WELP HERE GOES NOTHING: The Almost 30 Podcast (!!)

Oh my goodness guys.

I never thought this day would come. 

Can I be super excited about something for a second? 

(blushing emoji)

So you know i am a huge podcast fanatic, and listen to about 5 hours of podcasts a day. NO JOKE. During my run, when I am walking anywhere, when I am working or driving, it's ON.

I talked about my favorite episodes, and favorite podcasts here.

I also interviewed The Lady Gang a while back (LOVE THEM!) and really have been interested in the medium (is that what you'd call it?) for a while.

Why podcasting:

Because as much as I love the blog, I love the emotion and flow of speaking, and feel like this is connecting with readers, not in front of a screen. 

I know how much we are in front of screens on the daily and to be able to have a conversation with you via the podcast is pretty much the best thing ever. I've always said I want to TALK to people, or have people really know me aside from photos or what I write. The podcast is that.

Also a podcast removes the visual aspect of it, where you get to know the real me and my real personality.

How I talk, the cadence of my speech and what I really think about topics we discuss.

It's also perfect that I'm doing this with Lindsey.

A true inspiration in my life, and SO MANY others lives through SoulCycle (she literally is a fitness queen in L.A.) fit modeling, acting, whatever. She's the perfect ying to my yang. Thoughtful, aware, funny and just on the same page as me with shit.

She brings good life advice, good career advice, fitness/health advice, and she's single. So her insight on dating and love is unique to mine. 

Which is so key! 

I've written about Lindsey here, and featured an article that she did on what she eats in a day. She's a funny chick, and makes all the difference in this podcast. It's nice have two perspectives on every question or conversation. 

So a bit more about the podcast and process in this post!

Behind the scenes:

We've been working on this for about 6 months now, idea sharing, recording, deleting, practicing, basically everything with trial and error.

Finding what works and what feels right and going for it.

We also created the website (I did all the backend and design) and then had photo shoots for our branding, created a Facebook page, found a sound engineer, figured out how to actually get a podcast on iTunes. 

We also have our Instagram we created!

It's been a process for sure!

Oh and working in our schedules when to record had us up on weekends at 7 A.M. 

It's definitely not easy, but we'll talk about our launch in one of our mini-sodes which we'll be sharing weekly, and are shorter episodes to answer questions from you.

But if you have any about the process, let a girl know! I got you!

What The Almost 30 Podcast is about:

Being authentic and real. As much as I am on the blog, and then some. Being able to speak exactly the truth that I want, has been amazing.

We're about figuring this crazy part of life together. Dating, career, friends, health...we talk about everything that we actually talk about IRL.

Honestly, you're twenties and thirties are UNDERRATED challenging.

Like our tagline says, it's when shit gets real. 

You choose your life partner, you choose your career, you choose where to live. Your priorities change so much from 20 to 30, and you are a different person at the end of it.

I feel like, no one ever talks about this time, and how many choices we have. So we want to explore that. 

The format:

For most episodes we follow a format, but sometimes we have guests on, and sometimes we'll do mini episodes where we just answer a question. Trying to keep it spicy!

Hundred/Not Hundred: SO ME RIGHT? Hehe - this is our highs and lows of the week, what we loved and what we hated. What's hundred, and what's not hundred. 

Shit that stuck: This is the deep part of the podcast where we talk about things that inspire us, and make us excited. It's the 'shit that stuck' with us for the week that we want to share with you. 

20s Us 30s Us: This is a hilarious look on what we were doing in our twenties, to what we want or what we're scared of in our 30s. 

Most importantly, we answer question from our listeners (you!) 

Where you come in:

I'd love to have you join the podcast, and ask a question that we should answer about ANYTHING. Nothings too crazy, or specific or too small. We've talked about dieting, periods, boyfriends, career...anything under the sun.

You can submit your question here on The Almost 30 Podcast website under the 'ask me anything' section.

Also if you know anyone, or are someone that would be a great guest on the show, let us know! Just like my interviews, I am always on the lookout for badass individuals to share their story! 

