FISHNETS + transforming from low vibe to high vibe (tantric)

The last time I wore fishnets before this year, was Halloween.

YUP - Slutty Halloween costumes from back in the DAY required fishnets.

For some reason they've gotten a bad rap, but I am SO GLAD they are back. SO glad. It's very Rhianna, very street, and subtle sexy.

I love them under a miniskirt, or under your ripped jeans just a little peak-a-boo moment with a sexy detail.

All about a good detail. 

So, I had to share my favorite new thing, accessory, fishnets with ya. 

Along with my new favorite WORD right now.

I think for each month or year, you need a word to represent it.

Last year, for me, was 'golden'. 

YUP. It may not mean something to you, but it means something to me - when I hear it, I think about being a bright-ass shining light for all to see. 

So, this year I didn't have my word until the Almost 30 Podcast episode with Jenna Zoe (The Human Design Reader). Firstly, she BLEW MY MIND. Human Design Reading is new, and basically tells you information about yourself so you're better able operate in the world.

(That's the serious cliffs notes version).

But, she said I have a very tantric quality.


Tantric as in, I can change situations from low vibration to high vibration.



So, going into EVERY situation thinking about shifting the energy so it feels better for everyone. It's better conversation, better outcome, more purpose...


Jeans to wear with fishnets:

Skirts to wear with fishnets:

Also just a little side note, I feel like I haven't been sharing as much deep stuff with you lately, but that's just because I've been traveling a lot the past month. Will be back to more inspiration, etc. soon.

You da best,





Been doing some traveling lately! 

I just got back from a few days in San Francisco and then the weekend in NYC. Was fun to do each coast, and I LOVE staying on the move. 

Shoutout to my boo Jacqui for being the host of the century. Going around China Town with me and our iPhone flashlights to search for my wallet I lost.

Only to have my wallet found on the floor of her bedroom the next day. 

Oh, and then I went to work in Midtown and was planning to leave for the airport straight after for my flight. 

But, I forgot the wallet I had 'lost' at my friends apartment. SIGH. 

I'm SERIOUSLY special. 


So sharing below what I did, what I ate (plus some bars and other bites in between!) and what I was wearing during one of my favorite shoots ever.

As far as the feels back in NYC - it was nice! I LOVED being with my people, hanging with Jacqui is like - the best and easiest thing. Friends that GET IT. I was, though, happy to be living in L.A. where the water is a bit warmer and the beach is in my backyard. 


Yoga at Y7 Soho, Lunch at By CHLOE Soho (I ate the Detox Kale Salad) 

After lunch Matcha from Cha Cha Matcha (I get the Chai Matcha and the Coconut Matcha!) Matcha is higher in antioxidants than tea and way better for you than coffee. New favorite. 

Walked around Lower East Side Admiring the Street Art :) There is such good art in the city right now, it was LOVELY! 

Dinner at NIX Vegan spot that's really good for groups! I had the spreads (lots of hummus, guac and other amazing things to dip breads in!) 

Out at The House of YES - This place is CRAZY yo. So FUN and different. Everyone was in costume, pretty much,


SoulCycle at 10:45 in NoHo with Karyn - she's one of my favorites. SUPER hard and super fun.

Lunch at By CHLOE: I got the vegan caesar salad with the almond butter toast (balance) 

Shopped at Zara (shooting that stuff next weekend they had SUCH GOOD STUFF) 

Shoot with Lydia Hudgens (She is GREAT. Bloggers shoot with her if you're in NYC!) 

Drinks at While We Were Young - super cute spot that is perfect for the gram. Check out my photo here.

SOHN Concert: Honestly my new favorite music ever. SUCH GOOD JAMS. Highly recommend, you can listen to them here

Drinks at William Vale in Brooklyn. The BEST views of NYC for sure. It's perfect vibes. Lounge, space, good view, chill, couches, good music. YAS.

The Meatball Shop (late night!) oh YES. I get their kitchen sink (lots of veggies) with veggie meatballs (these are not vegan though babes - so this trip I didn't get them).


Workout at ModelFit- it's a dance studio, which is really fun to mix it up every once in a while. I would recommend trying and doing their dance cardio or sculpt classes!  

Juice at Juice Press: My favorite is the Mother Earth Greens and the cinnabun (buckwheat cinnamon roll - SO GOOD!)

Breakfast at Dudley's - THE BEST. Such a cute vibe, I got their salad, added Avocado. It's in LES and is good for vegans or non-vegans alike. 

Brunch at Hotel Chantelle - I got their salad, and a side avocado, good food and a great vibe upstairs for sure. 

Shoot with Asher Gardner - THE BEST. So fun, and so real, I got my favorite shots I've had in so long with her. She works for GoLiveHQ (the company that did my website, which you can find that post here).

Dinner with friends at V-Spot Vegan in Union Square


Mile High Run Club 28 Dash - SUCH a good workout. I never run on the treadmill so this was actually a treat to do. 28 minutes of intervals and it FLEW by. Highly recommend. 

Lunch at Organic Avenue - I get their macrobiotic sushi, a green smoothie and big kale salad

Flight back to LA :) 

My favorite all black vibes look from this weekend:

First, I am ALL ABOUT the high-waisted denim and the belt. Ladies, get yourself a belt. They do wonders for your waist and give you a SHAPE. This was my friends vintage belt, and I am in LOVE with it. 

Denim is Topshop and it's SUPER stretchy and comfortable, the black is just right and I felt like I could wear it all day because it's so soft.

Top is Forever 21 with the Rose and I LOVE the detail, it's super soft, fits just right and is good for weekends or work.

OTK Boots are Target baby. I wrote about them here, and am in LOVE.

Photography by Asher Gardner (BEST person to shoot with in NYC I SWEAR. Love her!)

What are your favorite spots in NYC? Things to do? This trip was very chill, relatively speaking, lots of hanging and little touristy stuff - oops!

Loving ya, have the best Thursday!