A perfect EASY vacation dress + Birthday FEELS

Oh hello you!

Celebrating my BIRTHDAY today in Vietnam, just landed in Saigon this afternoon. Can you even believe it? IT’S PISCES SEASON. So emotional and in tune, we are!

It’s so weird to actually be 28, I mean, I think this is the age where I start to think, really? I’m that age? I know it’s still technically young, but shit starts to feel real at this point!

Realizing for the past few years I’ve been away on my birthday (Patagonia, South Africa, Morocco and now Vietnam) I think the universe always gives me a little gift of travel during March, because it’s friendly like that :)

I had to first share, this amazing dress that I wore in Hoi Ann, a beach down in Vietnam. It’s the perfect bit of flowy, and showy in the shoulders. Plus it’s so comfortable and loose, showing off just enough of leg, and shoulder. 

I tend to pack cheap stuff when I travel in case I ruin or lose it, because you really never know. Plus, I seem to worry less what happens, when say, I get wine all over my shirt.

I love this one from Forever 21 (OBVI) it’s under $30 dollars and the cut in the shoulders is SO flattering. It’s like that part of your arm that actually looks good, no matter how fit you are (not like the bat wing underneath, you know what I mean.

I wore this with a neon lipstick from NARS, a mix between orange and red. It’s flattering for any skin tone or hair color and really gives the look an edge. On vacation I love to wear a bright lip and barely anything else. 

Straight hair is the move with pattern dresses, because it doesn’t feel too stuffy or overdone. Sleek and straight.  

But back to the birthday.

I haven’t had time to really reflect on the past year, since my last birthday, but on the surface, there’s been quite a bit of change! Justin and I moved to L.A., I quit my job, I traveled to too many places to name, I really took The Hundred Blog seriously, I was interviewed for a podcast (lifelong dream!), I had a change in plans in one of my dreams (which I could share at some point but not yet) and I also feel proud of the relationships in my life that I’ve maintained and grown. I feel lucky, to say the least. Mostly thankful you’re a part of it.

A few things I would like to cultivate for the next year of my life, being 28, include a greater reach for The Hundred Blog, a finer focus on my vision and a job in which I’m successful but also flexible enough to be creative and by myself.

I’m so excited by and inspired by everyone’s writing and posting in the blog communities I am a part of, and the things I see my friends doing literally, all over the world. It’s going to be a HUGE year for love, and there are so many big events for everyone’s friends and family.

Taking a moment to let it all in, and as always hope for health, wealth, positivity and prosperity for 28.


Cheers, friends!