31 Days of Cheer (aka the best ideas for how to get the most out of your Holiday) with PAPYRUS

Friends! Holiday babes! Seasons greetings. So excited to share a holiday themed post with you! 

I really love this, because I get to partner with Papyrus to share 31 Days of Cheer - which is basically 31 creative, innvoative, thoughtful ideas for ways you can have the BEST December, ever. Truly! I helped to craft some of these and really put thought into how you can do little acts to make your life brighter during what can possibly be a hectic time. 


I know for me, I find myself stretched a little too thin, doing a little too much, then randomly on the Holidays (the actual days around Christmas) I am bored as shit because I don't have 100 things to do.

Anyone else?

So I really love this guide because it focused on small things, that will help you feel grounded and spread cheer!


My personal favorites from their list: 

  • Give a nice compliment to 5 people everyday
  • Act like a tourist in your city
  • Take a digital detox
  • Send yourself a love note
  • Plan a trip in the New Year (anywhere you're going?)

Also, if you know me, you know the #1 thing that I get my friends on Christmas is either a journal, or planner from Rifle Paper & Co. via Papyrus. Having a note talking about my favorite memory from that year together, or what I'm excited about for them in 2018 is usually my favorite part of the gift :). I've been using Rifle Paper & Co journals for the past 3 years and I LOVE them. They have the perfect amount of space, are super easy to carry around and the layout is perfect. 

There's just something about a new journal. There's so much POTENTIAL. You can make it your special place to pump yourself up and write mantras, or to share your food diary, what you're working on that day....anything. But there is something magical about getting it on paper that's for SURE. 


And you can't forget about cards y'all. Handwritten cards are LIFE. For my blogger babes, I always send a handwritten thank you in following to a collab. It's a game changer and WILL set you apart For Almost 30 Podcast I send Thank You's to our sponsors, too. Anyone in my life gets a card when I feel like something needs to be said outside of being generally kind and pleasant :). 

Set yourself apart with cards,  I swear by it.

Shop some of my favorites via Papyrus here. 


What do you guys plan on getting the babes in your life for Christmas? Also, would love to know your favorite ways to spread Holiday cheer.


All my love,



Thanks to Papyrus for partnering with me on this post! All opinions are my own.