5 Things To Do in CABO (featuring my stay at The Pedregal Resort)

Thanks to The Pedregal Resort for Sponsoring this Post!

Oh man this was a GOOD WEEKEND. 

Have you guys been to Cabo? First timer, y’all. 

I mean ever since Laguna Beach (Kristen Cavallari dancing on the table and Stephen being LIVID mad, them fighting all night in the streets of Cabo…. EVERYTHING)

I was sooooo excited to go! 

My first bachelorette of 2017 for one of my best friends, Gemma. 6 of us, in a villa in Cabo San Lucas, it was PARADISE.

Highly recommend, so sharing my top 5 things to do in Cabo.

1). The Resort at Pedregal: First things first. Let's talk about The Pedregal Resort. 

This place is vibes. Serious vibes. It’s desert, stunning, in the hills of Cabo, and absolutely breathtaking. There’s amazing infinity pools, delicious food and the staff are super helpful. In each room, you have your own pool and beach area. 

The Pedregal is literally CARVED into a cliff on 24 mountainside showcasing seriously pristine oceanfront acres.

Here, you can truly immerse yourself in a truly unique and exclusive experience, because when you arrive, you enter through a private tunnel, which leads to the end, a gorgeous paradise by the ocean. The resort features a collection of residential style casitas with the luxury of personal concierge services, private plunge pools, rainforest showers and a host of modern amenities.

The staff here is top notch, the meals are AMAZING, each room has everything you need, and you're truly LIVING. It's not to be missed.

All of my photos here are from the resort, and I would highly recommend that if you go, enjoying their dining as well. Each breakfast, dinner and even snack in the room was delicious. They are masters at the attention to detail, and truly care about each guest.

You can reserve directly through their site, here.

2). Flora Farms: As good as it seems/looks/people say. A farm-to-table organic and easy-to-find-meals-for-vegans, spot it was adorable. It’s an actual farm, with produce you can buy, a pond, small shops, an ice cream truck…I got a really nice cucumber chilled soup, raw vegetable salad and piece of their pizza (no cheese thanks!). Plus their drinks are heaven.

3). Boat trip to the Arches: This was one of my favorite parts of the trip, we took a 4 hour boat trip around the coast and it was the BEST. The water is a crazy color blue, the surrounding area is such a stunning neutral color, and the arches are a must see. For the day, we did matching bathing suits (Gemma just happened to wear tan too! As a surprise for her). You can pick up a boat the marina and ours was super clutch because it had a covering so we weren’t in the sun all day. #SPFqueens

4). Dinner at Ediths: Super cute, super cabo, this decor is really adorable. It has string lights and lanterns everywhere, plus a colorful fiesta feel. 

5). Rent a villa in Pedregal: We had the most gorgeous villa during our stay. In the hills of Pedregal, you can find so many MANSIONS with pools, huge patios, decks, staff to cook your meals, and everything. There are mansions that fit up to 30 people, or for us, perfect for 6. 

Anything I missed? Have you been? What else can we share with any babes who are looking to go?

Okay off to unpack and chill before bed, I loves you.



The last from Vietnam, highs and lows + a photo diary

Greetings, friends!

What is up? Looking forward to sharing a last Vietnam post (I've also written about it here and here with you (with some DOPE pictures that I’m proud to have taken on my camera!) I’ll also be doing a guide for Vietnam, and posting it under Travel Guides, so be on the lookout for that.

I have to say, that will be a huge time suck, because I want to give you EVERYTHING you need if you wanted to do time in Vietnam. It’s a tricky country with a lot of things that I learned so these tips will be super helpful.

Also P.S. I just finished the Morocco travel guide, which is really thorough, so that will be up on travel guides for you to see by Friday. Super accurate, thorough and tested, if you want to go to Morocco anytime soon, just email me and we can talk about any questions or anything like that.

I think a highs and lows is the best way to summarize the last few weeks.

(I also made the tour group that we were with do a highs and lows at the last dinner, HA. All sixteen of us going through highs and lows over spring rolls and fried rice LOL).


