Companies that give back + Easy favorites from Natural Life

This post is Sponsored by Natural Life, but all opinions are my own.

Reading a new book right now, guys! The Compass and the Nail. Written by the creator of Patagonia, all about why charity is important and an integral part of business.

There is also this AMAZING Ted Talk by Dan Palotta, has me thinking about charity, marketing, customer loyalty, and how organizations can be both socially and enviornmentally minded - all while making a profit. You can watch it here. 

I've been meaning to do this post for a while, but I wanted to put a spotlight on some amazing clothing companies that give back, while providing products that are stylish :).

After a little research, I was surprised by the amount of companies that are putting in the effort to do their part. Although small, it's better than nothing (which can seem sad to say) but it's a start in the effort to make a more thoughtful economy. Each time we spend our money, we are making a decision, and saying 'something' about what we value and believe. It's not that people don't care, it's that people don't know there are brands out there doing good, with a positive mission statement and ethical values. 

I wanted to share my favorite companies that have initiatives and items worth knowing about. But first, one of my favorites who I am wearing in this post is Natural Life.

Natural Life is all a brand all about spreading positivity with inspirational treasures and boho decor. They also have easy, soft casual wear that I am sporting here too. Their brand and mission is all about sharing things that can make you happy. 

I love their story, their core values, and their products are super cute too!


What I love most about Natural Life is their commitment to helping others. 

How Natural Life helps:

  • They support local and national causes by donating Happy Boxes filled with Natural Life treasures to help raise money or bring hope to someone in need. 
  • Their FEARLESS Collection, which helps spread awareness about anxiety and reducing the stigma that surrounds mental illness. 
  • They Work with an amazing group called Girl Talk, which is an international non-profit peer-to-peer mentoring program with a very simple premise: High school girls mentor middle school girls to help them work through the issues they face during their early teenage years. They help young girls build self-esteem, develop leadership skills and recognize the value of community service. 
  • Not only that but Natural Life works with other great charities like:

Makes you feel motivated, right? 


Other companies that give back: 

Warby Parker: Buy a pair and they give a pair of glasses to those in need.

Thrive Market: Donates to low income families while you get savings on brands you love

People Tree: People Tree has transformed ethical fashion into something contemporary, accessible, and desirable. They design and produce high quality, fashionable products for women and men, while being sustainable and thoughtful.

LEMLEM: lemlem is an artisan-driven collection of women’s, men’s, children’s and home goods made entirely in Africa. They support women in Africa and are committed to helping empower them through work. 

FEED: FEED bags give back to multiple causes listed on their site. They help feeding people, with education, and supporting communities and children all over the world. 

The Brave Collection: The Brave Collection is a line of jewelry handmade in Cambodia to celebrate Bravery and empower women across the globe. 10% donated to fight human rights. 

Diff Eyewear: Donates a pair of glasses for every pair sold 


Natural Life.jpg

How cutes' is my casual wear though? It's so soft, so comfortable and I love the look of both pieces! Let me know if there are any other brands that we should know about that are giving back and doing good? I would love to share and promote them! 

Also if you want a good book to read, I recommend the Compass and The Nail - it's been so interesting to read more about the impact businesses have on our culture today.

Love sharing with you! Thanks for being here!





#HereToCreate with adidas + my fitness motto + why I workout in all black

This post is sponsored by adidas, but all opinions are my own.

Hi you! So glad you are here!

Super excited for this post, because I get to share an outfit I have been living in.

It’s super flattering, street style vibes, all from adidas.

I’ve had a love affair with adidas since back in the day. I lived for my SAMBAS, died for my shell toes (and still do, I wrote about my adidas superstars here) ripped off my snap pants before every practice and now can be found most Sundays in my adidas crew neck sweatshirt. It makes me feel like a badass.

adidas to me, is about being unique, being yourself and being unapologetic about it. It’s at the intersection of sport, street and style.

I never set out in my life to have 6-pack abs, or to be the skinniest babe in the room. My fitness motto has always been about clearing my head, respecting my desire to move, and being strong enough to support all aspects of my life. For me, this year it’s about celebrating my body. Catching each negative comments, I make to myself, and flipping it around to a positive. It’s about focusing on the good parts, everything that works in perfect harmony on a daily basis, rather than the extra armpit fat I notice in the Barry’s Boot camp mirror.

I remember one time when I was making a comment about my body, or something related to that, and one of my friends said,

‘Because your body is the way it is, it makes you who you are’.

This seriously stuck with me. The way my body is made is part of who I am, a reason why I am unique. It’s also helped me to evolve the way I feel about fitness.

I now see working out as a way to keep everything in my life moving. It keeps me energized, excited and happy.

So, when adidas reached out about a partnership I was SO EXCITED, because their holistic view of health and fitness, aligns perfectly with mine.

As a fitness fan (as you know!) I am always on the lookout for the best clothes to work out in, and the cutest shoes to walk to the gym in :). For leggings, I am fan of the high-waist super spanx-like feel.

I’m also all about an all black gym moment. Kim K vibes. It makes me feel less visible, and more chic. Adding in the Stella McCartney element to the whole line, seriously takes it to a whole ‘nother level right!?

