VIDEO: My Morning Routine (for optimum mind, body and GUT health) with Silver Fern Brand

Hello YOU!

Thanks for being here, I know you’ve got a lot of places to go and things to read, so thanks. Means a lot!

Super excited to share my morning ritual with you.


I have been really patient about having a morning ritual that’s respect of your mind, body and soul for the past year, I truly believe in cultivating your own. Of course making it your own is KEY, so finding that ritual that is all your own, that respects and honors your body, mind and soul is really important.

If anyone knows me, they know I go to bed around 9:00 – 9:30 PM and swear by at least 8 hours of sleep. I wake up around 5:30 or 6, and most days I don’t feel tired or groggy in the morning. If I do, I’d say 90% of the time I suck it up and feel so glad to be awake that going back to sleep after the alarm doesn’t happen.

My phone stays in the other room, first thing, and I don’t touch it after 9:00 PM. That’s the one boundary I’ve been able to keep as it relates to my phone and I swear by it.

Once I’m up, I’ll oil pull (you can read my post on that here) scrape my tongue and drink hot tea. I wrote a post about those three practices in a post here that really helps to wake your body up in a holistic way. After that, I’ll take my probiotics, from SilverFern. A brand I have been using for the past 5-6 months, and really love how they make my stomach feel. Being conscious about the gut, it’s bacteria and the impact my gut health has on my mental state has really been eye opening for me. It helps to keep clarity of my thoughts and keep all my sugar cravings in check.

You can read more about my love for them here, and check out my probiotic I swear by here.

We also had Charity Lighten on The Almost 30 Podcast, which was AMAZING. She is their resident nutritionist and you can hear that episode here.

After I take my probiotics (yes I take them on an empty stomach – I feel like it helps – it’s the only vitamin I’ll take on an empty stomach but if it doesn’t work for you, do it with food).


After that, a workout happens, 100%. Right now I am training for a half marathon, and really loving barre. But when I can I’ll get out in Venice to do some HIIT and stretching on the beach.

Meditation, which happens before I start my workday. I need it to really clear my head, and to get myself focused for whatever I have going on. Sometimes I’ll sage myself (as show in the video) if I am feeling low or like I need to remove some negative energy from my field.


All in all, it takes around 2 hours, but if I walk or run to my workout class (which is 2 miles away) it can take 2 ½ hours. If I want to do this in a pinch, I can take just an hour from beginning to end.

A by product of my hormone journey, healing myself naturally, was also using tools like Silver Fern brand to heal my gut naturally, meditation to heal my mind and working out in a different way to heal my body.

So excited to share with you this video, and to share again a key component of my morning ritual, my favorite probiotic!


Would love to know your morning ritual. Anything you swear by?



*Thanks to Silver Fern Brand for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

VIDEO: My favorite holiday gifts to give the ones I love (for under $75) with Minnetonka

Hello lovelies!

How are ya? Happy HOLIDAYS. I want this month to slowwwww down. Truly! We need to cherish this time of cheer and love and shopping...hehe.

Make sure to pace yourself, drink lots of water and take time to chill. For shopping though, I got you COVERED. Sharing the best gifts, when you're on a budget.

First though, I need to say that so often times people ask, "Do you actually use the products you talk about on your blog". 

Well, yes 100x yes. 


But with this collab, it's REAL SPECIAL. Firstly, because I am wearing my Minnetonka Slippers right this second with a big sweater, hair in a bun, no makeup and with Justin's gym shorts on. It's my happy place.  

My feet are so happy, warm, cozy, SAFE. I mean the second i walk in the door, it's bra off, Minnetonka's ON.

Just ask Justin. He even said he LOVES moccasins the other day :). Well good thing because that's what he'll be getting for Christmas y'all. 

I was first introduced to Minnetonka in college, when I saw one of my now besties, Gemma wearing her moccasins and leggings to class. Ever since then, I've had a pair of the Kilty Hardsole, and worn them around the house, to and from class (in college) and now to workout classes. Plus anytime I want to mix up my booties during cozy fall and wintertime. 