The people

I don’t know how to begin with how kind the Vietnamese people are. EVERY SINGLE kid under the age of 13 was cutely yelling ‘hello’ (in English) when we passed by and basically every person I interacted with had a smile on their face.  There is such a focus on family and a prioritization of the family unit, it was quite a contrast to my family, and the American family really. Families who are super independent and like mine, living all over the country. We leave when we’re 18, they stay at home when they get married, and even when they have kids. I think about half of my snaps were of the kids waving and saying hi, being cute as shit.

Being in the flow

Nothing like traveling to get you in the flow. Being in the flow is the state of being completely present and in the moment. Not thinking about what emails you need to respond to, about what you’re doing later that day. It’s the full focus on the person/place/thing where you are. It’s truly one of the best feelings there is. You’re also in the flow when you’re doing something creative, that you’re truly passionate about.


Being disconnected

This was sort of sad, but also I can attribute to the good things happening in my life that I want to stay up on. I felt super behind with blogging, emails, life stuff and friends and really just kept up to post via social media. It’s super fun to share, but my perspective of things changes when I’m in the social media ‘zone’. If I am, then I will see things through the lenses of social media rather than as they are. Like, this is a beautiful Instagram or funny snap, vs. taking it as it is in the moment. But I was inspired that I WANTED to be blogging or sharing my experiences rather than just glad that I was away from the world I am trying to create for myself at home.

Anyone else feel me here?

The food (at times)

I know that traveling vegetarian is a bit harder, you have to tell people you’re with and make them aware of it, and just keep food on you like nuts and bars. Vietnamese food, like most, is based a lot on meat/seafood, so there was a lot that I wasn’t about to try or eat. Although everyone was super accommodating (Buddhists eat vegetarian all the time and the majority of the culture are Buddhists), you can only eat so much tofu dishes. Huge fan of our food in America, to be honest, we are spoiled with options and healthy choices.

Recap of the places we visited

Hanoi: Oldest city in Northern Vietnam, super populous and full of history. Not exactly my favorite place in Vietnam, but worth spending a few days. Like Bangkok in Thailand, or say, Times Square in New York City. Can be too much at a point.

Ha Long Bay: Insanely gorgeous, and when you see Vietnam photos you probably see this one. Ominous islands inside a bay full of jungle animals and overnight yachts. A must see.

Hue: Love Hue (pronounced whey) it’s a tiny village, that’s super welcoming and has lots of interesting things to see.

Hoi Ann: A beach town that’s growing pretty rapidly and has a lot of architecture that’s French/American. Lots to do here and I LOVED the city. Tourists and shopping felt super comfortable.

Da Nang: Another good one, super close to Hoi Ann on the beach.

Ho Chi Min City (previously known as Saigon): Most populous city in Vietnam, it’s south and gets pretty hot at all times. There’s everything you need in a big city here, every type of food, clubs, shopping and things to do. Lots of traffic, too.

Again, I’ll write a full guide soon, but it was truly an incredible and life changing trip. It was one of those where I’m back in L.A. like, what just happened? Where am I? 

Over two weeks is truly an optimal trip time, ha. It’s like when you’re at the point when you’re done with a place and ready to be back home.

Vietnam, I love you for the beaches, people, places and things, but L.A. I’m so glad to be back.

Do you guys have any good trips planned? Have you been on a vacation where you’re feeling so content with it, that you were ready to get back to life?

Also let me know if you have questions, etc. Looking forward to chatting with you more this week.



5 ways to lose weight on vacay: Vietnam Update 2!

Hi guys!

What is up? How's the week? I feel like it's flying by, and I have like 10 more days in Vietnam! Crazy, and I'm having such a good time snapping (@hundredblog) and sharing with you! 

So I was thinking this week about how, very weirdly, when I go on vacation, I almost always lose a little weight. 

I’ve had my eye on it for a while now through various vacations and trips and its sort of a weird thing that I look forward to when I travel.

You guys remember when Carrie Bradshaw was broke as shit, and she’s like, I got a Vogue Magazine, I just felt like it fed me more.

Sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more.
— Sex and the City

I feel like travel, just feeds me.


(Just dropped a Sex and the City reference, SOS!) 

But anyway, I don't do it intentionally, but it's just the living in the moment, extra moving, trying new things, eating when I'm actually hungry...that seems to just shake a bit away. 

There have definitely been those trips where I've packed it on (I mean I broke my foot abroad in Luxembourg, and let's just say the cheeks were on FLEEK I was so chubby) but now, with eating local, not drinking and more moving, I have found a rhythm to maintain or lose when I travel. 