These kicks, which I live for, are super light, comfortable with enough support for running (which I am trying to do more of!) I’ll probably do a full post on this later, but running feels like the missing component of my workouts for the past year. I avoid it at all costs, but each time I do it, it’s more effective than almost anything else I do. Having light, comfortable grey kicks is all the inspiration I need to run more.

For workout tops, I used to be a fan of the super loose fabric, but now with HIIT and yoga, I want my tops to be really tight, so I’m not adjusting or I’m not worrying about tucking anything in.

Having a top fit to my body also allows me to see what’s happening when I’m lifting weights, or in a downward dog. I can adjust accordingly. That’s why this top is perfect. It’s comfortable, SUPER black and tight.

That’s the same concept with these pants. I NEED them to be tight enough for me to not adjust, not pull them up, not worry about if they’re riding up or falling down. Pulling up my pants during a workout class is a distraction. It’s the same concept with the top as it is the bottom, it helps me to see what I’m doing with my body so I can make adjustments accordingly with my posture, like in Lagree Fitness. 

What I’m wearing in this post:

adidas Pure Boost X Training Reigning Tramp Shoes 

Warp Knit Tank Top

Warp Knit Tights

You can also go to to save %15 by signing up to their email list!

Would love to hear from you, your fitness motto. What moves you, what inspires you and what you do to honor your body, not punish it. Looking forward to being inspired by you!



THE APP THAT LUVS U BACK (& pays you to shop! Meet

And a happy Monday babes!

First things first. Can we talk about the first few weeks of January? That was ROUGH, no? 

Am I the only one? I fee like it was a cluster. But! Now I am feeling oh so in the flow, and it's SO NICE. I did a little post on my Instagram about routine you can see here

Now I'm back the groove, getting my life in order, recording The Almost 30 Podcast, doing a bit of blog consulting with some babes, and planning an upcoming event in February at Lululemon Malibu - talking about self love. 

Also on the docket is a bit of shopping for these events and for some bachelorette parties I have upcoming.

I need a good one piece for Cabo in March, and I needed some new stud earrings to wear everyday.

So this week I set aside time to online shop. Got my shit ready, sat down and went to my favorite sites: Revolve, Forever 21, ASO'S, Reformation...


I blacked out in the first 45 minutes and came back to reality realizing I was on a website to buy bulk packs of gum? There's just TOO MUCH out there when you're shopping. I feel like I look for inspiration from Instagram or whatever, and try to get a vibe for what I am trying to do.

But then it's so many steps to find what I want - or stuff similar. There is but I don't want to have an exact copy of what people wear a lot of times.

Makes you think right? That's how an idea is born ya know? How can you see what your friends, bloggers are into and want to buy in a pretty easy format just like Instagram. 

So, as all good ideas go, it's been done. 

Let me tell ya about Luv.It app and how it works.

The app that DOES that for you. 

New on the scene, let me tell you first that it's building it's users. So you won't see EVERYONE you know on it like you see with Instagram. Again, it's new and more and more bloggers join the platform everyday. As it grows the better it gets and as more people join the more that you can see to 'shop'. I loved using it to see what other blogger friends I know were buying, as an easy way to inspire. You can purchase directly in the app - and it was shipped to me in under 3 days.

That being said, I am excited to see more people join, and use the app and for more brands to be added. I had NO idea who Bing Bang NYC and Thistle & Finn were - so finding those little earrings from them was huge. I love them!

PLUS: allows you to earn cash on items you purchase as well as earn cash on each time someone else purchases from your profile. You will receive 2.5% cash back on every purchase you make and 2.5% referral fee on every purchase you inspire.

You make money when a product is LUV’d, Reposted or Shared. Even if you aren't a blogger. LuvIt gives you cash back every time you buy a product and every time you inspire someone else to shop. Yes. You earn real money when someone on your network buys a product you Luv'd or shared.

I LOVE that people outside of LTK can earn money based on what they shop, share and luv. You guys know that I wouldn't rep or share anything I didn't truly use or think was going to be something BOMB. 

Why I love Luv.It:

Anyone can earn 2.5% cash back on EVERY purchase in the app

You can find your friends/bloggers and see what they 'luv' just like looking on Instagram

You get a 2.5% referral fee for any purchase you inspire

New brands to check out - as I said I haven't heard of a lot of the brands on here - which is a good thing!

It has a really NICE user experience. Shopping in it is REALLY easy and everything makes 'sense'. 

Available in da app store! Get it here

Here's what I bought:

Cactus Earrings from Thistle & Finn ($10 dollars what what! Those are above!)

Bing Bang NYC Gemstone Bar Earrings (above!)

One Piece Black Bathing Suit from

I'm also wearing this over sized black denim jacket from ASOS (not I LOVE how soft it is and how grunge chic I feel. You guys know I'm a HUGE ASOS girl (one of my favorite posts with them is here), so obviously their jacket collection is en fuego.

Cool, right? I have been loving looking at what my friends like Ruthie Ridley on here are 'luving' and I already have cash back just for buying stuff. LOL.

Download it and follow me @hundredblogla and I'll follow ya - let's make shopping less stressful right?

Excited to use with you!

Any questions? Ask me!



Thanks to app for sponsoring this post - but obviously - all opinions are my own. 

Also thanks to ASO's for collaboration with this post.