Shower TIME: What's in my SHOWER

Hi friends!

How are you!? What’s happening?

I'd like to start this post a little like 'The Most Interesting Man' ads.

I don't often shower, but when I do. I make sure that it's GOOD AND WORTH MY WHILE!

(If you want to stop reading, I understand...LOL)

I wanted to tell you, the last weekend in Denver, with girls, I was reminded how all ladies have their specific bathroom bathing, shower habits.

Like, shower lengths for example.

Long showers, short showers. Hot or cold, or what products you use, is SO personal. It was so good to be like, oh you use that for a body wash, oh yeah dry brushing is so in, etc.

Also, call me crazy but I love a cold shower.

I think it could be living in LA but seriously it wakes me up SO MUCH and I heard some weird things about it burning brown fat or something? 

Again, weight loss. I'LL DO ANYTHING. Plus the water in our place is either only lava hot or chilled drink cold. Nothing in between. So I just go with it. 

(I've also had my landlord come in when I'm in robe to try and get the temperature right - she's an old lady, LOL. Love her).

Cold showers have been said to:

  • Increases Alertness
  • Refines Hair and Skin
  • Improves Immunity and Circulation
  • Stimulates Weight Loss
  • Speeds Up Muscle Soreness and Recovery
  • Ease Stres
  • Relieves Depression

Read about that here. It's sort of like the same benefits for cryotherapy from my perspective. I do that regularly (like 3x a month) and I wrote about my experience here.

Truly though, with cold showers, you get used to it. It becomes normalized and it's not scary. 

But I wanted to share some of the amazing products, and my shower routine because I’ve done my research!

Shower with cold water: It is good for burning fat and its good to make your hair super shiny.

Dry brush: Seriously a little massage for yourself, dry brushing is great for your skin, cellulite and just overall loving your body, HA. I feel like when I do it I am doing good to myself. I got my dry brush for super cheap on Amazon, here and I do it twice a week with body wash in a circular motion to increase blood flow and help brighten my skin.

Exfoliate: I wrote a post on the importance of exfoliation here, but seriously believe in the benefits of exfoliating for skin clarity and tone. Makes you feel super soft and like a million bucks.

Leave your hair wet: I don’t blow dry my hair, ever. I do enough damage curling it and having it up all the time, that by letting my hair air dry it’s really helped with damage control. Perfectly straight hair isn’t always in, so let that natural wave show (even if it’s just a few days a week!)

Use a wet brush: I bought a really cheap wet brush that really treats your hair RIGHT. It’s gentle, prevents breakage and helps your hair grow longer, stronger and more healthy.

Don't dry off TOO much: Right when I get out of the shower, I dry off just a bit and put on an oil or body lotion. So key to get your skin when it’s a bit wet so that you can absorb the extra moisture from the water.

Always use a hair mask: I do a hair mask every time I shower, pretty much. My hair seriously needs the mouisture and i think showering less allows me to do it, and have it really soak in. I LOVE mixing high end, and low end brands. This has helped me to grow longer, thicker less damanged hair.

Get laser hair removal: It' SO WORTH IT and then I don't need to shave. I got it done in NYC and it's lasted forever. I did basically my whole body, I tried my arm pits and it didn't do anything though, but everywhere else really works! You can get deals on Groupon or Gilt City for really good places. For NYC I did Skin Spa Soho. 

Be picky about your bath towels:  I was using just regular old towels before, nothing special, but when I found MAYDE I was like, damn. I have not been living my life the right way. This towel is SO BIG so it wraps all the way around you, like a blanket and it’s so so soft I like to hang in it as LONG as possible.

Mine is the rainbow towel, and it's turkish made, huge and SO SOFT.  

You can get one here

Plus, I am in love with the pattern, it’s bright and cute and just really dope with the fringe. I LOVE it.

I have two for our bathroom and want to get more for when guests come.

Mayde also makes amazing beach blankets and I have such a cute one that I use for our trips on the weekend to Malibu or to the beach.

Before I was using ratchet towels that I barely fit on, and Justin and I would be like massive people on tiny towels. NO BUENO.

So the beach blanket seriously makes my life. The pattern is cute, it’s light and it makes me happy inside.

Shop my favorite Mayde towels:

Shop my favorite exfoliant and dry brushes:

Shop my favorite shampoos and conditioners:

Shop my favorite body lotions:

Shop my favorite hair masks:

What products do you guys use in the shower? Anything I missed? Tell me your routine!

Okay back to cooking, I'm trying to make dinners now (blah) and cook for like a week. WISH ME LUCK.