Last, if you could help a sister out and subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes, you will make my LIFE. 

Having people subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes really helps get on New and Noteworthy on iTunes, which is MAJOR and a  huge goal of ours! Just to help spread the word and get this little thing off the ground!

Here is the link, and tell ya friends: I would be so grateful!

Um okay, so I want to know so much from you.

Podcasts, are we into them? What would YOU want to hear about listening to a podcast? Wanna be on? Let us know or submit a question using the forum!

Always thanks for being supportive, loving, thoughtful and open with all the stuff that i do. You guys are the best, and if I can support ya in anyway, let me know! (Also make sure to link your blog post here!)


Krista xo

Fuel up like a fitness instructor (what they REALLY eat in a day)

Helloooooo babe!

After the 4th weekend, eating MASS amounts, drinking, whatever...detox is needed. Not even in the extreme way, just a balance back to normal life and normal eating is necessary. 

Diet starts.....TOMORROW. Per usual. #girls

I am always interested in what people eat on a daily basis. I want to know good secrets, hear new ideas....or, in this case find out how one gets a fitness model body.

What do they REALLY eat? 

Like me, do they crush jars of peanut butter on the daily? What's the secret? Is it consistency or what?

I asked my friend Lindsey Simcik, SoulCycle instructor and fitness model (she works with Carbon38 on the regular) what does she REALLY eat in a day?

(BTW if you missed it I interviewed her before!) 

Thanks to Lindsey Simcik for the insight! You inspire me yo!

The 'Eat like a fitness model' diet 

via Lindsey Simcik

Wake up:

In hopes that my first real movement of the day will be that of my bowels, I drink a glass of warm water with lemon. 

I try to wake up two hours before a workout or before teaching a morning class to give myself time to eat at a normal speed and digest.  

My go-to breakfast is a vanilla Siggy's yogurt mixed with blueberries (any berries in season get me excited), a dollop of Nuttzo nut butter (12 different nuts!), and a handful of Earth Bar's Paleo granola, which they make fresh in house (I DIE..thank you Krista for the intro).

I love BulletProof Coffee, so if I have time to make my own, I will (thank you, Vitamix) or I'll go to the local BulletProof Cafe.  

Snack post workout:

Green veggie juice with a little apple or pineapple to sweeten it up a tiny bit...and three hard boiled eggs with pepper and a pinch of truffle salt....

Truffle salt--best purchase of my life.


I love to create these layered bowls with what I have in my fridge.  

My go-to is sautéed spinach (light evoo and garlic powder), next layered is a casually mashed boiled purple sweet potato, then top the sweet potato with a mashed avocado, add some chicken or tofu or whatever you want, and then top with your favorite spread, hummus, or salsa!  

The colors are gorgeous, it's delicious, and will give you serious energy for the second half of your day. Plus, it covers most of your food groups!

Afternoon snack before another workout or evening classes: Almond Latté and an RX bar..or I'll grab an apple and a handful of Mary's Gone Crackers "Superseed Everything Cracker"......dip em"' in ANYTHING.


Greens and proteins, man.  

I love a salad that is large and in charge.  

I want the fiber content to blow me alway, literally.  Ok thats gross, but I want hoards of greens like kale, spinach, and arugula...roasted red pepper, chickpeas, avocado, corn, hearts of palm, yellow beets, sweet potato...dude, whatever I can fit in this thing.  

As for protein, I gravitate towards organic, free range chicken, wild salmon, or shrimp.  

But there will be days when I don't have meat.  

So I just kind of listen to my body and what it needs. I'd say I'm a vegetarian 4/7 days a week!

As for dressing, I love a simple evoo and fresh lemon juice combo, with tons of crushed pepper and maybe a little garlic powder.  


I love dessert so much.  I will never give it up! 

I've found a few dairy free ice creams that I am obsessed with: Steve's coconut ice cream (Burnt Vanilla is my fav) and Almond Dream ice cream makes a bomb cookies and cream!

