Interview with Kathlyn Hart: Podcast Host, Life Coach, Website Designer and Overall Amazing Human

Oh hi guys!

I want to introduce you to someone awesome today :) 

Kathlyn Hart of The Big Leap Show. She's a life coach, motivational speaker, podcast host and overall kind, funny, and driven babe that I was thankful to be introduced to about a year ago by my friend David.

I was on her podcast, The Big Leap Show earlier this year, and it was one of my favorite conversations with someone. She's SO FUNNY, she's so open, her questions are amazing  You can listen to that episode if you want, here!

Guys I have to be honest too, Kathlyn's voice is like SMOOTH BUTTA. It's seriously soothing, melodic and just f'ing beautiful. You must hear it! I am slightly in love.

Kathlyn knows all about chasing your dreams, going for what you want, but also being super smart and saavy about it. She's really well connected to TONS of badass ladies through The BLS and I consider her a knowledge center for dreamers and doers in life. 

I also just really like her as a human, and feel excited to see her grow!

So excited to introduce you to her, and make sure to listen to The Big Leap Show Podcast too - it's AMAZE.

Tell us a little about who you are, what you do :) 

My name is Kathlyn Hart but everyone calls me Kat ;)  I'm a motivational life coach, business website consultant and host of The Big Leap Show podcast!


What is The Big Leap Show Podcast? What is the mission?

The Big Leap Show is a weekly podcast where I interview badass women in business about their leap into entrepreneurship. 

So many women are craving the freedom of being their own boss and starting a business of their own. 

Taking the first step and starting though can be overwhelming and scary. 

The Big Leap Show's mission is to get real with boss babes to learn what it took them to take the leap and start a business of their own.

Technically, what does it take to create a podcast? Can you talk about that process? 


The most basic podcast can be done by recording a basic audio file on your computer or phone, and then uploading that file to what's called a "hosting service" that will store your file online.  There are audio specific hosting sites that you will want to use for your podcast because the files can be quite large. 

I use Libsyn ( which I really like. 

Then, to get your audio file into iTunes or any other podcast directory you need to submit your unique "RSS feed URL" which your hosting service provides.  After that boom, you have a podcast.  Every time you upload a new audio file to your hosting provider, iTunes and all of the other directories which you have submitted your RSS link to will automatically detect that you have a new episode.

Now to have a more professional podcast there are number of things you might want to buy or consider using including...

A mic (I use the Audio-Technica ATR2100) - link =

Intro/Outro Music (I bought mine from Audio Jungle) - link =

Audio mixing application (I use Garage Band)

A website (I host mine with BlueHost and create it using Wordpress) - link =

To learn more about starting a podcast feel free to reach out to me!

You interview some pretty badass females. What's been something that has stuck with you recently? 

You know the biggest "ah-ha" is that you you don't need to have a website or even social media to have a business. 

One of the women I interviewed didn't have the greatest website and didn't have any social media accounts. 

Yet her business was easily making over $100k.  For all of us who grew up with the internet we automatically assume if we want to start a business, the first thing we need to do is set up a legit online presence. 

The problem with this is we can get so caught up in LOOKING like we have a business, that we forget to even validate our business idea. 

Don't let the cart get ahead of the horses. Test and validate your business idea first. 

After you know you have a good idea, then you can start setting up your online presence (that is if you feel like it will help you to bring in business).

Is there a theme you've noticed with the guests you've had on?

At one point or another all of them said, "I'm just going to do it."

We can get so caught up trying to perfect our ideas and best prepare for taking the leap. 

At a certain point though, you have to just jump in.  You might fail, and you will definitely fall along the way, but who cares.  You'll learn something with ever step you take, and if in the end taking a leap is a total flop, you'll be better prepared for the next leap!

For other themes you can check out the video I made to celebrate the show's 6 month anniversary which recaps the top 10 tips from guests: 

I love that you are also a life coach. You have managed to take things that you are super talented at, and are uniquely qualified to do, and made it an aspect of your business. Like Wordpress and creating websites for people as an example. I'd love to hear how you made this a business and what it takes to do that. 

My businesses all developed pretty naturally. 

After I quit my job as a software designer I began meeting tons of business owners who knew nothing about websites, email marketing, or social media while backpacking through Asia. 

I love doing all of those things, so when they started offering to pay me to help them I thought, "Why not?!" It meant more money to keep traveling, so I was happy to do it. 

The same thing happened with my coaching practice.  After switching my jobs multiple times, negotiating to double my salary, saving over $16,000 to quit my job and travel and then starting my own website consulting business I've gotten more and more strangers reaching out to me for help. 

