I'm on a new level: How to increase energy, and get more life clarity with the Lifestream Generator

Hello guys!

How are you? How are you feeling?

I'm feeling in the flow at the moment, which is good!

I'll share some exciting news next week, but now I am getting ready to go to Chicago for one of my favorite couples wedding! Plus a photoshoot with Free People and Iron + Honey (Chicago photographer).

Free People is goals, and I definitely vibed that one out - so definitely be clear on intentions with what you want!

Okay so.

This post! So excited. We are on a new level of healing, health and spirituality today! You know that I cover everything.

Beauty treatments like cryotherapy, laser light therapy...things like crystals and meditation

It's everything that's purposeful.

Living that 'hundred life'.

(Yah, I'm a loser).

If it's something I can try that will make me feel better in any aspect of life. I'm into it.

I'll try it - and share it with you!

I told you that when I moved to California I was ready to get into some next level stuff. Kundalini yoga, is one of them and it's changed my life.

So, as fate would have it, I found Mitchell and Jade of Trancension

Transcenion, helps people find their true selves, to feel more aligned, healthier, lighter and more vibrant. They have so many different ways they work with people, but we felt like the 'Lifestream Generator' would be the best first thing.

The Lifestream Generator is REALLY new age/forward thinking Los Angeles thing that helps you to improve your life both physically, spiritually and emotionally.  

Come to L.A., say you're on that Lifestream Gen shit, and you get major spiritual/yoga community street cred.

Benefits of the Lifestream Generator:

Improved Performance

Reduced Visible Aging

Restored Mental Balance

Increased Energy

Helps with Stress Management

Increased Longevity

Sharpened Mental Clarity

Increased Intuition

From Mitchell and Jade, my angel facilitators who did my treatment:

You would use the LifeStream for a wide variety of things like; eliminating stress and anxiety, physical pain and injuries, expanding consciousness, clearing heavy emotional baggage, increasing your hyper awareness and intuition, just to name a few.

We have personally seen the LifeStream clear major blocks emotionally, mentally, energetically and physically.

One of our clients experienced a massive increase in energy after being absolutely drained all day everyday.

Another client was able to simply sit in the energy in a deep meditation and find her life purpose.

A lot of the time we see huge emotional purges even on the first session which allows for more connection with the self as well as dropping completely into the present moment.

One of our most recent clients had a Staph Infection and was in severe/chronic pain for several weeks with an abnormally swollen leg. After three sessions back to back, over 90% of the pain was gone and in the next week his cells had the energy to begin its own healing process.

Overall, the LifeStream works case by case with your intentions as well as what your body truly needs at that exact moment in time.

Details! What the Lifestream Generator is:

The Lifestream Generator uses Radiant energy waves to send a Unified Field of Energy through the body and in the process raising the cell voltage of all parts of the body thus bringing back a balance to oneself and allowing the body and mind to bring itself back into well being. Radiant Energy Technology when produced causes oneself to re-connect to the planets Earth Pulse and will naturally bring you back to balance from all surrounding exposures to energies that cause imbalances (EMF, RFI, power lines, etc.)

The benefits are nearly instantaneous. Your body and mind will relax within minutes and will proceed to eliminate your stress centers of the imbalances that cause the body to store or hold these harmful imbalances.

The LifeStream is most effective when the energy is directed into the body through a hands on energy transference.

From my perspective, it's a big white light energy generator.

Almost like a battery, that recharges your cells and breaks blockages in your energetic field. If you think about all the things that might dampen your energy (stress, pollution, junk food...) this would help to recharge you up!

Also, you know muscle fascia?

How it holds your muscle and body together? It's almost like a netting, and the Lifestream Generator, breaks down the energetic blockages in your body.

I felt like my muscles were SO RELIEVED after, and my shoulders have never been so relaxed.

What is the process like:

An initial session begins with you sitting in the energy for 10-15 minutes to experience it and then we direct the energy into you, which opens your energy meridian system.

The energy is directed into you via your healer, in my case Mitchell, touching the electric generator and then touching spots on your body where there is tension like your shoulders or neck. It's an electric current so it travels from the healer to you, and ends in you.

Then every session after that, you get to have 30 minutes of the energy directed into the body to help remove all the blocks that aren’t serving you anymore. All you have to do is stand on a marble grounding plate and receive!

Here’s a link of what a session looks like with Mitchell and Jade:


What I felt:

There's a lot of digging deep, getting into meditation and preparing for the session. It's definitely intense, and you're going go really think about things could be holding you back from your biggest dreams. You'll discover or reveal any limiting beliefs you have. 

The whole process, is like being shocked and having the entire bit of your muscle fascia release. It's almost like you feel all the muscle and connective bits being released. 

it's hard to explain, but it's like you have this pulse of energy going over your whole shoulder, face and arm area. Waking up all senses and connections, you can FEEL the blockages removed and all the energy going through making connections and releasing tension.

It's seriously unlike anything I've ever done before.

Ever. Physically so radical (in the truest sense of the word!) 

I feel physically like there was a tension release, and spiritually, since my session I feel clarity.

So cool right? I will be doing sessions once a quarter to continue to see the progress and change. It's one of those things where, it feels right!

The cost varies at each location where you could do it, but via Transcension it's $80 a session, and you can buy packages.

Since I know a lot of my readers aren't in L.A. to do the Lifestream Generator, there's still something you can do from home to make a positive impact on your life or well being today.

Via Mitchell and Jade,

Stop everything you’re doing, get in a comfortable position and literally take 2 minutes to yourself.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths in.

Notice any tension and with every release of the breath, visualize the tension flowing out of you.

Set a positive intention for how you’d like your day to go and with every cell in your body see that intention happening!

Be sure to use an “I AM” and “I NOW” statement so you declare it in the present moment.

Avoid using the word “want.” Wanting just means that you don’t have it yet and you're in a state of lack.

It's most important that you feel with every cell in your body what it'll be like when everything you desire is here NOW!

Ex: You're not at your dream job. “I NOW have my dream job at…”

Or if you’re going on a date later tonight. “I am so grateful for an amazing connection on this date”.

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Where to connect to learn more:

If any of this resonated with you and you’re interested in rapid personal growth and manifesting a new paradigm, we’d love to gift you with a 30 minute Transcension Call to help you start deconstructing old paradigms and awaken the power within you to heal and create!

Link to book Call: https://calendly.com/transcension

Website: TranscensionNow.com

Phone:    310.986.4785

Email:     jm@transcensionnow.com

Guys I feel like this was a wild ride, we went deep and this is pretty different so let me know what questions you have or if you've heard of it.

I swear it's going to be the next big thing in the upcoming years as technology advances and people explore new modes of healing.

I love it and definitely noticed a shift because of it - Mitchell and Jade are amazing people so if you're in L.A. make sure to connect. 

This was a big one! Any questions? Ask me! Also is there anything you do to enhance performance, or feel more connected? Or any cool beauty/fitness treatments I should also try? Let me know!

Now off to Chicago!

Love you!