Interview with Kristen Caires: Celebrity Host and People TV Correspondent

Hi babes!

If you don't know her already. You are in for a TREAT. I want you to meet a babe who is BADASS. 

I'm trying to think how to describe her, because it's going to sound annoying for me to say she's a perfect human. 

But she is. 

Truly. I've known Kristen since Freshman year of College (sorority sisters what what!) and since that time she's been kind, warm, generous, intelligent and funny as hell.

This girl seriously says some shit that'll make you bust out laughing - then think about it again for days.

I remember in college at like sorority chapter, I would be chilling in my True Religion jeans with my blonde bangs just sipping a 600 calorie smoothie wondering what Kristen would want to do with her life. 

It's been fascinating that, I think she always knew she wanted to get into Television (secretly knew it in her gut!) and here she is now. 

Following her dreams and stuff.


Okay, let me introduce you to this tall, leggy blonde, babe, whose now a People Television Correspondent, running red carpets at the Oscars, working for People as a TV Host an Correspondent.

She's working side by side with major celebrities, and being her charismatic self all along the way. Sometimes I'll scroll my Facebook and it's like Kristen just moving up the ranks doing the damn THANG.


So, let's get to it. My interview with Kristen Caires. 

Hi I'm Kristen Caires, an Entertainment Correspondent for PEOPLE Magazine in New York City and a superfan of Krista and The Hundred Blog.

How did you become an entertainment and lifestyle TV correspondent? Can you talk about your journey?

Well, it definitely didn’t happen overnight!

When I was a little girl, I used to set up my Little Tikes furniture in my bedroom and interview my stuffed animals. I’d pour them mugs of apple juice and use my hairbrush as a microphone. However, despite being a reporter at heart since I was in diapers, I stupidly took the “safe” route and decided to major in business in college. After graduation, I got a job and an apartment and tried to adjust big-girl life - I was content, but knew I wasn’t doing what I was put here to do.

So, I listened to that little voice in my head and decided to make some moves. I signed up for hosting classes in New York City and started building my reel, which at first consisted of either mediocre footage from unpaid jobs or my Mom filming me making up news stories. I learned how to edit footage and saved my pennies to buy a camera, mic, tripod and green screen. I signed up for all of the casting sites in New York and compulsively applied to all hosting gigs several times a day. I got head shots taken, stalked, sorry I mean “networked” with established hosts online, read hosting books by Tim Tialdo and Marki Costello and watched countless hours of Oprah (definitely the most enjoyable part of my self-training.)

After several years, and many “no’s” from producers, casting directors and agencies – I landed my first full time job at People hosting an entertainment news series called, “People Scoop” - and the rest is history!

What's a typical day in the life?

A day in my life starts by waking up with two really cute dudes next to me - my adorably perfect 11-year-old Cavalier King Charles, Cody and my fiancee, Trey. After lots of coffee, I head downtown to PEOPLE’s studio.

The morning consists of hair, makeup and getting up to speed on breaking news stories – These can range from Kim Kardashian posted another nude selfie, to there’s a llama loose in Brooklyn, to more serious human interest/crime stories.

I work with my team to write scripts and produce videos throughout the day. The workday is sometimes followed by covering an event, either a red carpet, fundraising gala, book launch etc. 

To prepare, I'll research the people attending, come up with questions and primp some more so I feel like I semi-fit in with all the fabulous folk. Once the night wraps, I head home to report on what went down at the event and spend some much needed quality time with my boys.

What's the biggest misconception about being on TV?

That it's easy.

Some people think that hosts and correspondents are just talking heads reading a teleprompter (and some are!) but many also research, write and produce their own content.

The on-air aspect is only a small part of the day!

What's the hardest thing about your job?

Asking personal questions. The transition between what they're working on and what our audience really wants to know is always a little tricky: "So your film looks great, tell me about it...Oh, great! Now who are you dating?"

What's the best thing about your job?

Free stuff! 

Jessica Alba gave me a bag with like 50 different lotions and potions and candles and things from The Honest Company. I don't think I'll ever need to buy shampoo and conditioner again.

Embarrassing moment or story when meeting a celebrity?


Well this was thankfully not at a work event. I had a major crush on Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. Because God has a sense of humor, I saw him at a bar after having 2 very strong drinks and decided to go introduce myself. 

My opening line was, "Hi, I think I have pink eye but I still came out tonight". It was also my closing line and he quickly drew away from me.

Most surprisingly cool celebrity you've ever met? 

Tom Hanks is quite possibly the nicest human being on the planet. The Bachelorette's Emily Maynard and Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez are also just effortlessly genuine, good people (with really good skin.)

What's the most star struck you've ever been?

I saw Oprah at a Broadway show. I'm sure Kinky Boots is a great performance, but the entire time I was in a trance staring at Oprah while she sang and clapped and danced in her seat.
 As she walked by, I tried to smell her hair.

She's been my idol since I was tiny - I was the only fourth grader who insisted on being home by 4PM to watch The Oprah Winfrey Show. 

Beauty secret you've learned during hours in hair and makeup?

Use sunscreen and moisturize a lot or your foundation and powder will look cake-y and flakey and YUCK.

Also Spencer Barnes taught me to dab a bit of gold eye shadow onto your cupids bow to make your top lip look bigger. Another artist told me if my powder eye shadow isn't showing up, to put some lotion on your eyelid to use as a primer and suddenly the color pops big time.

What's something you can't live without?

My eyelash curler, Blistex and peppermint tea.

Favorite thing to ask people during an interview?

I'm getting married in a few months so I've asked every woman who has gotten married recently what they would have done differently. The resounding answer is to spend less time worrying and have fun (I'll try!)

What are you currently excited about?

My wedding!

I am getting married to a super hunk on New Years Eve.

I am also looking forward to guest co-hosting our live show PEOPLE Now in a few weeks and shooting the Bachelorette segment on called "Pop Culture Pie" with author Jennifer Wiener who is freaking hilarious!

Life dream?

WHOA! We are getting deep here!

I'd say my life dream is to fulfill my purpose and to, by the time I peace out, have made this weird world we live in, a better happier place.

Where can people see or connect with you?

Follow along!

Instagram: @kristencaires

Twitter: @kristencaires



Guys you definitely need to get to know this girl. FUNNY, witty, confident and kind - she is truly going someone to watch or aspire to be, hehe.

I always love sharing interviews with badass babes. She's the best right?

Also being a TV host and People Correspondent is the dream right? I definitely have had moments where I am like, hmmmm, celebrity interviewer? OKAY.

Love this, and love with you! Can't wait to read your thoughts. Questions for her, let us know!