So you want to start a podcast?

Hi babes.

I get messages almost daily about starting a podcast. They're HUGE right now, and growing. It's the new blogging, and I am so glad I got in over a year and a half ago before it felt so saturated.


I love the medium so much, because you can't game the system. You have to have a good personality, and you need to be interesting and likable, period. You can't hide your personality on a podcast. 

What I'm saying is, go on with ya bad self. I never felt more fully expressed until I started podcasting. There's so much more to say that I convey in my tone, my speech, my jokes and during a natural conversation where I seek to share someone with you. 

But I wanted to write about starting a podcast and share a few tips if you're thinking about starting one.

If you want the full low down, check out my Podcast Guide - it goes into detail, the steps to starting and growing a podcast. 

What you must know first about starting a podcast:

Make sure you're sound is on point: Oh honey child you need to have good sound. It messes up the flow of your conversation, and gets really distracting if there's popping, crackling, differences in can lose people easily. To make sure your sound is quality, you need to be in a quiet space (duh) you and your guests need to have headphones or headsets in, and if you want, hire someone whose professional to help out. We've done that from square one and it's been a huge differentiater for us. Make this a priority.

If you want to buy equipment, you can use this link here to buy what we use on Amazon!


Practice, practice, practice: People have REALLY short attention spans y'all. If you didn't notice when you're on your phone the entire time that you're watching TV, while making dinner and ordering things you need on's hard for us to pay attention to one thing at a time. Take this into consideration when putting out your podcast. You need to make sure your first episodes hook em in :) it may be your only chance to get listeners, and if they don't like it at first listen, you could lose em. So, practice, be in your voice, and make sure you get out all the shitty parts, awkward parts, uninteresting parts, before you share your gold with the world. 


Have something to say: This is so major man. I cannot express it enough. This can't be the message to buy certain products, or to join this needs to be the message of your soul. It's corny but the message of your soul, is channeled from your higher self. It's a message from source, God, whatever, that the person on the receiving end needs to hear.  If you're being inauthentic, or hiding something, or have an ulterior motive, people can tell. The #1 reason for our success is the fact that from day one Lindsey and I have been our authentic selves. We have not held back in any way shape or form, and everyone's seen the process. The messy, messy process. 

There's a lot more about technicalities marketing and growing an audience in the guide, and I could go on for days about how much work it is (I don't take weekends off and spend most mornings and nights working on things). But that could be boring :).


I'm always here too if you have questions, etc. just email me and I am here to help ya!

Oh yes, and you can download The Almost 30 Podcast here

Love ya,



Have you ever had the feeling that you’re not fully expressing yourself? That you have more to say? Maybe that there’s something missing? 

Although I have a blog, The Hundred Blog, which is and has been an outlet for me in a myriad of ways, I knew there was more. I knew that I could connect with more people in a different way. 

So I asked for more. 

Seriously! I asked the universe for the missing piece.

As things would have it, Lindsey (Simcik), my future podcast co-host was brought in my life. Along with her fun loving spirit, desire for growth and love of life, she had that same feeling I did. Each time we’d talk about what we want to do next, I’d reference podcasts that I had listened to that had inspired me. Podcasts like Being Boss, Rich Roll and Tim Ferriss. After so many conversations, Lindsey said, “why don’t we start a podcast”? 

Well, why don’t we? 

Once Lindsey and I had that first idea for Almost 30, we got to work right away. Even though 99% of it was unusable, and will never see the light of day, we recorded. We spent 6 months, and countless hours cooped up in closets recording what we thought would be a great podcast. 

Behind two microphones, we talked about everything. We didn’t really know the concept or idea, but we tried on a few different ideas and concepts we had pulled from all of the podcasts that I loved and listened to daily.  

That’s our process. We’re do-ers, not planners. We like to try things out, physically do them to figure out our path. The plan, came later. 

Although we didn’t know what the format would be, or if people would even listen, we knew what we wanted it to be about. Almost 30 Podcast is about transformation, about growth, and it’s about navigating some of the most formative years of your life (your twenties and thirties). These are the years when you’re choosing who to date, where to work, where to live, which friendships to keep, how to manage your finances, how to connect with your spirituality, how to stay inspired…it’s a super transformative time! 

As a whole, Almost 30 Podcast is a fun way to approach topics that can have a positive impact on your life. We talk about career, dating, sex, love, money and so much more. It’s approachable, authentic, fun and available each week on iTunes. I recommend you listen!

The best part about podcasting is that when you hear me speak you’re able to catch my tone, and hear my cadence…You can actually feel that person that you’re listening to using their voice. 

My impact has been so much greater, my connection to an audience and the listeners of Almost 30 Podcast feels so much deeper and more authentic than ever before, too. When people recognize me, or reach out, or give me a compliment, its feels so much more real because they’ve heard me say something as it was intended to be said. There is only so much emotion you can put into writing sometimes. 

