Oh, hello!!!

Happy Holidays, friends! How was everything? Good to be with family? Sometimes it gets a little hectic at home for me, so it was a mix of highs and lows. But overall, I'm so happy to be back in Cali and taking a trip with Justin this week. 

But, guys! Today I am over the moon right now to share the new site with you!

The Hundred Blog 2.0 baby.

Moving into 2017 looking FLY.

I have been wanting to redesign Hundred for a while now. I didn’t hate it before, by any stretch, just knew that it could be better. I wanted it to have more functionality for you guys. Like, the ability to listen to playlists much easier, and to use the travel guides when you go places. I also just thought that it wasn’t ME.


So, I was thinking how to switch how to make an upgrade and I just knew I needed to hire help!

Although I am crafty with making websites, I’ve made The Almost 30 Podcast website, Lindsey Simcik’s website, the Let’s Travel Morocco website

I don't know much design, or Photoshop.

Are you guys good at that? Can you teach me? I need to get way better at Photoshop!

I went with the coolest babes at Go Live HQ, because they’re making the DOPEST websites around pretty much. Margo & Me, Mariana Hewitt, Brooklyn Blonde….to name a few!

Some of the rad features on the new site:

  • The Travel Guides Page: IS SO MUCH BETTER. I am now organizing them on a larger scale, so as an example I’ll have California, and within that, I’ll have San Francisco, Santa Monica, Venice…I am going to work on building those out much more so that I can add places like Patagonia, Germany, France, Austria, Colorado, even OHIO! LOL. Travel is my absolute jam, its where I feel most like myself so this will be a big focus for the blog. Also, how cute are the little squares? Love them!
  • Music: On my side bar, you can listen to my favorite playlists and jams SO MUCH easier. I am such a fan of music, making mixes and I wanted this to be much easier to access than how it was before (as its own blog).
  • Popular posts: I know can share the most relevant and trending posts on the main page, as well on the side bar. I was always looking for a way to showcase older content, and this is it.
  • Contact page: SO, FRESH AND SO CLEAN, RIGHT?
  • Mission and motto: There’s now a clarity around what The Hundred Blog is!
  • Color scheme: I finally have one, I LOVE the pink with the turquoise and vibe with how clean, but beach-y the vibe is.
  • New Logo: What what! There she is!


This whole process helped me to feel re-inspired, and excited about sharing quality real content with you. I feel lucky that I have a place where I can be myself and share parts of my life with ya.

Looking forward to kicking ass this year, right? I mean 2016 was a bit of a challenge. There were definite highs and definite lows. For me, I’m thankful that in the latter part of the year I found my groove with The Almost 30 Podcast, my new job, and this new site.

Some of my design inspiration pins from Pinterest:

Um BTW, let's ollow each other on Pinterest! I am going to write a full post on getting the most from Pinterest this month. It's something that really helps with site traffic and also just life inspiration, ya know? 

As a last piece, I wanted to get some feedback from you!

It's anonymous :) but I really want to make sure that I'm writing about topics you want to read about.

What do you love for me to write?

Posts on blogging, fitness, nutrition, travel, spirituality, fashion, beauty, or hair?

Let me know so I can cater what I do to you!

Okay, off to make some final touches on this bad boy, and finish working on The Hundred Blog app updates! That'll be launching next week!

MAJAH thanks to the Go Live HQ babes for their patience, vision, honesty, creativity, kindness through the process. Ash was there for me through all my brainstorming and visioning, and Katelyn, my designer stuck with me when I sent over lists of 20 questions :). YOU DA BEST. 



P.S. Questions on redoing your site, let me know. Happy to help!