Top 5 posts of 2015 and a few RESOLUTIONS!

Hello hello! 

Guys, I'm talking about New Years Resolutions right now!

SUPER LATE I KNOW LOL. But, still, valuable! 

So I remember one day when talking on the phone with a friend, a few years back about new years resolutions, and she goes, "What's so wrong about people using January as a start date to make a positive change in their life?"

*blink blink*

It's so true! I mean there can surely be some shade thrown at the new people at the gym when you're trying to squeeze into classes you've been going to on the regular. But to have society as a collective, try to make themselves, their world, and their bodies better, all at once - is cool.

I of course, LOVE New Years Resolutions, and anytime I can write lists down, keep track of growth or focus places where I can make a positive change, I'm in. 

I don't want to bore you with my full list (it's probably about 60 resolutions long) but I wanted to share some of the areas of positive change I hope to make in my life. 

Last week, I wrote about goal setting, and starting with 'feelings' and a lot of these stemmed from that. They're the ones that I have been inspired to hear about, and truly make a difference for all of us.

For one, I was super happy that in 2015 I worked hard on my little bloggy blog - Hundred, and from it's 'launch' in the summer (aka me having no idea what I was doing) to where it is now, I'm super happy. I was actually looking at my oldest posts and LOLing because they literally have no clear beginning, middle or end. It's like actually uncomfortable to read, haha. It's all learning tho! Plus I deleted that shit. HA.

I am super thankful to anyone that's supported my little space on da internet, I love ya. 

A Few New Years Resolutions:

Use less plastic: The amount of plastic we use daily is astounding! Every drink you order, drink and then throw away. Bags, use and throw away. Being more conscious of my plastic use is better for everyone, and would make me feel a whole lot better.

Yoga 3x weekly (Kundalini or other): I just need more of it, period. In L.A. I love The Yoga Collective, in NYC I love The Yoga Room in Long Island City and in Chicago I love CorePower Yoga

Restrict social media time to an hour a day: Productivity is slowed to a halt when I check my phone, and now since I added snapchat (hundredblog is my user name) I find myself constantly taking mental breaks to check the phone. Waste o' time, and restricting to an hour a day is crucial! 15 minute increments 4x daily. Not sold? 7 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Break From Social Media.

Travel to someplace unexpected: I have my list this year, but I want to go somewhere that you have to look up, it's so random. I think there's such opportunity to learn when you've never heard of somewhere, with no expectation. 

Use my camera more often: I have a nice camera, that I RARELY use, except on big trips. Justin got it for me for my birthday and I need to use it more for photos and taking pictures. I loved this article on using your photo to take better blog photos.

Talk to strangers more: I know this is weird and against everything that your mom says but, I find such joy in small talk with strangers. If you think this is a friendly universe, it is. Talking to people (kindly) spreads joy. Sort of creepy, and I'll definitely have big sunglasses, headphones in days, but the times I've talked to people in the grocery line, or at a workout class, I've really enjoyed it.

Blog consistently: I think I can do lots more with The Hundred Blog, and I want to stay true to my vision (basically to share stuff I find relevant and helpful). I would like to blog a bit  more consistently and increase my brand partnerships. More to come there! 

Take a class on crystals: OH YAH. Crystal class baby, on how to use crystals, all about them and how to meditate with them. I wrote about crystals before, but want to get a bit more educated on the topic. 

Learn and familiarize myself with my tarot cards: YEAP, another witch tactic. My friend got me these amazing cards and I really want to figure out how to use Tarot cards (even in a fun way). 

Don't eat breakfast right when I wake up: Weird and counter intuitive I know, but I EAT HUGE BREAKFASTS and then it ruins my day. I'm slower during workouts (because I'm digesting) and what can you do when you've eaten 800 calories at breakfast? I've been reading a lot on intermittent fasting, and it's good to give your digestive system a break from your last meal (dinner) through the morning. I'll probably write a post on that later. 

I definitely have a lot more, super personal resolutions, or just things I want to monitor and improve on in my life. Goals, mixed in. I LOVE hearing other peoples New Years Resolutions, so really did this to hear what people are trying to do in 2016. It's so good to share with others and say it out loud!

Oh and if you need, my favorite planners for 2016:

Okay now I'm done, but want to hear what you're resolutions are, and how they've been going thus far? What's your thought's on resolutions and the new year? Would LOVE to get inspired by what you're up to.

I'm currently juicing at home with Justin working next to me, and we've started the Harry Potter Series last week - HA. Killin' it.

Talk soon, thanks so much for reading xx