Mid-Century Modern Apartment of my DREAMS (featuring Article)

Guys! So happy you’re here. For a lot of reasons

  1. You’re here, thank you!

  2. You’re healthy enough to read this :).

  3. Because there is an intense happiness that I have right now having a new apartment that is decorated in a way that feels INTENTIONAL and aligned.



6 or so months ago, I was living with Justin in an apartment that I liked, it was fine, but if I am being real it was bringing me down.

I felt like my energy was “too big’ for the space and the decor was outdated and ‘young’. It felt like I was trapped in college still. I had a key ring that said “Stay awhile” which was very corny and basic. 

The space location was great, right by the beach and all of that, but I would die inside when I had to get ready in the tiny bathroom, and every time I would come home and have to wait to see if there was anyone from the street waiting outside the apartment (since it was so close to the beach we had lots of homeless people wandering by our place). 


I kept dreaming of my new space and my new move. I was desperate to find a place where I felt more like an adult. Where I felt proud to invite people over and most importantly where I could host my friends. I always wanted to be a place where people wanted to stay when they came to visit.

So, we found our place after a few months, and after overpaying beyond our budget by a bit, we are moved in and I couldn’t be happier or more proud to live in our space.


Having the new space, I donated most of our old furniture and was SO ready to upgrade our furniture so it aligned more with our style now. Justin calls it “Tree-House Modern” which fits the fact that our space is surrounded by trees on the second floor, with really high vaulted ceilings that make the space feel MASSIVE. 

Finding new furniture when I hadn’t bought new furniture in YEARS was actually a DREAM compared to what I was thinking it would be. Now I pretty much only buy online, and my budget is more than it was years ago when I was unemployed and hating my life. 


One of the important ways I have been able to stick to a style and theme is honestly using Pinterest photos, and having them saved so I can reference frequently when looking at pieces to bring into my home.

You can find my Pinterest boards here for my house style. 

A consistent theme for a lot of the photos I would find were that the furniture was modern, and then there was a mix of fabrics in pillows, blankets and rugs.

There are also lots of plants incorporated which makes the place feel fresh and open. For this I do a mix of fake and real, because this girl doesn’t have time for tons of dead plants.

One of my favorite parts of my apartment, that makes me feel the most ‘adult’ and proud of my life is my table from Article. It’s GORGEOUS. With a thick wood base, glass countertop so you can see the base, and these amazing soft, sturdy wood chairs that fit so perfectly with the table. It’s one of those statement pieces that when you come into the apartment you feel like the place is thoughtful. I would buy it 100x over, and each morning when I have breakfast at the table with Justin, or do work, it makes me smile. 


I also am such a fan of (and so is Justin) our gorgeous navy blue velvet couch. Like I said before about wanting to have guests :) this really makes it possible because it’s a pull out. The bed is SO SOFT, sometimes I want to just crash in it. I was skeptical of having velvet in our apartment at first since we live in California, but it’s been amazing because it’s so comfy, and it makes it always look clean. The material is such a nice contrast to everything else in the home. For this piece, I added a few textured pillows from Target to mix it up and really bring it into the room. 

What I would tell you even if I was talking to you on the street is that Article is SUPER affordable, gorgeous furniture that…wait for it…delivers and assembles your furniture.

That’s right, the delivery staff who have come to deliver and in the case of our table, assemble it have been such sweet thoughtful people who really made the experience amazing. For Justin and I, we aren’t the handiest, so having them put it together makes all the difference!


A few other pieces I love from Article:

Sven Birch Ivory Sofa: Because the color is perfection and I love how modern it is.

Amoeba Coffee Table: This thing is SO affordable at $299, and the shape is really interesting. I am buying it for my living room!

Seno Walnut Sideboard: Yes I also bought myself this because it’s SO perfect. The size, shape and it looks gorgeous in my apartment.

Taiga Oak Queen Bed: I love both finishes in this bed and think it’s really chic to have a simple bed with some more fun bedding/pillows.

Matrix Chair: There were so many gorgeous colors of this chair it actually made me upset to think that I don’t have enough room in my apartment for all the colors. IN LOVE.

Something I am going to buy for our living room this fall is this coffee table, it’s actually on the way! I used the code almost30 for $50 off my order, too. (They also sponsor the podcast - YAY!) 

So excited to share Article with you and some photos from our place! What is your home decor style? Have you heard of Article? 



Thanks for being here! I am working on my full Japan review/guide but in the meantime wanted to share a full review on what I wore in Japan because I really had some LEWKS.

I used Rent the Runway a LOT with this. It’s my favorite and it’s changed my life, making travel easier, events easier, and just keeps my closet fresh without overdoing it with having to buy more!

I also used Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style (you can use code almost30 for $24.99) which helped a lot for travel to have great products on the go.

Stay tuned for more this week!







Keeping it Simple Super Comfortable Day/Night Look:

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Silky Soft Romper

Black Mini-Backpack


How to POSE in photos (the 3 best photos to try to look good in any picture)

Hello hello!

When I was in San Diego for my trip a few weeks ago, I was shooting with Arielle Levy, and she had a real nice compliment :) she was complimenting my posing skills.

Honestly I know how to pose to survive in this game. If I didn't know how to pose, there is no way that I could survive taking so many photos. I don't LOVE taking pictures, it's not my favorite thing to do, but I understand that I have to do it because that's what it takes to be a blogger/podcaster/whatever.

Even if you're not a blogger/podcaster you want to look good in photos right? I think we all do, and nowadays everyone is taking photos and everyone is posting them on the 'gram. It's not vain, but it's about working with what you got and making yourself look as best as you can for a photo. 

I would say that I learned how to pose by seeing 12323253490 bad photos, and having 3 good in that mix. If take photos, study them, what's working, what's not and what do you like or dislike about it. Don't say everything because you so beautiful girl!

So my secret sauce, my favorite 3 poses. 

  1. The LEAN: AH YES. I think this is the secret weapon. Truly. Put the small parts of your body forward. So, for me, I always put my leg out a bit, to make it look longer or I'll lean forward with my arms out so that my body is in the background, and looks smaller. Because you are leaning forward, that appears to be larger, and your body smaller. 


  1. The SQUAT: The Squat is my spirit pose. Truly it is. Gives you a nice curve, and is SASSY as hell. I really love to show off shoes, show off pants, or get down. Make sure your leg is out a bit in front of you, so it elongates your leg. You want to suck in, arch the back and little and keep the arm off your body, to not smash it. 


  1. SIDEWAYZ: For real, turn your body sideways and you'll cut yourself in half. I usually make sure that my arm is really far away from my body, because you don't want to smoosh that thing and make it look huge. Just keep it away, let it breathe and give it space from your armpit. 

Any poses I missed? LET A SISTER KNOW. We're in this together honey's.