In the beginning I did it for free, but overtime I developed it into its own coaching practice.

How did life coaching transition to the podcast, The Big Leap Show?

I've always like podcasts.  In fact when I was saving to quit my job, I would listen to shows on my way to work and back everyday.  The idea for The Big Leap Show came two years after starting my website consulting business.  In those two years I had met tons of fellow female business owners who would secretly share how freaking hard it was for them to start a business (especially when it seems like every other business owner via social media is killing it and "living the life"). 

I realized that nobody really talks about the hard stuff. 

The challenges, the fears, and how to work through them. 

So I created a show I wish I had when I first started.  Real conversations with badass women where we could pull back the curtain and talk about what it really took them to take the big leap to start a business of their own. 

What's one piece of golden advice you give your coaching clients that you could share with readers? 

Tap into your inner wise self and screw the inner critic. Our inner critic keeps us small and safe.  It tells us, "You're not ready, you don't know enough, it's already been done..." Begin tapping into your inner wise self by questioning your automatic beliefs.  Why do you not feel ready?  How could you become more ready?  Who can you ask for support or guidance? 

When you start asking questions and get curious, life gets a whole lot juicier ;)

What are some daily rituals that attribute to your success?

Oh so many I love rituals! 

My top two would have to be coffee and gratitude.  Every morning before getting to work I like to slowly make my coffee. 

This is my "All right let's do this baby" ritual. 

While it's brewing I like to think through what I need to accomplish that day and visualize myself completely all of it effortlessly.  Then every night before going to bed I write out everything I accomplished that day (both big and small) + little "moments of joy."  Moments of joy for me can be everything from catching up with an old friend to making a bomb dinner.  I find that writing my accomplishments plus moments of joy help me to find deep gratitude for the day and my life :)  

A bonus of doing this is on shitty days I can remember not to be so hard on myself by going back to my list and seeing all the progress I've made!

What's been the most exciting moment of 2016 for you?

Getting a dog! 

I work by myself from home, and it can get lonely.  My pup, Mr. Bernadino (or Bernie for short) has brightened my life because he is a total goof ball.  He not only makes me smile whenever I look at him, but he also forces me to actually go outside and see the sun.

What's challenging about what you do? 

Honestly, promoting myself out as a coach.  Like I mentioned my coaching practice came organically, so promoting myself is still uncomfortable.  To get through this, I have to remind myself that it's not about selling my services to people who don't want them, it's about sharing what I do so I can connect with and be in service of women who DO want them. 

Your life mantra is:

If you live each day to the fullest life only gets better

Where can people connect with you further?






Such a badass, right? I love how down to earth, open and SMART this lady is. she is truly DOING IT in all the best ways possible. Living in flow and supporting others along the way. 

Okay, hopefully you loved this, I thought you would! Let me know what ya think, and if you know of any badass babes to interview, let a sister know!

Loving you!



Photos via Kathlyn Hart on Instagram @hustlinhart


The best, quickest way to handle fear (and who doesn't have fear?)

Hi guys! What's up what's up? How are you? Happy to see you again! 

Two weeks ago, I was grateful to be interviewed for the podcast, The Big Leap Show. An AMAZING concept by Kathryn Hart, about taking "The Big Leap" to following your dreams and going beyond what you could have imagined to go for it.

So dope, right? Such a good conversation and I can't wait to share it with you. I think it's launching in April, but we talked a lot about blogging, the vision of Hundred Blog, what scares me, how do I manage fear and what my dreams are.

Heavy shit - which I love obviously. 

When we were talking, a topic that came up, was how I manage and overcome fear.

I'm not perfect, by any stretch, I have my things, and like anyone I'm affected by fear. But I would say (of anything) I have an incredible high tolerance in my life for fear. Fear of failure, or fear of what people will think....doesn't phase me (to an extent). I probably wouldn't have a blog if I really cared about what people think of me (there's lots of room to judge when you put it all out  there!)

If anything, my MAJOR fears lies in the realm of career related to success and living my life to the best of my ability. Or not fulfilling my soul's purpose, aka finding and doing that 'thing' that I am here on this earth at this time in this place, to do.

Fear, as you know, can hinder you from everything you could ever want in your life. Fear sits hand in hand with anxiety and most of the time, the story you are creating around fear actually comes to fruition. What you're scared of RARELY ever happens. 

One of my favorite quotes from Mark Twain, explains fear well.

I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.

Managing fear (from my perspective) is similar to the strengthening of a muscle that you need to consistently work out to strengthen and improve. 

