5 Pantry Products I'm Loving Right Now

Hello hi! 

So glad you're here. How are you? Feeling ready for the holidays? SAME. I am so ready to slow it down and chill out a bit. I want to just chilllllllllllllllllllll a little. Lindsey and I are not recording in December or January at all, working on YouTube stuff, Patreon stuff, and just taking a step back to work on the business part of Almost 30 Podcast. 

It's good to have a few months or time to just clean up, slow down, organize, strategize, reset...I want to do that in all aspects of my life this winter (even though it is absolutely not winter in LA rn, ha).

So for Hundred I'll give it a little facelift, I'll work on travel guides, and then for life, I want to really be more thoughtful about 2018 and what I want to create/where I want to spend my time.

What are you guys doing this winter? Let me know in the comments, always inspired by you!

I wanted to share some pantry products that I am LOVING right now. When I was thinking of things I need to share with you, all of these items are those! 

5 New Pantry Products I am LOVING right now:

Four Sigmatic Brain Stick Pack: This is the best part of my morning right now. For some reason, I really don't like to drink water in the morning, when I know I should, so having this delicious tasting brain stick mixed with water. I feel a bit sharper, happier and it helps to hold me over until breakfast. I throw these in my purse, in my suitcase when I travel and always have them at my desk. Use the code: Almost30 for a discount babes.

Chi Tonic: This makes the BEST latte - ever. It has tons of chi, and gives you a little mood boost. Some of my favorite ingredients in there are:

  • Astragalus, to build Chi and help with your immunity
  • Shizandra, helps to calm and center the mind
  • Dan Gui moves and builds the blood and calms the liver, which can make you feel more calm overall.
  • Cinnamon, which is great for your skin 
  • Licorice, the great harmonizer, helps to balance out your entire body
  • Lychee for happiness - it's said to be a mood booster!
  • Jujube for blood chi and spiritual activation :) something I LOVE. 
  • Rhodiola grown high in the Himalayas this chi builder and blood oxygenator contains serotonin and dopamine activators. So it makes you happy

Silver Fern Fiber Sweetener: I have been hearing mixed reviews on Stevia lately, so I wanted to mix it up and try a better sweetener. I love that this brand is natural, organic, gluten free, vegan, and has fiber in it. Regular sweetners definitely don't do that :). 

Trader Joes Pumpkin Pie Spice: SO GOOD. Love it in oatmeal, lattes, or sprinkled over cookies. When ya want to get your basic on it's the best. 

Moon Juice Green Fermented Seed Crisps & Rainbow Juice Crackers: On any given day, you can find me eating these crisps. They are the most delicious thing, salty, crunchy, light, but filling...GAH. They are raw, full of nutrients, low carb and high protein, plus have zero sugar. I LOVE THEM. The green ones are lighter, really low in calories, only make from fermented items and have a bit of a spicy vibe. The rainbow ones are thicker, have pumpkin seeds and are made from the pulp of Moon Juice. So you get those phytonutrients in there, too. 

moon juice store.png

Alright babes, off to Pure Barre (I have been loving it lately for low impact) have the best holiday! 

Love you!