I also love to freeze grapes and nibble on them after dinner for a little sweet kick.

I don't have dessert every night, but if I want it I have it..I just try to stick to the serving size!

Before bed I love to drink tea. Any decaf tea is great, but I love Yogi Tea for digestion or for relaxation.

The ritual of making tea makes me feel complete before bed :)

Eat the part, now dress the part: How to dress like a fitness instructor

Cool right?

I think with this, it's really just the CONSISTENCY of eating well.

Having your meals, having your greens, having a balanced diet that you don't feel deprived with.

So each day you're doing lots of whole, real food. Indulging a little and feeling like you're fueling your body in the best pay possible. 

Love this! The clothes are dope too right? Fitness clothes as normal clothes - FOREVER.

What's your daily diet like? How is your eating? I tried to do the 6 small meals a day but now really try to stick to 3, with intermittent fasting a few days a week! 

Let me KNOW. Sharing is caring! hehe




Interview with the babes of LE SWEAT: Charlee Atkins and Meridith Miller


Hi there. Happy Wednesday!

I like to interview badass females doing THANGS.  Have you noticed the trend? Joni Payne, The Lady Gang, NOBREAD's Nicole Cogan...

Real recognize real, and more ladies need to recognized for going out of their comfort zone, doing something different and just being true to themselves. 


In comes in the babes of the blog/website/forum/fitness diary called Le Sweat. 

Created by Meridith Miller and Charlee Atkins, it's a unique and REAL perspective on all things related to, well, le sweating, and then some. 

A few of my favorite articles from Le Sweat:

An expose of the f*ck boy

Le park bench sweat (video)

Le travel SOLO (on the importance of, and how to travel SOLO)

Plus, the playlists are BOMB.

For their credentials. Charlee Atkins, is a Senior Instructor at SoulCycle, selling out classes like a BA, and modeling with Wilhelmina. Meridith Miller is basically killing it as a marathon runner, and in business at a little company called Twitter. 

So this week, I'm excited to share with you what these two bring in the blog called Le-Sweat.

Brief introduction to LE SWEAT?

C: The health & fitness industry is very crowded by professionals, non-professionals, and a whole hell of a lot of fitness-enthusiasts. We created LS to be another voice in the fitness world, but our goal was to be a different voice.  An approachable, yet science-based voice with 10 years of experience in the field. Everything LS is real-life experiences, and self made errors that we’ve found remedies too from simply being in the industry.

M: For me, fitness and physical challenge has always directly impacted my life in every other aspect. Because it’s such an important part of both of our lives (in different ways), we wanted to find a way to make that fitness oriented mindset easy.

Who you are and what you do?

C: Charlee Atkins / CCO of Le Sweat; 30 years young, live in NYC, CSCS + Model + Group Fitness Instructor.

M: Meridith Miller/ COO of Le Sweat; 33 years of age; lawyer by trade but life enthusiast by nature; I currently run a partnerships team at Twitter as the day job.

What is Le Sweat?

C: Le Sweat is a community for people who are working on working out. We like to share stories / articles / content that is relatable, aspirational, and most importantly: ATTAINABLE for every body.

M: What she said.

What can people expect when reading?

C: To be talked to you like you are talking to your best friend. No small talk, straight to the point, sassy, but honest, and brutally honest.

M: Oh and puns. Don’t forget the puns.

What makes the LE SWEAT different from other blogs or websites?

C: LS is different from others sites because it’s our voice. Our workouts are inspired by the shit we’re going through IRL, so by talking about real life shit (like fuck boys, break ups, and keeping your vagina clean) we parlay it into why should also work shit out.

How did the idea come about, and can you talk about the process behind creating the website/brand?

C: The creative process is a mixture of the two of us tossing a document back and forth to each other making edits of each other’s edits until we’re pleased with the product (or we hit our self-imposed deadlines).

M: We know there’s a lot of “fitness” blogs and sites out there, so this is really about creating a voice and a brand that our audience can relate to, have fun with, and actually use because it’s attainable. “Le Sweat” specifically was conceived to embody all the things we sweat in life: physical, emotional, mental, you name it - we all sweat!

