Weekending in Silver lake.


This weekend sort of getting back in the groove of L.A. and decided to spend lots of time in Silver Lake, a part of Los Angeles that's super rad. It's like the Brooklyn of L.A. (can I say that?) but it's very unique. Lots of cool stores, vintage shops, a very cool flea, and tons brunch spots (my friend Zach said it's the 'brunch capital of L.A' LOL). There's also Echo Park, which is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city where you can chill and even go pedal boating (which I made Justin do - OBVI). 

So if you're in L.A. I would highlyyyyyy recommend going to Silver Lake for a day or so. It's a gem, and if I didn't love da beach so much I would probably buy tons of stuff from Urban Outfitters and move there. 

// Things to do // 


// Places to eat //

  • For vegan fare: Fiore is a hipster haven with awesome dishes like the Tempeh Tu-no Salad.
  • Forage: A restaurant that sources all of its ingredients locally, and has tons of healthy filling options. The menu literally changes daily. 
  • Naturewell: A health food and juicery that's BOMB. Coconut kale smoothie. Like I know i'm such a white girl but it ruled. 
  • Bar Stella: Very hip spot right on Sunset, apparently gets live at night, but was great during the day to chill. 
  • Hyperion Public: V romantic place which everyone can find something to eat. 
  • Barbix: One of my favorite meals in L.A. Roasted cauliflower, and butternut squash salad were so right. 
  • Millie's Cafe: This place was poppin' off. There were so many people there! The menu is huge and you can find basically anything you want. Acai bowls, etc. 

// Places to shop // 

  • Mohawk General Store: Probably the most known in the area, a vintage shop for both men and women.
  • Painted Bird: My favorite in the area. Lots of good women's stuff here. 
  • Clover: I love the brands they carry here, a bit pricey but good when you want something nice. 
  • Undefeated: For men's clothing
  • Clare V: Sassy, homemade looking stuff. 
  • Dream Collective: Such a beautiful store inside, v expensive sunglasses and accessories. Swoon worthy.
  • En Soie: A kitchy-type store with lots of random things. 

Also did some Vice watching with friends on a lazy ass Sunday and I have so many thoughts. It's SUCH A GOOD SHOW. But really makes you think about a lot of things. Highly recommend. 

Okay, do you guys have any other recommendations for spots to visit in Cali? I want to make sure I cover everywhere that's cool. Let me know! 

Hope you had such a good weekend.

Chat soon, xo