THE PERFECT WEEKEND: Palm Springs Itinerary

I think I should be the mayor of Palm Springs I love it so much.

If you follow me on Instagram, or on Snapchat you've seen all of the Palm Springs weekends I've done in the past few weeks. 

I just LOVE the place.

It's only a two hour drive from Los Angeles, and the vibes you get being in the desert, are unparalleled. It's such a unique, relaxing, colorful place, I find new things I love each time I go. I love that you can do Palm Springs as a romantic getaway, with girlfriends, and really anyone can find something fun to do. 

I've done Palm Springs with my babes, we hung by the pool, chatted, ate good food and explored. I also did it with a group of people, rented a house and did a party weekend, which was amazing too.

Whatever your fancy, Palm Springs can suit you.

This time around, I was able to go on behalf of Palm Springs Tourism, and am SO excited to share some of the best of the best things to do there. It's really easy for me to talk to you guys about a place I already love. 

My itinerary:


V Palm Springs

I was so impressed with the V, that I am going again in a few weeks with a girlfriend from Chicago. The V is recently remodeled, and you can TELL. It's gorgeous, sleek, modern, and feels like it fits so naturally in the Palm Springs setting. What I also LOVED is that, it's affordable for what you are getting. Comparatively speaking, the cost is so affordable for the area, and it's amazing. The pool area was sprawling, and at most of the rooms there is a little swing you can hang out on. On Friday, during the day, I did work all day by the pool, enjoyed one of their amazing acai bowls and salads from their bar. 

The fresh, chic vibe mixed with the open-air layout is JUST what I love. The mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop. Especially with those California sunsets, tho 

I also got a workout in at their gym on Friday, major PLUS.

333 E Palm Canyon DR. Palm Springs, CA 92264


Kings Highway

When you need your avocado toast fix, do this spot in the Ace Hotel. 

Open everyday from 7am to 11pm

Cafe Europa

Such a cute, perfect spot for breakfast. They have a MASSIVE menu where you can seriously get whatever you want (and keep it healthy). The vibe is modern, sleek, bright and colorful. When I was there, I got the gazpacho, which is an amazing treat in the hot sun. They also had a great breakfast menu and enough options to please anyone. 

301 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Palm Mountain Resort

Get your spa on at the Palm Mountain Resort for facials, massages, masks, whatever you need. I did an AMAZING facial, that my skin really needed. Sometimes if I get a facial, my skin will breakout or react to the ingredients used. Often people say it's 'worse before it gets better', but in this case my skin was GLOWY all week and felt clear and clean. The treatment I did was a desert clay mask all over my body, to moisturize and clarify to help with super dry desert skin. The staff was lovely, the treatments were quality and it was more affordable than most other places in the area. 

Palm Mountain Resort is also a hotel, which has a newly renovated pool area and lobby. 

Lulu California Bistro

Super cute, colorful and fun, this place is perfect for everyone. I was SUPER surprised that there were so many healthy options. There was a few things that I wanted as a vegan :) and I loved the soup, and veggie burger I got. The group also enjoyed their oysters, chicken and ribs. ALSO, I mean, they have cotton candy? Is there anything more you could ever want? 

Get their hand spun cotton candy! Obviously. 

A few good vegan options: 

Wild Mushroom Soup or Cucumber and Avocado Soup

Low Carb Veggie Burger

Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash

200 S Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92262

For hours, click here.

Raw Remedy Organic Juice Bar

If there's a juice bar, I'll FIND IT. Both mornings, I went here for a smoothie (you can make your own) and raw wrap (using vegetable wraps) that's vegan. I LOVE starting the morning with a super filling nutrient dense meal like the ones they have. It's also in a really cute area downtown. 

Go Green or Go Home Smoothie + wRAWp with their veggie burger inside - BOMB

116 La Plaza Palm Springs, CA 92262


Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium

Why are succulents so cute? It's like I don't know how I went my whole life without them, but there are all of the cute plants at the Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium. There's this gorgeous green house that you can get amazing photos :) and check out all of the interesting plants. It's a great, chill walk and way to be outside for a bit during the day. If you're staying at the V, you're a block or so away and it's super easy to walk. 

This is where I got my cool cactus shots :).

1701 S Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, CA 92264

Open daily from 10AM to 4PM, except Wednesdays. Children are free and adults are $5.

Mirage by Doug Aitken

Bummer that the majority of the exhibits are now closed, BUT the famous and super Instagrammable Mirage house is still open! I believe it is open until October, but it is worth the drive and if you're in Palm Springs already, why not visit?

It's totally free, and so worth it.

Open Monday to Friday from 3:30PM to 7PM. Weekends from 9AM to 7PM.

For directions, please click here to view the maps.

Aerial Tramway

The aerial tramway is the BEST. It's super zen, super chill, gorgeous and calm and such a fun activity for the day. It's a nice way to get out the sun, and see the gorgeous mountains in the distance. I would highly recommend also!

Regular Hours:
Monday – Friday – First Tram up 10:00am
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays – First Tram up 8:00am
Daily – Last Tram down at 9:45pm

For summer hours, click here.

