VIDEO! I got my food delivered for a MONTH (review and is it worth it?)

Greetings babes!

Sharing from BALI this week, but I had to get a post up for ya! I'll be sharing updates on that trip soon. 

But I had to write about this because, for a while I have been thinking about getting food delivery. 

Like, food straight to my door. Healthy meals that I can eat through the week, that I don't need to think about. 

For me, I've said it before, I just don't cook. I don't enjoy it, and I don't find it relaxing, and I'm always too hungry to wait for it to cook, and just find that other people make food SO much better than I do. 

Like I could never make a delicious bowl that I get from Cafe Gratitude. Who has nori on deck at their house? (Not me!)

Sigh. Maybe someday when I have a baller kitchen!

So always having to think about what to eat, what to make, when to get it, and then on top of that thinking that it needs to be healthy, vegan and fairly affordable.



I will use any trick I can to make things streamlined. I am so busy (I know, I know, it's an epidemic and we are ALL so busy) but if i can make anything easier, and healthier for me, it's a win-win.

So I decided to check out which is based in SF. and promises vegan meal delivery at $138 a week.

If you didn't know I was vegan, I wrote about it here.

What's included in your delivery:

3 Breakfasts

3 Lunches

3 Dinners

3 Large juices

These are all fully prepared packaged meals.

You can also add a snack, a small juice, a latte, and cold brew coffee.

The whole sha-bang!

They have a vegan menu and an animal protein menu.

The vegan one is a bit cheaper, and honestly is SO filling. 

Some example menu items:

Tantalizing Thai Curry Tofu Scramble

Mango, Roasted Cauliflower and Curried Chickpea Bowl

Summer Heatwave Salad

Coconut Chia Seed Pudding

Green Broccoli Bowl w/ Creamy Avocado Dressing

Full review is on the video above! Let me know if you have any questions below, and I'll be happy to answer them!

Guys I also have to honestly say, with Thistle, my orders got messed up, a whole BUNCH of times. I would say about 60% of my orders either got delivered to the wrong place, or were wrong....I think they are just starting and getting things going. They were always super on top of helping me out and rectifying the situation, I got credits and everything but I need to be transparent about it!

I would still recommend it, but also explore other options and places, I think I really enjoyed the overall experience of food delivery in general. 

Have you guys tried any food deliveries? Or how do you cook each week and prepare delicious meals? Let me know! Would love to chat about this with you!

Have the best week!


BADASS Brows: My first tutorial (!) tips and products you need ASAP

Hi there!

So this one - this feels TOO REAL.

I am trying to listen to where the 'market' is going with video. To dive into the realm of video and try a little tutorial out. 

I now feeling like on snapchat that I am expressing myself more and more, so that's help me get more comfortable.

Keep in mind how basic this video is, and how there is no true editing quality or like, music background, transitions etc. I want to try this out! I did one take, HA. Because that's how I roll.

This post is all about BROWS.

Why they matter, how to get gorgeous ones, and the products you need to create them!

Because truly, brows are created!

Another optical illusion us ladies have in our arsenal to make us more attractive. Like highlighters, bronzer, Spanx....

Having a full, defined brow has really changed my look in a major way. It looks natural, yet brings such life to your face! 

It looks really beach-y, earthy and fits my face so much better than a thin brow. I have big features. Big eyes, big nose, big lips, so I basically have to have big BADASS BROWS.

Brows seem so simple, but oh they can do SO MUCH to your look and face.

They frame your features, they can add dimension and shape, and even make you look more awake.

Here I share the products I use, which I am truly obsessed with. I've tried so many things and really think that I'm getting closer to mastering the brow.

What I use stays on, it gives the perfect color, and I can 'build' my brows to be as thick as I'd like. If I'm going out in the day, I'll keep it simple and just fill them in a bit, but for a night look with more makeup I will really darken them with more of this MAC pro-sculpting cream.

I know there are SO many ways to do your brows, with tinting, brow gel, or pencil, but this one lasts, washes off, and is super easy to do! 

I'll also share a few other products I love to use, when I am feeling a bit more frisky (aka not lazy AF).

Video Tutorial: What I use, and how I do my brows:

Guys my first video! Just did it and uploaded. I used VIMEO, because YouTube feels scarier, and more intense.

You into the videos? Let me know if you're doing them or what you think!

Now where to get the GOODS.

Best Brow Gels:

A brow gel is a pigmented makeup that goes on with a mascara like brush to your brow. You can get various colors, but this will give you a great color and last for a long time. 

Best Eye Shadows

You can use eye shadow to fill in spaces in your brows. Get a brown color, like the MAC Charcoal EyeShadow to make them look super thick.

Best Brow Brushes

These are to brush your brows into shape. Used with or without makeup, they help give that 'brushed up' brow effect.

Best Highlighters

These you wear underneath your brow right at the bone. It draws light, makes you look angelic and really awake. Plus it gives a sense of clean underneath the brow.


  • Don't be afraid if it looks a bit intense at first. Put your whole face on first! Mascara WITH the brow, change the game.


  • See which product you like the most, and stick with it! I don't LOVE using eyeshadow on my brows, because I feel like if you touch it, it rubs off all over, but I know some people say they love using powder!


  • Do brow tinting if you're into it! Places like Benefit have it, for pretty cheap and this helps if you have brows, just want them to be more pronounced and darker. I don't do tint, but would definitely try it.


  • I draw the end of mine pretty far out, just to make the brow look much longer and full.


  • Brush your eyebrows up (not over!)


  • Don't over-pluck or over trim. It gets harder as we get older to get full brows (hormones, etc) so keep that precious hair you have.

Alright that's the brows y'all. Now I'm off to WORKOUT. I'm trying to run more, I just totally fell out of it!

What do you do for your brows? Any tricks? Also, what do we think of videos? If you guys are doing them, I want to see! Put the link here!

Loving you!