EASY VACATION LOOK: Off she shoulder green satin dress (under $25 dollars)

Hi! How are you?

Seriously though, how are you?! 

I am feeling a bit all over the place rn, I leave for Joshua Tree Friday, Detroit Monday, and then Palm Springs Thursday. It's a whirlwind but all good, taking it one day at a time.

Plus, I love being on the go. Life's more fun that way. 

Plus PLUS I am detoxing a bit from my vitamins (I take SO MANY) just because I think my liver (filters out all of those vitamins) needs a break. Also I don't want to get dependent, ya know?

Also if you haven't noticed I pull almost all of these things I do out of my ass, ha. I just have a feeling I should take less vitamins for the moment, so I'm doing it. Will let ya know how I feel. 

Sharing this dress that looks and feels so expensive today. I LOVE it, the off the shoulder is flattering, and the material is really nice.

When I was like 5 I had this Belle (Beauty & The Beast obvi) costume and it was off the shoulder, and I always remembered feeling like I looked amazing in my Belle costume, like even at 5 I was into an exposed shoulder. It's just a good look for everyone right?

Loved it for a vacation or to wear this spring. 

I wore it on the first night in Cabo and chose to spice it up with some gold layered jewelry to give it some detail. 

It's from good old Forever 21 of course.

"Rock Forever 21 but just turned thir-tay" will always be the song lyric of my life. 

Yo - in a pinch - Forever 21 for vacations is so on point!

Other amazing Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

Okay I'm off. Reading a new book, You Are A Badass - have you read? I'm really into changing my money mindset right now so reading everything about it. LMK :)

Have the best week! I'll be doing lots of Instastories from Joshua Tree this weekend (it's a trip sponsored by Airbnb ayyyyyy - so follow along!)



Love in a major way: Fringe bags for Summer!

Hello hello! So glad you’re here!

So just in the swing of the week now, and it's MAY GRAY in Los Angeles. A month where it's basically just overcast all the time, and it's weirdly affected me. Just a bit more sluggish and unmotivated than usual, but what can ya do.

It also could be coming off a weekend in AUSTIN with my best friends, and I am exhausted. We had the BEST TIME on Lake Travis, exploring the city and just truly cherishing our time together. More on that later!

But a post on my bag, that I was rocking during the trip. I wrote about fringe and the fringe trend a few months ago, but I mean, I’m glad it’s stuck around! It’s the boho gypsy, long wavy hair undone, babe look that I just adore.

Wearing fringe on your purse or bag is the best way to do it. When you see the movement in the bag on fringe, it’s my favorite. Detail that you can play up or done, or not wear if you don’t want to.

Plus, if you’re doing a plain outfit this is the perfect pick me up.

I got my fringe bag in black suede from a boutique in Vietnam and it rules. I can't link the exact one, since it was from a tiny shop in Hoi Ann and I mean I don't know if they even had a credit card swiper. Plus, it rules, but I'm going to be real that there's cuter ones out there. LOL.

It’s soft, carries just enough and I love the fringe look. I love suede, no matter how impractical it is. In L.A. you can wear ANYTHING and never fear rain, sleet or snow.

There are SO MANY good fringe bags, I just have to pick up another I think!

P.S. Rebecca Minkoff is killing it right now.

Shop the look:

What’s your favorite? Any of these you love? It’s the perfect time to shop a new fringe trend you know?

Again for music festivals you must frolic with your fringe bag! How adorbs for photos!? :) 

Always glad you read! Keep me posted with you! I need to write my Austin weekending post ya know?!