Not into numbers, but why METRICS are key for bloggers (which ones and why!)

Oh my.

A post about NUMBERS and key metrics for bloggers. It all seems so serious to me. 

I am not a numbers person.

Just not into it.

Math? I'm good. Counting calories? Nah. Checking my bank account regulary? Would rather not.

(Anyone with me?)

So, I never thought I'd be doing this. 

I just cringe at the thought of putting a numeric value on my CRAFT!

(Dramatic sigh).

I also never thought I'd be buying toilet paper on a Saturday night but HEY! Sometimes you can't predict life.

As a blogger, or website owner, or whatever you want to call it, understanding your metrics is REALLY important.

Let me tell you a story real quick.

7 months into blogging I was doing my thing focusing on quality content, trying to stay true to myself and basically using Hundred as an outlet.

My blog is basically a place where I create what I want to see in the world. 

I had RewardStyle and this point, and Google AdSense (of which I don't use anymore, you can read about that here) and hadn't had a sponsorship deal yet.

Then randomly, a brand I LOVED reached out to me. I'm pumped, I'm like yeah totally let me rep you! Then, they asked for my #'s.

I'm like um, 36, 25, 34?

(JK those are the measurements from Baby Got Back).

I actually had no idea. So at that moment, I knew I had to (even though I didn't want to) force myself to take a look at all my numbers.

The metrics and data behind Hundred Blog.

Its one of those things like weighing yourself.

You don't want to do it, but it's the truth. The numbers most of the time, don't lie. They can also help you to start planning for the future. Just like the physical scale, you need to understand your baseline to plan to lose weight and track accordingly.

You don't need to be obsessed but if you want to grow you have to understand where you're starting from. 

Using metrics you can get clear on what’s working and what’s not working.

Look at your most popular content on your website. See which posts do well, and which don't to get a better understanding what your readers are into. 

Some of my most popular posts are the below: 

This tells me that you guys are into the beauty posts, and travel. Also relationship inspiration and a bit about healthy eating. Importantly, my most recent post always does the best, which means that people are staying up to date with each post! 

Here, the key part is looking at the kinds of content that gets good traction and make informed decisions around that!

The key things to look at:

Look at your top pages visited and use that to shape future content. Doing follow-up to those! This is something that I am working on. Figuring out how to incorporate old post data in my current content. 

Find out what people are searching for on your site. 

Look for what’s relevant to your readers, and go there! 

Check your comments to see which seem to resonate the most with people and drove the most true engagement. The amount of comments or feedback is a good indicator of what drives people to your site. On disqus (what I have) you can use their analytics tool to see which months, days and posts drove the most engagement!

The most important part, and to bringing it back to my theory. 

Numbers are one tool but they aren’t always the full story.

They aren’t the background into why you are creating it and why you are sharing it.

This should be your passion, your voice and you need to feel compelled to share something with all the lovely babes that you connect with.

Lastly, another tip is to give your readers that next step:

Ask people to share.

What’s the next thing you want them to do? Share with friends? Shop your post?

The Skinny Confidential, is SO GOOD AT THAT.

She always keeps you going to other parts of her brand or social. Read this, tweet here, enter to win this on X platform. Serious GOALS.

Giving the call to action can sometimes be that important point.

But you still need to make the most impact with what it is you are creating.

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Growth is something you need to track, and for sponsors, they need to know your numbers to undrestand your reach.

Of course you'll tell them you'll provide value in other ways, because your value is in your unique ability to represent their brand but essentially they'll want to know:

  • Your social reach (all of your socials totalled) 
  • Your page views monthly
  • Your unique website visitors
  • Your RSS subscribers (some do this)
  • Your conversion rate (some do this!)

Having these figures helps them to undrestand and lay the groundwork for what they can expect from your relationship in terms of exposure. 

The most important thing is if you continue to do what you love, and you’re passionate about that, it will pay off.

Data shouldn’t matter to you with your creative outlet.

I check my numbers monthly, I have an afternoon or night where I go through my Google Analytics, check and review my popular posts, tally my shares, and look at trends on Hundred Blog. I want to be sure that I'm always trending up, or if I'm not understand why that may be. 

There have been bigger months than others, and I also am beginning to take a look at time as it relates to the popularity of my posts. When do my people read Hundred? Then go into the 'WHY' which is around content. 

Basically, though, if you're trusting your gut, and it feels right, your intuition and trusting your gut is bigger than numbers! Truly. 

That's what I always say.

INC. magazine also had this amazing feature of Gary Vaynerchuk talking about less data, and more intuition. It's SO GOOD. 

Read about that here

I really think that the best bloggers, business owners and creatives are best at following their intuition, over anything. So that should trump data anyday. 

So, about you! Which metrics do you guys look at? Do you have a process for analyzing your blog's data? What should I be doing? I'd love tips and ideas here!

I hope the week is going well, BTW. I'm prepping for a bachelorette in Denver this weekend and lots of things for Almost 30 Podcast - SO cited.

Loving you!