Adults $25.95, Children $16.95 - click here for all pricing options

Door Tour

In search for the famous pink door? I'd suggest you grab a bike and go on a self guided tour of all the colorful doors! This is such a cute way to explore the city, and the desert homes. Highly recommend (if anything, do it for the gram!)

You can also see my full Palm Springs guide on the Travel Guides section of my blog for more ideas and inspo.

I'm also avail to chat about what to do in Palm Springs, and if you go, I'll probably be there too!

Happy Traveling, friends!



Huge thank you to Visit Palm Springs for arranging this itinerary and taking great care of us! Sarah, you are a true gem! 

Badass Blogger Series: How to leverage your tribe (featuring The Style Collective)

As creative business owners we spend most of our time riding S-O-L-O.

(Flashback to the song please!)

The day to day grind consists of you and your computer. In a coffee shop, at your house, on vacation, in a shared office space…wherever. Going through our day-to-day we’re writing posts, editing photos, sharing and engaging on social media, setting up flat lays, responding to emails, sending invoices, writing proposals, doing web design, writing emails…the list goes on.

Blogging, essentially, as much as it seems social is a really solo thing. It’s you, your creative mind, your couch, your chair, your bed and whatever amazing creative content you’re going to put out in the world.

It’s on YOU to do the work, to find out what you need to do and really make the magic happen.

For me personally, the autonomy of running a business on my own. I LOVE the unknown of each day and changing direction quickly to do things that my business needs when I need it.

To do what we do, we need be okay to be alone. Finding comfort in quiet and putting your heads down and do the work. If you love what you’re doing it should be fun.

On your journey, to creating and getting the most out of your tribe, there will be haters that you need to get rid of. People that may not support what you’re doing, your path or your vision.

It’s OKAY.

It’s hard, but you can’t keep everyone in your life forever. It’s just not possible, and there are ebbs and flows in relationships. But you do need to have people around you that are truly engaged and excited about what you’re doing. Because, as a creative person creating something out of nothing, you need full engagement and support.

Eventually, you’ll find your tribe of babes and they’ll blow you away with their understanding of you and your vision.

That’s where Style Collective comes in.


I know, I know I’m not paid to be writing this, but finding a community of hardworking, dedicated, creative babes that are willing to do the work to help each other – has changed the game for me and my blog. 

Through the 1+ years I’ve been a member, I’ve found ways that really help to leverage the tribe and community.


My blog friend relationships have started with a bit of effort. If it’s commenting on Instagram’s, or always engaging with posts, it’s important to let a sister know if you like their shit. But, if you want to go deeper, you need to take the extra step, put some personality behind it, and email. This helps you to personalize yourself, make a connection and boldly say something to someone who, has essentially has been talking to you via their blog for the past, say, 6+ months now.

Although we are so connected, it’s hard to connect with someone without going for it, and saying hi, maybe responding in more detail to their post, or sharing your thoughts on what you love about what they are doing.

Everyone loves a good compliment, right?

Your email should have a point, be kind and friendly, and even talk about potentially taking the relationship a bit further on skype/google hangout.

Remembering that, if you’re attracted to someone and what they are doing there is a reason for that. They are doing something or feeling some type-a-way that connects with you, and I guarantee you’ll have something in common enough for a conversation.


Having a meeting with your girl tribe and business babes is equally as important as updating your pinterest, sending out that proposal, writing that post…. It’s about finding balance and centering yourself, to be reminded what you are doing and why you are doing it. Ask someone you admire or another girl in your community for a skype date.

It sounds sexy, and it is J Getting on the phone or being face to face can SERIOUSLY solidify a friendship.

I talk to Annie on a quarterly basis, and I feel so connected to her because of it. Hearing the voice, the tonality and really going beyond the written word is a game changer. We’re all busy, yes, but this is part of the joy of what we do.

There is flexibility in our day, and during your date you can talk about struggles, wins, anything with someone that really GETS it. Better than your boyfriend, better than your mom, they’ll ‘feel’ you.


This is on my major to-do list lately.

I want to really MEET people. I want to know them, I want to see how they speak, how they dress, what they’re energy is like. Meeting with people, readers, other bloggers, or business prospects in person can really be the game changer.

Having an in-person session can really take your relationship to the next level and can open major doors for you. When I’ve met with other bloggers in person, I can’t explain how energized I feel about what I’m doing. As an added bonus, I also often times get company contact names, I get ideas for posts, and I get reminded that life is about LIVING in it.

Not about being behind the computer writing about it.

I know style Collective has held local meet-ups and there are boards and discussion around meeting in person. I’ve also just DM’d girls that are local to the area, and met up for coffee.


When you’re talking to one another, you can’t be shy about the details. It’s our duty in a creative and fluid business to be honest about the wins, but also about what’s challenging for you. If we go around telling everyone that everything is perfect, everything is easy, and you’re basically just crushing life all day, that’s most likely dishonest and people will find it hard to connect with you. Making a genuine connection about what really resonates with you, is going to pay off. You may also find that you’re not alone, that this person or that group is also or has also struggled with something similar. Then you can cross-check, compare notes and get through it together.

