ALL ROSE ERRYTHANG: my favorite trend and easy slides

REALLY into rose detail lately.

When I love a good detail, I LOVE a good detail. 

This one, isn't too feminine or too's just right. I love the pop of color it provides.

There's a bit of moodiness to the rose. Whenever I see rose, it's very streetwear, very urban and...

I am in LOVE.

So I searched to find the best rose detail shoes, dresses, sweatshirts, tops, accessories...all for you!

My favorite Rose Picks:

My Rose Flats:

Princeton Leather Slipper shoe was from Forever 21 obviously but it's now not available online (I think because it's a complete rip off these Gucci cute though, right? Couldn't pass up a good DEAL!) I would consider buying these full, since I wear them all the time and they are so unique and gorgeous.

Forever 21 Boyfriend Destroyed Jeans

I wanted to keep it short and sweet with the trend alert my loves!

I am packing today for Palm Springs this weekend - SO EXCITED. Shooting all weekend with Lindsey for Almost 30 and getting really good content (that I need). Bloggers, I know you feel me.

What are you doing this weekend? Is it too early to ask? :)   



COOL SNEAKERS: so fresh and so CLEAN.


Not going to lie I'm in a rut this week but, HEY, life goes on and ya just need to keep moving forward.

It's just thoughts like, WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? But I'm sure we all have that at some point.

How's everyone else's' week going? Would love to hear it, so talk to me!

I had to write about the new kicks I have been wearing around EVERY DAY.

(BTW, I get obsessed with stuff. I'll wear it out, and then NEVER again).

So right now, I am wearing these white sneakers with every single thing I own.

Floral dress, check. Suede shorts, check. Maxi dress with leather moto, check. With my red silk pajamas to get the mail, check. 

I had a time where I only wore my black flat sneakers but those got holes at the bottom (I'm serious LOL) and it was time to move on. I'm all about comfort AND style people. Comfort AND style.

How is it that sneakers are so cool? If you would tell me that, FREAKING SHELL TOES ARE BACK. I mean, WHAT.

Remember rocking shell toes with Delia’s bell bottoms and an Abercrombie & Fitch logo shirt? All day baby, and I was SO HOT. 

One time in 8th grade I got sent to the principals because my bell bottom jeans were SO low rise that my butt crack was seriously hanging out all day long. At that time, I probably thought butt cracks lured boys in, that's how fucking clueless I was. Not much has changed I guess.


The super clean, super WHITE, crisp sneaker, just makes ANY look sexy. It’s the urban, badass girl that’s feminine enough to rock something masculine...look that I’m obsessed with.

I shy away from these trends usually because I have big ass feet (FACT), which makes it masculine to wear sneakers, but I'm past caring about that when I find a trend I love. I mean how cute would little feet be in these!?! 

You can rock these shoes with ripped skinnies (also in right now) or even with an ultra feminine dress to make it unexpected, there’s nothing better.

Truly there hasn't been anything that I can't wear with them, and that's probably my favorite part. 

Cool girl versatility! Plus they are under $100 dollars. 

Shop the look:

Adidas White Superstar Sneaker

Round Reflective Sunglasses from J.Crew ($15 DOLLARS Y'ALL)

Print Shift Dress (mine is sold out, but this one is similar and I bought it to! I'm actually so sorry this one isn't available, because I would gift it to every single one of YOU!)

Lipstick is NARS Red Lizard

Shop similar looks:

Cheers to a super laid back comfortable trend, right?

Loving this look!

P.S. Guys, are we liking more fashion posts? I want to keep up with y'all and what I'm loving lately. I definitely have the DEEPNESS in here too, so be prepared, HA.

Let me know what you think, friends!

You da best and happy Wednesday!