Transitioning into fall with the best OTS Shirts right now

Fall is upon us babies!

SO EXCITING! I mean I for one am a lover of summer, aka why I live in California where it never ends. BUT, Fall is my absolute favorite.

For all the basic reasons, YES, but more so because I love wearing a sweatshirt and shorts. It's sort of my jam. Sweatshirt weather is LIFE.


But because I must go in public, I am a huge fan of the off the shoulder trend. Yes it's been around for a season or two, but it's here to stay, and it's flattering on pretty much everyone. I love how sexy and understated the shoulders are, and if you throw on some Josie Moran Argan Oil for your shoulders and decolletage. It makes you glow in the best way possible.

So as we transition, and I still want to show some skin, but also hide my arms and feel uber sexy with some jeans on, I am all about the OTS.

Wearing my favorite one here, from AMUR via Rent the Runway, what I've been using the past couple weeks and am LOVING it.

Sign up for Rent the Runway here, and get 20% off! Doing a full post with them, but so into wearing something a few times and POOF I'm done with it and get something new!

But this outfit, with this comfortable and high quality, really well made top, super comfortable jeans that flatter anyone and mules was surprising comfortable. Huge fan of a look I can wear to multiple places, lunch, work, whatever. 

The mules tho, I wear almost everyday because they are easy to slide on, cover most of your foot, and are under $40 from my favorite, ASOS



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S'cute right? Also this was shot in Beverly Hills, for you blogger babes and with me was Aubre Winters of @aubrewinters. She is the BEST.

Let me know any questions, and have the BEST WEEKEND!