If you’re thinking you’d like to start to do more, and maybe doing video or YouTube seems intimidating, having a podcast could be it! I knew that YouTube intimidated me way too much. Unless I was committing myself to be a full time YouTuber, it wasn’t going to happen. Plus you can podcast without makeup on, I mean how amazing is that?

Tips on how to start podcast:

Listen to Podcasts: This is/was key for me! You need to hear what you like, what you don’t like, how they are structured, what is the flow, how do they work with sponsors…it’s so important to actually like the medium itself before you decide to get into it! I wrote about my favorite podcast episodes here.

Ask to be a guest on someone else's podcast: Join other podcasts and speak your truth in front of an audience. If you are able to collaborate with others who have podcasts this will give you practice sharing your voice, being recorded on a microphone. It can feel weird at first so working through the awkwardness is so important!

I have been on, Actually Adultish, Becoming Fearless, and Digital Overwhelm as an example. 

Record yourself on your computer: Try to use the microphone and Garageband on your computer for a while. Play around with editing sound and hearing your voice. Again you need to get and be super comfortable with yourself.

Be consistent: Nothing is worse than when someone starts podcast, or any project, goes full throttle for a month and then stops. Like any business venture, you need to be committed and commit yourself to creating consistent content. 

Think about answering these questions:

  • What is your podcast about?
  • How will you position yourself in the market?
  • What kind of microphone will you use? 
  • How will you produce and edit your show? Who will produce and edit your show?
  • How will you integrate creating this into your workflow?
  • How will you launch and market your podcast?
  • Will you have other people on your podcast? If so, who?

I think the most challenging part is figuring out the audio and sound. We have a studio, sound guy and editor that we use, and it’s critical for the quality of our sound. Having quality sound allows a seamless experience for your listeners and keeps them focused on what you are saying instead of the other noises, or lack of clear sound they are hearing. 

The most important part, of course, is to stay true to who you are. Authentically. If you love Harry Potter, create a Harry Potter podcast, and put everything into it. Whatever it is that you have to say, use this space to say it!

If you want more information, and ALL of the nitty gritty details, I'd suggest getting my guide, here:

What's included in this guide:

  • Worksheets to help brainstorm your podcast name and niche
  • Questions to help guide an exciting style and vibe that people will want to listen to 
  • Detailed help for getting your RSS feed, and understanding the 'HOW' of your podcast
  • Tips and tricks to use when growing your audience
  • A document with strategies for getting sponsors and amazing guests
  • Information on the tools you'll need to record for crisp quality sound

I now work with babes who want to start their own podcast, to strategize and figure out the message they want to share. If you want to do 1-1 podcast launch help, I have that here. Having grown Almost 30 to a half million downloads in under a year, we've learned a lot! So I am so happy to work with and share with others.

OKAYYYY so questions? How can I help? Let me know let me know!

I love ya!






I was blackmailed by a stalker...and he went to jail


So, I never thought that I would write this post.


Just wasn't ever sure that there would be an appropriate time or place, and although I am super honest and up front, I think I am sort of closed of on some topics in my life. I also just sort of live my life and don't think about my experiences after they happen. It's not good to dwell on things really. I'm always thinking ahead, for better or worse.

But, when I realized that I told parts of the story on the Almost 30 Podcast, I figured I needed to provide more detail. 

It is also the most talked about topic we've had thus far. Lindsey and I get SO MANY questions about it.

So, I figured I should share my experience.

(If you listen, make sure to note that it's our first episode and it's so ROUGH. It gets better, I promise!) 

(Listen to the Almost 30 Podcast in iTunes here.)

Plus, it's good to be aware, to share what I learned and if you're in a similiar situation, you're not alone.

In short, I was blackmailed, harassed, threatened and violated by a stranger, who had naked photos of me, over the course of 6+ months. 


Each week, a few times a week, from various emails I would recieve threatening emails about how I was going to have my career ruined, my life ruined, all of these terrible things happen to me. All of them attached with a photo. That was 

I'll cut to the chase, basically any nude photos I had in my phone, saved, or deleted, anywhere, I was being blackmailed with.

Photos that I had only sent to Justin (obviously) some flattering, some not (HA) but all 

I guess I should feel shameful that I take pictures of myself. But really I dgaf on 100 and I'm thankful that my reader babes aren't judgemental of that sort of thang :) If I am feeling good, I snap a photo, and send it to the person I love and plan on spending my life with. 

Nothing crazy, nothing that you really couldn't google right now. We've also seen some T & A.

So to back up. 

One day I was working in my apartment when I recieved an email from a random email that said


Then the body of it said something along the lines of, I've got something you need to see. You need to respond to me.

Check your Facebook messages OTHER folder.

Then, I go to facebook, check the others photos folder, and there it is. My ass and my titties, on someone I don't know's Facebook message.

I am jaw drop. I get chills actually writing this. 