Here in Vietnam is no different. Food is crazy good, super fresh and so many vegetables, eating vegetarian is easy. Vegan is a bit harder as I don't know all ingredients, but I am trying to just go with the flow and not be so hard on it. We've been biking about 40 miles a day, and I have been walking EVERYWHERE. I just feel like I'm less focused on food in a new environment then at home I'm like at my desk like, spooning peanut butter. 

So, how to lose or maintain (that's good too, right? HA) weight on vacay.

Be in the moment

Probably the most important here, is being in the moment. When I am truly in the flow, I listen to my body way more than when I am sitting at my computer at work and someone says there’s cupcakes in the kitchen. When you’re bored, and when I’m bored, it’s SNACK TIME. But on vacation being so busy getting from A to B, seeing all the sights and just truly learning and experiencing another places, keeps you in the flow and not eating out of habit or just being bored. I actually skipped dinner last night (shocking, truly) because I was enjoying conversation and the environment so much, I checked in with my body (for the first time ever) and realized I was still full from our 7 course lunch. Also, there wasn’t shit for me to eat, but still. It felt good to really just be in tune with what was going on not just autopilot eating because it’s time to.

Eat REAL food

I’m the queen of not real food. Protein bars, juices, smoothies, protein shakes, random shit all the time. I just love snacking and so those type of foods make for most my diet but not real food. When you’re on vacation you’re having real meals, with real food most of the time. For breakfast here, there’s an incredible buffet with fruit options, oatmeal, vegetables, just everything. So you’re getting real food calories that fill you up for so much of the day. It’s those type of calories that give you good energy that lasts. Here in Vietnam, they have peanut butter and I am SO happy.  But also, in other countries outside of the United States, they don’t use preservatives, and hydrogenated oils like we do. It’s not as intensely sweet or salty and there’s just less ingredients and there’s an easily traced trail to the source. Making it better and more whole.

Walk everywhere

Fitbitters unite, keeping your steps up and walking everywhere is truly part of the experience and so important for me on vacations. I think it’s in my blood since my parents are like psychopath vacationers with activities planned from 8 AM until 8 PM at night. (When my mom came to L.A. she had us back to back like there wasn’t such a thing as traffic – LOL). So that keeps you moving and burning calories all day long.

Weigh your options

I think this applies to anyone who is even remotely health conscious, that your options are limited overseas, or even on vacation in general. If you’re on vacation, you never know what you’re going to have, and if there’s things like fried fish, or here like sticky rice, you’re not going to eat it. Today at lunch, they were trying to make it American and had French fries (cold ones) and then fried fish and cabbage. I mean my actual hell. So, having limited options and having to be picky about what you’re eating (too taking into consideration how clean places are) helps to cut back on the amount that you actually eat. For me it’s like a diet but not by my will.

Let yourself relax, and be happy

The best sort of way to lose weight or feel good is being stress free and happy. When I’m on vacation I am truly most of those things, because I love seeing the world. Traveling makes you more grateful and compassionate, period. 

Oh yes, super key here is that I don’t drink. So, there’s that. I mean I’ll have a glass of wine here and there but I don’t ever drink to get drunk on vacation. So calories via alcohol don’t really count. If I’m somewhere with Justin or friends, I’ll definitely have alcohol, but I’m not a drinker.

I’ve noticed already that I feel a bit lighter, and weirdly I probably won’t workout for a while so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted through the next weeks and will definitely be weighing myself throughout if I can. Vacation is the new diet, ya know?

I know this may seem super far fetched, and for vacations where your beach bound in Mexico and I’m face planting in guac, it may not apply but international travel this is 100.

Do you guys have any tips or things you do to prep for vacations? Anything you notice about your health or weight when you’re away? I would love to know some of your secrets!

Okay need to get to bed (15 hours ahead of L.A. time here) which is CRAZY. This jet lag is the real deal and I am dead tired at 7 PM.

Okay off to a flight to Ho Chi Min City (Saigon!) super excited to spend about a week here! Will write a birthday update soon :) 

Love ya,


Where I stayed in Hoi Ann:

Boutique Hotel, Hoi An (on the beach and so gorgeous)