What else has helped me get a better relationship with fear?


Failing many times has also helped me to gain a better relationship with fear. If you fail, you're put in the situation you most feared. You see that you survive - and in the end are better for it. There have been a few recent failures (in the past 2 years) that really hit close to home, but have really aligned me more closely to who I am and what I want to be. (Will probably share what these are at some time in the future). 

I've also improved my relationship to fear by putting myself in situations that have evoked a fear response, on purpose. Going outside your comfort zone. Like when I went to Patagonia for 20 days, with total strangers through a program called NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) to learn survival and outdoors schools being disconnected and camping the entire time. I was scared of many things. To travel alone, to disconnect for that long, to not talk to Justin for 20 days (we had JUST started dating and I honestly thought I was going to come back and have lost touch with him). It was crazy, but worth it.

(Probably doing a full post on that later).

In short, it's failure, knowing you survived (and thrived) what you feared most happened, and then putting yourself outside your comfort zone on a regular basis to gain confidence in your ability to navigate multiple situations.

But, less about me, and more about you.

So, when Kathryn and I were talking I touched on something that I do to regularly manage fear, that's easy and WORKS.

It's a 4 step process, all it takes is a notebook and pen, and really has been huge for me as I work on the blog and a few other things in my life that hit me hard in the fear department.

So here’s what works for me to manage fear:

  1. Write down (in a journal preferably!) what you that fear is, or what you are fearful of. What's stopping you?

  2. Next write down what will happen if that fear comes true. You’ll want to expand upon your fear here and describe in detail what will happen if said fear comes true. Again, be detailed. 

  3. Write down what you will do if that fear comes true. This one’s a big one, it's the actions and steps you will take. After I write down what I will do if my biggest fear happens..a little of the anxiety goes away..because now I’ve got a plan. So this step is super important. Make sure it's detailed and explains step by step what you'd do. 

  4. As the next weeks/months pass, make a mark to note if that fear actually came to fruition. If it does, you'll know what to do, and if it doesn't you can be thankful it did not.

As an example:

So I did this seriously, and wrote about a legit fear (it's very first world) but I am so scared about balancing finances and all the weddings I have next year. I KNOW - but I wanted to do this for real for you guys. 

The fear management tool in action:

  1. I am fearful that I won't be able to afford to go to every wedding, every bachelorette party and everything involved in the weddings for people I love this year. I have 9 weddings Yes, 9 weddings. Everyone that has one, I LOVE. I see them in my life forever, so it's going to be hard to manage that with travel, gifts, parties, etc. 
  2. I am fearful that if my fear comes true I will miss out on the most important days of my friends lives. I'm scared I'll feel left out, and bummed that I'm not a part of their biggest memories. What I'm most scared of is feeling distant from them because of it. 
  3. If my fear comes true and I cannot attend them all, I will either have to prioritize which weddings I can go to, based on location and time. I will have to wear old dresses (I KNOW I KNOW) and the gifts won't be what I would love for them to be. I may have to dip into savings, or move from accounts I don't want to, to attend some of the weddings. I won't be able to spend time with people I love or see them get married. I may have to say no to being with friends because I live so far away and I can't make it work right now. I'll have to tell them in a way that they understand and make a point to shower them with love and support from the west coast. I will plan to go to each wedding, but possibly cut out 2 of the bachelorettes, to make sure I can do what's technically more important. I'll take it month by month, and use airline points for flights, and stay with friends in each city to save on hotel fare. I will make the gifts $75 and under, and always be thinking of weddings when I get an urge to spend. I won't take vacations outside of travel for weddings. 

So I have this written in a journal, and for step 3, I really write out which bachelorettes I won't attend, which weddings I'll go solo to (without Justin) and where I'll stay for each. I'll write out which things I can take care of now, and with points, and be super thorough with tackling the fear. I'll also write, that, if every fear was realized, I won't attend any wedding, bachelorette, or wedding party. That's the full fear realized. I'd be left out, but, even writing that down, I realize that, LIFE GOES ON. Writing out the WORST that could happen - feels good in a weird way. It's like so that's it?

Refreshing, no?

You can get as DEEP as you want to. It's even better :)

I hope this is helpful to thinking realistically about what's happening when fear arises, and how to manage that. Because, we all have fears and we all have our reasons for having them - but it's management of them that allows you to move forward in the best way you can.

What do you guys do to manage or ease fear? Any big fears that you have that you'd share? We're all friends here, ya know?!

P.S. It's day 4 in Vietnam and I AM LOVING IT. Needing to do a full post, but will update soon!

Love you,