My favorite podcast episodes ever + an outfit to kick it in

Oh hello you!

So glad you're here. What's up? How are you? 

I've been wanting to share a list of my favorite podcasts (specific episodes!) with you forever! 

I the biggest fan of podcasts. It's like, my way of multi-tasking. I listen when I do almost everything, seriously. When I clean, when I'm chilling, when I'm walking... it keeps me:

  • Up to date with the world
  • Informed of new trends and topics
  • Interested in people 
  • Interesting in conversations

I know all I know because of podcasts probably. I wrote about my favorites here!

But in this post I want to write about the episodes that really stuck with me.

Oh and did I mention I'm doing a podcast?

With my friend Lindsey Simcik, that'll be launching in the next few weeks. I just finished making the website (my fourth website I've made!) and it's called the Almost Thirty Podcast. It's about your twenties and thirties, and how it's such a interesting and pivotal time in life. We'll bring on guests, answer questions, and chat about topics like 20's us/30's us, and Hundred/Not Hundred.

But anyway, if you don't do podcasts, DO! In the car, wherever. These are 5 of my favorite episodes from the past few months.

Podcast Episodes to listen to now:

Tara Brach is my girl. She's calming, present and speaks on topics that relate to spirituality, mindfulness and joy. Once a week she'll post a really good guided meditation. If you've never meditated this is a great way to get into it. It's only 5 minutes, so I use it to come back to presence. 

I really LOVED this podcast. It was great to hear the hosts talk in detail about a creative lifestyle, and balancing your creative life with your personal life. They asked some really good questions about what you need to be happy, and I felt like it just really flowed. This would be especially good for anyone whose a blogger or creative.

Rich Roll is my dude. Always dropping knowledge and keeping me up to date with important and thoughtful topics. This one in particular hit home because it's on a topic that I know little about. The fashion industry. Here Andrew Morgan talks about 'fast fashion' and the effect that super cheap clothing has on our environment, economy and world. 

Not sure if you saw my dope interview with The LadyGang - but these babes KILL ME. I love them. Listen to all their podcasts but this one in particular made me chuckle. 

I actually felt neutral about Chelsea Handler until this episode. She is so rad, for real. She owns her life, she's honest, but she also shows this really soft raw side of her, that's loving and open. I loved hearing the contrast between her and Anna (who is super sweet!) 

For real Shaun White is HILARIOUS. I had never known his story, how he rose to fame and how he made a BUSINESS out of it. Capitalizing on his Gold Medals to build a life that outlasts those moments. This one's a good one, and super entertaining.

Keegan Michael Key of Key and Peele is a true Legend. Hilarious, warm, and charismatic, hearing him do improv on this podcast is the coolest thing. He's super creative and HILARIOUS, I was crying laughing listening to it. 


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LOL @ eyes closed. Sometimes ya just can't get it right ya know?

But anyway, let me know which podcasts are your favorite! I am SO down to listen to what you share!

Also want to be on our podcast? Let me know! We'd love to have ya ask a question or propose something for us to discuss!


Keep me posted on the ones you love. These are SERIOUSLY so good. 

Okay, love you!



COOL SNEAKERS: so fresh and so CLEAN.


Not going to lie I'm in a rut this week but, HEY, life goes on and ya just need to keep moving forward.

It's just thoughts like, WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? But I'm sure we all have that at some point.

How's everyone else's' week going? Would love to hear it, so talk to me!

I had to write about the new kicks I have been wearing around EVERY DAY.

(BTW, I get obsessed with stuff. I'll wear it out, and then NEVER again).

So right now, I am wearing these white sneakers with every single thing I own.

Floral dress, check. Suede shorts, check. Maxi dress with leather moto, check. With my red silk pajamas to get the mail, check. 

I had a time where I only wore my black flat sneakers but those got holes at the bottom (I'm serious LOL) and it was time to move on. I'm all about comfort AND style people. Comfort AND style.

How is it that sneakers are so cool? If you would tell me that, FREAKING SHELL TOES ARE BACK. I mean, WHAT.

Remember rocking shell toes with Delia’s bell bottoms and an Abercrombie & Fitch logo shirt? All day baby, and I was SO HOT. 

One time in 8th grade I got sent to the principals because my bell bottom jeans were SO low rise that my butt crack was seriously hanging out all day long. At that time, I probably thought butt cracks lured boys in, that's how fucking clueless I was. Not much has changed I guess.


The super clean, super WHITE, crisp sneaker, just makes ANY look sexy. It’s the urban, badass girl that’s feminine enough to rock something masculine...look that I’m obsessed with.

I shy away from these trends usually because I have big ass feet (FACT), which makes it masculine to wear sneakers, but I'm past caring about that when I find a trend I love. I mean how cute would little feet be in these!?! 

You can rock these shoes with ripped skinnies (also in right now) or even with an ultra feminine dress to make it unexpected, there’s nothing better.

Truly there hasn't been anything that I can't wear with them, and that's probably my favorite part. 

Cool girl versatility! Plus they are under $100 dollars. 

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Lipstick is NARS Red Lizard

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Cheers to a super laid back comfortable trend, right?

Loving this look!

P.S. Guys, are we liking more fashion posts? I want to keep up with y'all and what I'm loving lately. I definitely have the DEEPNESS in here too, so be prepared, HA.

Let me know what you think, friends!

You da best and happy Wednesday!