4 things I've been obsessed with (for like more than two weeks)

Honestly I get really into things, like really into things. Like SoulCycle. At a point I was doing that shit everyday (which is okay, but you really need to mix up workouts especially because Soul is straight cardio I don't care what anyone says). I also love peanut butter so much that Justin hides it in our apartment in various places so I don't find it and kill a jar. I unfortunately cannot listen to Miguel anymore because I ruined it. 

But I'm trying to be better! I'm trying to slowly love things instead of so much at once. Recently, I've been able to keep things around for longer than usual. Like meditation, maintaining a budget, and Pilates....

But these things tho!

  • Meditations from Tara Brach: It’s really hard to find meditations where you trust the person speaking to take you to a deep relaxed place. I’m serious. Like I've had ones where I have like anxiety they’re going to start saying weird subliminal shit. It’s also really hard to find meditation teachers that don’t have an annoying voice that distracts you. The voice is everything! Tara absolutely rules. She’s calm, smooth and there are different meditations every week you can listen to ranging from 20-30 minutes. When I’m feeling like I need to disconnect, and relax, I’ll do these at the end of the day. (In the morning I’ll meditate on my own for 10 minutes, because these relax me too much at the beginning of the day). But trying Tara’s is a good place, she guides you through it.


  • Viviscal: I cut my hair recently from long to about shoulder length and I am really unsure how I feel about it. On the one hand, I finally have clean ends, it’s much more of a ‘style’ and I feel more like an adult. But the other hand, my long hair is all I know, and there is just something about a long ponytail that rules. I’m fairly certain I’ll keep it short because I’ve had the same hair style since I started wearing real bras, but I’m still taking Viviscal to make it grow/be healthy and thick. Vitamins all day. I heard about this from some other blogs, but have been consistently taking Viviscal for two months and have for sure noticed a difference in the length and thickness. My hairdresser (she’s the shit, Annastasia from Michael Angelo’s Beauty Wonderland in Meatpacking – she does all the Sports Illustrated girls, aka she knows the look I TRY SO HARD FOR!) said she noticed it was thicker. All I have is this hair! I must preserve it.


  • Oribe hair products: I feel strongly about expensive hair products. Because I get highlights, etc. I need to pay to keep up the color and health or I’ll be bald. Oribe smells amazing, and is that new-new. I love the Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner. It has biotin in it, and makes your hair so shiny and soft, and smelling like a salon.

  • My Fitbit: I’m officially middle aged. I fucking love tracking my steps and activity on my Fitbit. It’s loserish, and honestly, this band looks like I’m on house arrest but DGAF, I’m obsessed. Because I can see how much I’m moving in a day, I’m much more accountable. If I see that I haven’t moved as much as I should be (which happens at work!), I’ll walk home, or take a break in the afternoon, etc. I also keep track of my sleep to see how much deep sleep I get vs. light sleep, which correlates to how tired or awake I feel during the day.  I am definitely moving more because of it, which is really nice.

I've been talking to people about these things recently, but I'd love to know what you're obsessed with or think about the above. A mix of beauty, fitness, and medi. My shit!

Okay byeeeeee xx

I got a speech coach, and it's blowing my mind.

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