some of the key things I bring when traveling internationally, whether to London for work, or for fun anywhere else. It's honestly a craft.  Fitting all your things in is like Tetris. Making sure it's not liquid if you carry on (I always get caught) and making sure your outfits match your activities, the temperature, weather and vibe, is a talent that people get paid lots of money for. 

How you travel, says so much about you as a person...


I’m serious!

Like, it exposes crazy little things about you!

I pack 1003423 packs of vitamins and protein bars. I always bring more shoes than I ever wear, I sleep as soon as we take off, and when I fly I always write down (or re-write) my current goals in my journal. I also have an obsession with dressing up for the airport. I don't wear makeup 90% of the time, but for some reason when I travel I find it super mysterious/cool to look fly when I'm traveling. 

I also love to be on a plane.  Seriously detachment unplugging time to be had on flights! 

When I did my last big trip, I was reminded of all the little things I needed to prepare, and wanted to gather it all together for you as a list, if you needed it in case your life takes you somewhere interesting this year :).

So, your guide to packing internationally like a badass bitch on da GO. 

// To keep you organized //

// To keep you healthy //

  • Vitamins: I take so many vitamins it's almost weird. I personally buy into the benefits of vitamins and have noticed a difference when I am taking them vs. not taking them in things like my skin, energy levels and hair. I'll probably post a full list later, but when I travel I make sure to bring vitamins for nutrients that I may not be getting fully on the go. Like a multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, Iron, B-12 and Maca. I'm also partnering with HU nutrition at the end of the month, so will keep you posted on a product review of their stuff - but I love what they're about
  • Bars: All day. It's so key for me because there isn't shit at airports or when you're away to eat quickly, that's healthy and as delicious as protein bars. Now that I'm off that #questlife I have been on Vega Sport and Pro Base bars. It sucks because they have mad calories but they're the best possible thing when you're looking at that vs. a baguette in a french cafe. 
  • Hand sanitizer: Key for staying away from all the germs that you'll encounter when traveling.
  • Trail Mix: I love the simple trail mix from Trader Joe's - it's sweet enough but no candy in it. 

// To keep you busy //


// To keep you beautiful //

// To keep you cute //

  • Scarves: So key for flights because you can also use it as a blanket, and for anywhere because it adds a little something to a what could be plain outfit. I am huge scarf fan when I travel too because you can take it off it you're hot or use it to cover up should it get cold when the sun goes down or something. 

// To keep in case //

  • Neck pillow: Every time! I don't even know why I have it I forget so much. But I do love when I remember it.
  • Visine: For when your eyes are dry, especially with contacts, when flying.
  • Camera: I always forget, but your photo quality is so much better with a good camera. I have a Nikon DSLR 7000, so it's big but takes amazing photos. 
  • Umbrella: Good to have if you need in places like London, Seattle, etc. 


RIGHT? So I know this was a BEAR (because it was so much to write and link) but I'm hopeful it's helpful as a travel guide, or even as a guide for life essentials. because basically the Alexander Wang clothes should be my wardrobe staples for LIFE.  All of this stuff I truly love and use, and feel strongly about or I wouldn't post it. 

What are your essentials for traveling? Any brands or things you must have that I'm missing? Also if you've been to Vietnam, let me know what you think! I'd love to hear your feedback and tips on traveling Asia!

Also make sure to keep in touch on my trip via my social links, below and my snapchat @hundredblog. I'm going to try my best to keep you informed :)

Anything I missed? Happy Monday, friends! xoxoxo


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