These are not relationships where being shy is going to benefit you! Also importantly here, make sure to listen. Listen to what’s being said, connect with it and show a genuine interest about what’s being said. Sometimes listening is all someone needs.


This community and tribe is built on giving and receiving.

It’s built on offering to help others move closer to their goals as a community. You should be open to sharing and answering questions about what’s working for you, and also what’s not.

Use this community to help you move further in your business. Be eachothers’ sounding board and accountability partner. Brainstorm and plan together.

This community and the creative souls in our blogging world, are my people. Even if they are all over the country, these badass, fashion forward, creative babes are living their dream by sharing their life in the online world with us.

I hold these relationships just as highly as my IRL friendships, and in many ways, these people understand my wins and my struggles better than my family or friends who don’t live a creative entrepreneur life like I do. These babes are your tribe, they’re your community and they’re relationships that are worth starting and nurturing.

They’re also the ones that have potential you may not even know yet.

They’re your sisters and it’s only just the beginning.

What I'm wearing in this post:

Jetset Diaries Romper from Haute and Borrowed

Bandana Necklace from Oil Rose Designs (LOVE it, so freaking cute right?)

Hat from Brixton Women's at Nordstrom

Shot in Palm Springs by Natasha Mousey (@doubleframedview)

How do you leverage your friends, family and tribe to help to stay on your path? 

Also, if you're interested in joining The Style Collective, you can join here!

Weekending in Palm Springs (where to stay, what to do & what to WEAR!)

Hello you!

How's the week going? Hoping things are good - so glad you're here!

A little overdue and a few trips to Palm Springs later - and we’ve got a weekending review!

I’ve been going back and forth between L.A. and Palm Springs for the past few months on random weekends, and finally have a good grip on what to do, where to stay and the information to share with you.

So last weekend I was in Palm Springs for an event called Desert Swim, which was a group of brands and bloggers getting together. It ended up really just being a party, HA.

I was like ready with business cards (that I bought and will write about) ready to network. 

I come to this pool party where people are hanging in donut and pizza floaties drinking coconut flavored mixed drinks, LOL.

I live in a no chill zone, HA so I was like hmm now what. I don't want to put on a bikini and drink Corona' I just chatted with folks in my little romper. It ended up being really fun and I had such a good time with our little group. Val our friend, did an AMAZING job finding a sweet airbnb.

At the event there was an amazing bathing suit designer who was like, "Girl let me get you in a bathing suit, would this work?" Hands me a TINY piece of bikini and I'm like got a large boo? HA. Swear she never heard the word large, but ANYWAY. I got a dope one piece out of it!

I am writing a post on my dope business cards because I think they aren't out of style, and that I truly use them more than you'd think. For me its better than standing with someone and you're trying to put their contact in your phone.

So that's to come.

But, I love Palm Springs because it's really what you make of it. You can do it with girlfriends for a spa getaway, with your person for a romantic getaway, or just like, a chill weekend to regroup and relax. Especially for L.A. people, when you want to do something different, you can go here.

It can be done cheaply, or expensively, and you can make it party-ish or laid back. Up to you, and why I love it.

So, a recap of everything you need - plus SUPER cute thangs to wear even if you're in Palm Springs or not :)

Places to stay:

Parker Palm Springs

ACE Hotel


Airbnb (let me know if you need a suggestion!) 

L'Horizon Resort and Spa

Two Bunch Palms (this place is RAD! It's a spiritual relaxation center where you can do things like: 

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Sacred Heart Dancing

  • Grotto Relaxing

  • Angel Card Reading

  • Intention Setting

If you go there, you won't probably leave the resort - just some R&R and hanging out. Which is AMAZING.

Things to do:

Go out at the ACE Hotel

Get a drink at the Parker Palm Springs

Pool party at Arrive

Walk around in downtown Palm Springs

Go to a hot spring and RELAX

Hike in Joshua Tree nearby

Get coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Visit or hike the San Jacinto Mountain

Hike Indian Canyon

Where to eat:

What to wear:

I love the Palm Springs attire.

Beach-y, poolside gear that's a bit western and a bit boho. There's also a retro glam feel to it, as shown in the decor around the city. For bathing suits I would go one piece, kimono hat to the pool and at night do an easy maxi or something like that.

It's all about colors and patterns, Miami type vibe.

Also! These 'My Willow's' shades. I mean come ON. They don't have side 'bars' to hold them up, just a chain that goes around your ear with crystals at the bottom. They are truly the most unique and different sunglasses I have ever seen and I loved the owner's story. 

Get them at My Willow's and I think they will be in Nasty Gal really soon!

Wait you guys can we also talk about the valet guy in the reflection of my sunglasses? Do you die?? HAHA.

Okay, so an interesting week, but I'll keep you posted. Lost my wallet and things aren't REALLY working in my favor, but what can you do. How are you? Questions on Palm Springs or anything I've missed? Let me know!

Loving you.