Trendy ripped jeans for CHEAP.

Well hi guys!

We all know my Forever 21 love runs DEEP. 

They're on point with current trends and as we all know - it's oh so cheap! Which makes it easy to stay on top of what's popular in fashion now, especially with trends that may or may not last. For example, I have a fringed kimono I wore to Coachella last year, and...never again. 

Ripped jeans, which were so big in the 8th grade are officially and have been BACK.

Remember the Abercrombie days where there were technically ripped but also bell bottom at the same time? HA.Those jeans were like $89 dollars which was so much in high school!

Also bell bottoms, have made a return! Fashion is truly cyclical. 

But there is something about ripped jeans that looks so effortless.

(effortless/homeless hehe)

Model off-duty vibe, yo. 


^ my tourist selfie shot lol

I wore my Forever 21 ripped jeans last week when I went with Justin for lunch in Culver City. We were on a mission to find this amazing graffiti that I had seen somewhere on Instagram. I LOVE street art. The colors, how it's always evolving, that it's temporary so you need to be at the right place at the right time to see it before it's painted over or tagged on...

Anyway, it was a perfect day for low key ripped jeans, a leather jacket, acid wash t-shirt and flats. I was super comfortable, warm enough and it wasn't try hard - which is a theme in my fashion as of late. 

I had to share my cheap ripped jeans picks, of course! All are under $40 dollars, which is about the price point I'm at lately. 

My favorite, super cheap jean picks from Forever 21:

Contemporary Life in Progress Ripped Skinny Jeans $24.90

Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans $29.90

Distressed Skinny Jeans $37.90

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans $24.90

The ones I am wearing are the second pick, the distressed boyfriend jeans. I wear them because they are so comfortable and I like the edgy look.

The rest from this easy day look:

Tank top: Current Elliott Muscle Tank in Black Beauty 

Good under everything, it fits just right and is super soft.

Jacket: Mackage Leather Trim Wool Blend Jacket

This jacket it WORTH IT. Fashionable, warm and just looks cool. If you're somewhere cold, it's good to wear over outfits to dinner.

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I wear these all the time, they have such a variety of colored lenses too so definitely check those out.

Shoes: Joie Kidmore Embossed Leather Sneaker Black

These I wear EVERYDAY. So easy, black and they slip right on.

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Weave Bag (I'm pretty sure it's a knock off Bottega Veneta)

This bag fits everything, laptop, water bottle, notebook....I got mine on Gilt and they don't seem to make it anymore, but if you want more details - just ask me I can send product info! <3 

I know my friends on the east coast may need to opt for the less 'holey' jeans here, but how sexy are they? I love this easy cool look for the day

If you have any good pairs or brands, SHARE! I am super open to exploring outside of Forever 21.

Have a good week, lovers! Love reading your comments and feedback.