I always feel like when the holidays come around I draw a blank with creative ideas for gifts for the family. I want to give them something unexpected, that they'll use - that's also unique to me. 


Does that make sense?

Meaning that I want the gift to be something they love but also that only I can think of for them, utilizing my unique perspective.

So being able to give them each a pair of moccasins is going to be AMAZING. Plus considering the fact that each of them are between $40 - $75?

I mean, DONE.

I've had my OG Minnetonka's for at least 3 years now, and they are still kicking! They don't smell (ha), the bottoms are practically perfect. They've survived 3 cities and 2 moves. 

In this video I am sharing the my three NEW favorite pairs of Minnetonka, and a few ways to style them to give you some inspo. It's quick, it's fun and the music is good (royalty free, of course!) 

In each outfit, I am wearing with a my favorite cozy sweaters, different pant styles or leggings, and with each they all create very different vibes which I love. All still cute none the less. There is nothing that completes the look like these shoes if you're going for seasonal style.


What I'm wearing on my little feetsies in this post and video:

Kilty Hardsole in Black

Cally in Cinnamon

Thunderbird Softsole in Black


Which I am giving to my family this year:

Justin will be getting the Sheepskin Softsole Mocs in Tan ($67.95 - perrrrfect).

My mom will be getting the Cally Slippers in Stone ($39.95, I mean come ON). 

My mom will love these to wear around the house, her feet are always cold, and she needs a pair to rock with all the athleisure that she rocks, HA.

My sister will be getting the Margot Bootie in Taupe (on sale for $59.96)

These guys are SO CUTE! I LOVE the bit of a heel, with jeans, shorts, dresses, I mean...trying to get a pair for myself RN actually...

I am also going to get two pairs for Justin's parents :). I just asked him the sizes, and his mom (who we call Mo) will get the Chesney in Cinnamon - perfect for just slipping on - $39.95 - and they seem so expensive).

His dad, who we call Po will get the Double Bottom Fleece in Brown ($49.95!) 

Besides that, for Christmas I'll give my friends some gifts like journals, notes and small things...Justin is getting something else, but other than that I am done! :) I keep it easy. and simple and it feels SO GOOD to be done for everyone, to give them something they will love all for under $350 total. 



Will keep you posted on the reaction from the fam this holiday. It's so exciting!

Let me know how you'd style your Minnetonka's too, would love to get some inspo from ya!



*This post is done in partnership with Minnetonka - all opinions are my own. 

VIDEO: My Beauty Secrets (featuring HUM Nutrition)

Babes you know I love me some HUM Nutrition. 

If you listen to the Almost 30 Podcast, you know we're big fans, promoting them on the daily (along with our Almost30 discount code for 20% off). But for real, people DM me, message me, whatever, and ask if their products work. 

They do.

They're clean, vegan, and work.

OKAY SO, not about that, but about the video I did with them for their YouTube Channel on my beauty secrets (especially being in my late 20's). 

In this I talk about:

My favorite beauty products

Why I feel like I have to try harder as I get older (HA)

My current workout routine

My HUM Favorites:

Collagen Love

Flatter Me

Daily Cleanse

Red Carpet

Raw Beauty Greens Superfood Powder

BUT THE GREENS THO. I have this as a treat after lunch (I know it sounds lame to have greens as a treat, but this shit taste like chocolate milk for REAL I LOVE THE MINT CHIP. It has probiotics, fiber, greens...all of the things. SO good.)

(Oh yes and I've tried them all and love them) 

ALSO: Use the code Almost30 for 20% off - yasssss. 

Also this post isn't paid just written out of love. I'm trying to do more video, and create more content that way, so what do you thinkkkk. I want you to see more of me, my personality etc. Sort of like what I do with the podcast - you get the real me.

Okay, questions on things? Also, what are your beauty secrets as you age?