Vitamins for beauty, energy and stress + my diet pill disaster

Oh hi! How are you? How are things?

I was realizing the other day when I was taking a fist full of vitamins that I needed to share them with you!

Vitamins, anything to make me feel/look better, I'm in.

I have been taking vitamins for SO long now but really just did a whole lot of research to find some natural/herbal remedies recently that I'm really into.

(Right here I have the OG vitamin - good old HEALTHY EATING!) This juice is from Juice Served Here.

A little backstory, let me tell ya something sad.

In HS and college I would take diet pills, like, hmmmmm, everyday? All the time? Whatever it was, I was into it. Just part of that obsession to be thin and not really understanding the ramifications it had on my body. Some worked, some not, but I mean, it's not sustainable as you know.

It also makes you feel cray cray. Like coffee x100. Diet Pills are the OG of coffee. So hype - ALWAYS.

So a few years ago, I stopped and was like cold turkey, I'm done, etc. etc. but in the meantime, started taking pre-workout, started finding other stimulants to keep myself HYPE.

Long story short they have really messed with my hormones and ability to digest/process sugar, so I had a rude awakening the last year trying to manage it. Definitely had some weight gain, energy issues, and really just a need to reevaluate what I am putting in my body.

Bummer right? I can write a longer post on this whole thing later if you want, let me know!

Also, did anyone else do crazy diet things? Crash diets? Is that just me?

So in my quest for balance, health and overall healthy natural energy I've really found some game changing vitamins!

I wanted to share some of the best I discovered to help prevent aging, enhance your mood, reduce anxiety, lower cortisol, balance your hormones, increase energy, weight loss, all of the good buzz words. 

P.S. not a doctor, k.

Natural Vitamins that are changing the game 


What it does:

Maca helps to balance your mood, improve your skin, increase libido (to keep things spicy!) and is rich in vitamins B, C and E. It has lots of magnesium and amino acids as well. It's also high in phytonutrients and helps to balance hormones naturally. As an adaptogen, it helps the body naturally adapt to enivornmenetal stressors. It's also been said to help women's mood during that lovely time of the month. I think it really balances my mood, and the hormone thing I definitely have noticed a difference with. 

How to take it:

You can take it in a pill form or powder. It's really nice to add to smoothies and beverages. Take between 500 and 1,000 milligram daily. 

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Holy Basil

What it does:

Holy Basil helps you to balance your cortisol levels in the body, and reduce anxiety. (AMEN RIGHT?) It's been shown to assist in adrenal fatigure, hypothyroidism, acne and managing blood sugars. I am a huge fan of it's benefits related to balancing my sometimes out of wack blood sugar.

How to take it:

Orally in a pill, or some people take it in the form of a tea. I do the pill :)

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What it does: DHEA apparently naturally declines with age in the body. So supplementing it, helps to balance hormones, build up the adrenal gland, strengthen the immume system, provide more energy, improve mood and memory and build up bone and muscle strength. At a high level, it's been said to slow down the overall aging process. 

How to take it: Orally in a pill once daily

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What it does: I think this is a really hot vitamin right now in L.A. I keep hearing so much about it! Ashwagandha is an apdogenic herb, that has been said to combat the effects of stress, reduce anxiety and depression, stabilize blood sugar, protect the immune system and overall make you feel happier. 

How to take it: Orally in a pill, or power form you can add to drinks, beverages. I think personally it's more potent in a beverage!

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Astragalus Root

What it does: This adaptogen lowers cortisol levels in the body, acts like an anti-inflamintory and boosts the immune system. Cortisol, being the stress hormone that makes you feel fat, this is a great combat for that.

How to take it: You can take it as a pill or just consume the natural root! 

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I'm also a hug fan of all things HUM Nutrition. I LOVE their packaging, branding and quality.

Some of my favorites are below:

Have you guys tried any of these? Any vitamins that you swear by? I definitely try to get it in from food, but a little supplementing seems to be a great idea to make sure you are getting it all in!

Let me know - I am sure other babes here too would LOVE to know what you take.

All my love,