Losing inches & Keeping it TIGHT: With the SUPRAformer HIIT workout

I think I've told you guys that I am a classpass whore.

For real, I go studios all over the city in L.A. and even when I'm traveling I'll use ClassPass to find gyms in the area. It's helped me to really expand my workouts and I do love to mix it up.

They should probably sponsor me.

Just saying.

But I've been thinking lately (or wondering) if mixing it up, and going to so many different workouts (not being consistent in one workout) is detrimental. 

Possibly, by going to a bunch of different places, working different muscles all the time, I wonder if it's not making me as trim and fit as I could be.

So, I wanted to try and commit to one type of workout and one method for a month to see if I felt better results than hopping from gym to gym.

In comes Lagree Fitness Studio.

If I'm only doing one type of workout for a month, I need it to cover these bases:

Muscular Strength (it needs to make me sore)

Muscular Endurance 

Flexibility (key for me, I like to stay limber hehe)

Cardio Endurance (need the burn!)

It also needs to be efficent, the people need to be cool, anddddd I want to see results.

Lagree is a HIIT workout, on a motorized supraformer, so that it TILTS and the degrees change. It goes up or down, so that when you're doing things like catfish (which is where you pull your legs in like a crunch) the added difficulty of having it on an angle comes in. 

So what's already a hard class being on a supraformer is intensified (which is why the class length is 25 minutes!)

“I wanted to come up with a machine that would be everything a workout should be – it should be strength, it should be endurance, it should be cardio, but also balance and flexibility and coordination and core,” Lagree tells PEOPLE. “The tilt and the incline reduce the duration of the workout. When you work out on an incline, it’s much more difficult so you don’t need to do it as long.” - Sebastian Lagree (CEO and creator of Lagree Fitness)

Supraformer is different because it has the tilting ability, you incorporate cardio, and because it's so efficient - you're in and out in 25 minutes. 

YUP - 25 minutes.

But, keeping in mind this shit is HARD. The class is filled with all types of people, but the ones who swear by it are super lean, toned and STRONG.

All about being strong lately - if I won't be rail thin, you bet my ass I'll be strong. 

Probably my favorite part.

My schedule:

For the past month, I've done Lagree 4x a week, and most days I would double (take 2 25 minute classes). The classes are 25 minutes long, so staying for the break and doing the second class, still felt short. I LOVED doing a Core or booty class with the supra class. Booty burn gets that butt, and Core gets you TIGHT and narrow.

In addition, I've made sure to do 10,000 steps a day. A few days I would run (super lightly, ha) but it felt good to MOVE.

The vibes:

I loved the people working there, super helpful, fun and friendly. 

For the actual workout, you're using almost every muscle in your body. Core to keep stable, arms and shoulders to keep you up, and legs during squat and quad series.

It's EVERYTHING, cardio, muscular endurance, core, and stretch. 

The results: 

Before we started this, we did my measurements to get an understanding of where I was.

My measurements before: 

21 inches in my thigh

29 inches in my waist

36 inches in my hips

10 inches in my arms

My measurements after: 

20.5 inches in my thigh

27 inches in my waist

35.5 inches in my hips

9 inches in my arms

Crazy enough, even though I didn't slave away doing cardio everyday, I lost inches. 

I didn't expect to feel tighter, look leaner and lose inches from it. ESPECIALLY around my midsection which tends to be the spot I need to focus on the most. My legs, not so much, but that MIDDLE. 

I mean, around my waist I lost a full two inches, around my arms an inch, my hips smaller everything smaller, tighter, leaner. 

The other thing, I only lost like 2 lbs. So, it was gaining muscle, building muscle, but slimming down in inches.


I have a friend who lives in Chicago too, that swears by it (she's got the best body) and she does it twice weekly to keep it tight, along with other workouts.

For me, that's my plan. To do Lagree 3x a week with some cardio, and maybe a HIIT day to keep it all super tight and continue to lean out. I LOVE the way it makes me feel.

Strong, and sculpted in such a short amount of time.

Try it, my babes!


Lagree Fitness Studio is located in West Hollywood, right off La Cienega, and there are Lagree Fitness locations globally. Chicago, has three!

You can find any Lagree studio here: https://www.lagreefitness.com/locator

Chicago and LA babes, try and go, okay? Tell 'em I sent ya!

Questions for me on this workout, the measurements or my results? Have you done the Supraformer?

Lemme know!