I was thinking this was an empty threat, that didn't mean anything, and to see it verified blew my fucking mind. One was an old photo, one was a photo from my deleted photos.

I had no idea what this person was acutally going to do to me. I wasn't sure how much they knew, if they hacked my phone, if they had my social security information or credit card information. Where I lived....I had no idea. 

At this point, I'm really shaken up, and really embarassed to tell anyone, even Justin. 

I tried to understand how it could happen.

A few days go by, and I get another threat, more aggressive, and via email another photo sent to me. Another one that I had no idea anyone had. 

This time, I went to the police in Los Angeles County, sat at the police station for a few hours being questioned and to be honest was pleasantly suprised at how nice they were. Yes they did as me if someone hated me and was out to get me, and if I had sent these to anyone else but Justin. But believed me when I said no.

They wrote me a ticket, said they were on it and I was on my way. Not much else I could do at this point but change all passwords and really up my security on every system that I had. 

Did it, check, check. 

I also called Apple and said my iCloud got hacked (Kate Upton style, LOL) and he said "that's not possible"...LOL

But for the next 5-6 months, I continued to get emails from various email accounts a few times a week that were increasingly more aggressive, more direct and more intense.

Each time I was suprsied at the photos they had. At this point I had deleted every one of them off my phone but it felt like they had an endless supply. 

I was scared that they would hack my work email, hack my personal email, send them to anyone I knew on a professional level, because that's what they said they were going to do (among other things). This person was also emailing every email account I had. My work, my personal, my blog and another business account. They had access to all of my emails and contacts. But weirdly, weren't taking money from me, just harassing me. 

Each time it was just as scary, and I couldn't go a few days without a new email emailing something to me.

KRISTA. You need to reply me or I will RUIN your career. I have THESE. 

Sometimes J and I would laugh, and say to each other, "Thank God I was hoping someone would release these". To help alleviate the painful truth that I was being watched and harassed for so long.

At a point it got numb. Just sort of expected it but it never really went away that I was scared. 

It became part of my life, and I wasn't sure what else I could do beyond telling the police. This went on for about 6 months, and the email addresses changed, the Facebook accounts changed, it just continued.

Then, on a random Wednesday, I got the call.

From the Police Department in Santa Monica who wanted to talk to me.

I'm like, um yes WHAT. 

A long conversation later discussing my experience and current situation related to my stalker, the police man asks me 

"Do you go to Yoga at X Location?"

I'm like yeah bro, why.

"The person who has been harassing you has been traced back to working here." 


"He's been taking phones of females the yoga studio and harassing a few girls there. Each time you've been into class, he's been taking your phones and sending himself as many photos as he can.

Then harassing, threatening and blackmailing you with them".


Weirdly, I knew who the person was right away.

He NEVER talked to me when I came in. EVER. I always said hello, signed in and just did my thing, but each time I said hello he would blankly look at me and say nothing. Like a fucking werido.


Someone that saw me so much, and in a place where I go to relax and reconnect, took advantage of that, and violated any sense of peace I had.

it's one of the oddest things I've lived through to date.

.....and the guy ended up being convicted of a felony.

He lived with a girl he met on craigslist - who he violated too. That fucker.

He had also been doing this at least 5 other girls that they know of. 

I can honestly see his face in my mind, and it's crazy. I felt confused, and thought through each time I went to class, when I would be in the yoga state of mind, that I was having my stuff stolen, or someone was looking through everything I keep private. My texts, emails.....


I went to court and testified against him.

The police found him, by responding to one of his emails, pretending they were one of the girls. They were able to trace the phone to his. Then they put it together that we all worked out there, and he worked there. 

Real detective work, right?

Felt good that justice was served, and this person was committed at a federal level.

For me, I guess I learned to lock my phone at all times, to keep it with me, and now I am really weird with dudes who work at gyms. 

This is crazy, I know, but I feel like it was a weird karmic debt that I was carrying from another life. That I had to experience in this life.

I guess it made me feel lucky that I am safe.

That I wasn't harmed and that I can be there for any female that's been violated, blackmailed or harassed. 

You guys know me, I am always about reflection and growth and thinking about what things mean on a deep level. 

But sometimes things just....are.

They're just shitty. 

But you need to see things as they are. Technically, it's not personal, and hey, it ALWAYS could be worse. In the grand scheme of things, I am always lucky.

Healthy. Happy and whole.

Also keeping the nudes to a minmum :) and my phone locked always.

Definitely listen to the podcast epsiode of this, it's a light way I talk about it, and if you have a simiiar situation, story or feel like somethings happening to you that's not right, say and do something. Without telling the police, he would have never been convicted or behind bars.

Always act, always.

Okay, felt good to finally share with you. Safe space, right? Now you know the full story. 

With love,


In this post I am wearing Ethona Active and the photos were shot by Stefanie Villers of Catching Cali.