Where was the site birthed?

C: It was conceived in Saxon + Parole on one eve, but a majority of its gestation was in Thailand. It was also stimulated over many, many, MANY cups of coffee.

M: I believe it was around coffee number 1,327.

What is your favorite post?

C:How To Be Alone not Lonely” - Everything about this post is us as individuals. We’re both successfully single living in NYC, we love to travel, we love to workout, and we love to inspire and motivate those around us to embody not having to answer to anybody but yourself/ourselves.

M: Nailed it.

As fitness bitches, what are some of the biggest mistakes you see people make as it relates to getting or staying fit?

C: That hardest part is getting started, second hardest part is maintaining it. People begin to see the initial benefits of fitness, and then immediately go back to old ways. Being fit / staying fit is a matter of habitual behavior change.  

Habits will always remain, it’s just a matter of what you replace them with.

M: Thinking they can’t do something just because they’ve never done it before. Ex: Running has always been my “thing” and luckily has come easy to me.

But people who don’t run normally think they can’t. It’s just one example of that starting point Charlee references: it all starts with the mental belief you can do it and the biggest hurdle I see people face is thinking they can’t do it before they even try.

What's been the biggest game changer for you in your fitness journey?

C: Finding a community / friends who hold me accountable to show up for my workouts.

M: Staying consistent. You have to have days off, but you have to keep it consistent - whether you’re busy with work, friends, relationships, or travel - you’ve got to keep it going.

Can you talk about eating and nutrition, and the role it plays for you it staying fit?

C: You have to eat properly to fuel your workouts. That means eliminating something, adding others, and also knowing when to eat what. At this point, people know what is good, and what isn’t good for them, so it’s a matter of being an adult and making and adult decision to say no to bad diet choices, and yes to healthy diet choices.  

My favorite quote is from a man named Jay-Z. He says “What you eat doesn’t make me shit” which is true.

You choose to put whatever you want in your body, make good choices.

M: Personally, I love food. All food. One of my biggest motivating factors to workout is knowing the next meal is just around the corner. I don’t believe it depriving yourself and I do believe in balance.

Eat the burger, eat the cookie, eat the pasta and the cheese. But also eat the salad, the chicken, and always eat a healthy breakfast!


I have to ask: Where do you get that six pack?

C: Laughing so hard at this whole process.  That’s where we got them from.

M: I love that you think I have abs. I guess the grass is always greener right? ;)


What's your favorite workout?

C: Any workout that makes you Le Sweat, but I am very proud / fond of our Foam Rolling video (below). It’s not really a workout, but it’s very simple, educational, and will put many workouts back on your body.

M: If I take it off the site, my fave workout of choice right now is a solid sweat sesh on an indoor bike with the one and only Charlee Atkins.


Favorite playlist on Le Sweat?

M: Sweat Tunes No. 8. They’re all upbeat but this one gets me goin’.

Goal or Mission of Le Sweat?

C: If you’re unhappy in your life in some aspect, maybe it be job, relationships, current living situation: we hope to inspire others to want to move in a way that will make them feel good in the moment, and then continue to make daily choices that help them achieve that emotion of fulfillment all day every day.

M: Of course what she said.

Our goal is to connect with our audience so that when they’re sweating it out in life, our message helps keep them going.

Ultimately we all come out stronger on the other end, and we want to ingrain that mindset in our audience.

Where can people find more or connect with you?


Instagram: @le_sweat

Twitter: @le_sweat

Facebook: we.are.le.sweat

And if all of thsoe don’t work out: www.le-sweat.com

I really liked the goal and mission of Le Sweat here. Its hard to put a goal or mission into words but here they put it really well.

Plus, you can see that mission shine through in the content.

Right now both ladies are traveling in are Cannes, Istanbul and Santorini....so following them through their travels is a very good idea!

Loving you - and looking forward to your thoughts on LE SWEAT. Now I need to go le sweat myself on a nice little run.