TED Talks that will change your LIFE

TED talks are basically the shit. 

It's like a small way to get away from watching TV and looking at your phone, to learn about extremely important topics like climate change, finance, astronomy, fashion, biology, mental health, and so much more.

Like podcasts, it's one of those things that helps you sound smart, well rounded and aware of our world today. 

I mean, I'll admit I don't read the news. Like, ever. 

Since I first read The Secret (best book of all time besides The Alchemist) I stopped watching or engaging in the news. It goes along with the law of attraction, if you are surrounded by negativity, such as the news you will bring it into your life. (Put very simply). 

You know what happened? Nothing.  

I think our generation now has moved away from the media and it's perpetual negativity. There's better ways to spend your time than worrying about things that are over exaggerated by the news today to gain your attention. 

But that's just me. 

For real if you stay on top of it, Bravo. Teach me something - I can always learn.

To stay up on relevant topics however, I watch around 3 ted talks a week. I'll do it when I'm on the treadmill (obviously going slow enough to watch it LOL) or when I have 20 minutes or so and want to just chill. I like it because Justin and I can talk about it after and discuss our opinions and views on things. It's a good way to keep it interesting as a couple. 

The past few weeks I found SUCH GOOD ONES (at my coffee shop offices in Venice of course).

These TED talks really made me think, and that I wanted to share them with you. 

Human trafficking is all around you. This is how it works. 

This one is really powerful, and really makes you think about different industries and their effect on human rights. Very eye opening, and moving.

Why some of us don't have one true calling.

This one basically describes how I feel about my life. Since I was little, I've always found things, been obsessed with them until I got good at it or started to lose interest until I found something else. It's interesting because it brings up great points regarding our society and it's celebration of 'specialists', aka someone who specializes in  one thing, like a Doctor, Lawyer, Astronaut. People who aren't just passionate about one thing for their whole lives, are valuable too, and we need to figure out a way they can be best utilized. 

How to find work you love.


"So many people are climbing this ladder, that someone has told them to climb, but not caring about the end goal". In this talk, they discuss the 3 steps for a framework to find work you love. 

Enjoy friends! Off to sweat my little buns off at The Yoga Collective (I've completely fallen off the Yoga wagon! Eek!) 

P.S. Do you have any TED talks you love? I know there are so many so I would love to hear more of your favorites! 


Krista xo