What I'm giving people I love this holiday season

Hello babes! 

Sharing the brands I love, and the things I love to give this holiday. I like to keep my gifts unique, unrelated to clothes (unless it's amazing) and more of something they didn't expect but end up using all the time.

This list is for family, friends and almost everything on this list is under $100 (but around $30-$50). 

Can you believe it's December? I mean.....yay? I am actually pumped about 2018, I LOVE life rn, but I have a really good feeling ya know.

Okay to the gift guide! Enjoy xx


Moon Juice Pantry Products

I don't know about you, but I am a huge fan of giving people products that they may not buy themselves but will use and love. I am a HUGE fan of Moon Juice, all their products are tasty, thoughtful, and packed full of healthy ingredients. I love too, that they are unique and I would never make their stuff myself, or find it in stores. My favorites are the crackers, and crisps, but the chocolates and elixirs and dusts are amazing too!

Sage Wellness Essential Oils

I love me some SAGE. Lots of people don't use or know about essential oils, and they don't need to know all the woo-woo about it to know that they smell and make you feel amazing. I have my peppermint halo (the peppermint essential oil stick) in the car and in my purse, and it helps me to just reset, and get through the day. Perfect as a stocking stuffer :). 

Salt Lamp from Lenevo

Do you guys remember the post I did with Lenevo? The apartment tour? I LOVE my lamp. Every time people come over to my house they comment on it, and its such a boho chic add to the house for really cheap actually. 

BKR Water Bottle

Love these babies. Feel good in your hand and super cute for the fitness fan in your life.

Collagen from Vital Proteins

I can't say it enough - collagen works. I can tell in my skin when I am using it, and it makes such a difference in the plumpness and texture. I LOVE any of their collagens from Vital Proteins. 

Four Sigmatic Teas

Sponsor of the podcast, Four Sigmatic medicinal mushrooms are so good for a little mood boost, and as a feel good tasty tea. I have every one of their products, and this is a really fun gift to give to the people in your life that are health curious. 

Crystals from Energy Muse

Y'all know I love me some crystals. I give them as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, basically whenever I can. It's one of the ways in my life I know I can give someone good energy, vibes or protection and it's freaking gorgeous :).  Almost 30 Podcast has a discount code: Almost30 for 15% off!

Planner from Rifle Paper & Co (via Papyrus)

My favorite planners ever, I love to give these to my girlfriends because I use mine everyday. Its my BIBLE. These are structured perfectly, and the design is STUNNING. 


Rent the Runway Membership

I am a HUGE FAN of RTR. I use it every month to keep my wardrobe fresh and exciting. It's amazing to have beautiful new expensive pieces rotating through, and then have new stuff for events and shoots. Their brands are also on point, too. 

Donate to a charity on their behalf: Find one that you love, or that you may love and then make a donation. 

Sweater from Athleta

Honestly their sweaters are something that everyone can love. They are so soft, so cozy, so versatile and you can honestly wear it every single day. I would have never thought that I would wear it so much, but it's that thing that I never want to take off. 

Cuyana Makeup Bags

My friend Meghan gave me these makeup bags as a gift, and I have never been more grateful. They are SO quality, gorgeous and the perfect size. I've had them for about a year and the zippers are still intact and working perfectly and the leather is smooth like BUTTAH. Highly recommend as a gift for you or anyone you LOVE. 

What other things do you like to give the people you love for Christmas? Let me know in the comments, would LOVE to make this list grow.

So excited it's December, babes. I love you.



Leggings via GoldSheep Clothing

Sweater Dress via Free People

Sunglasses via Ray Ban



So am I the only one that feels like they are starting 2017...now? Honestly the first week was a blur, I was just playing catch up from being out for so long! I also got in a car accident – SHITTY AF, but not my fault (for once) and dealing with car shit is just a real BITCH. The most not fun of all not funs.

Anyway, I have been brewing up something amazing – that I am so excited to share with you. The BEST of the best brands that I know and love, and I are working together on a giveaway. Beauty and wellness – starting from the inside out – giveaway. For you in 2017! This brings together my favorite beauty and wellness items, that make me FEEL and look J good.

Plus I partnered with my mega babe friend Shayla Quinn, blogger, yoga teacher and all around gorgeous goof ball – so that we have two winners!


To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is:

1.       Follow @hundredblogla + @shaylaquinn on Instagram

2.       Follow our amazing partners on Instagram: @sakaralife @vitalproteins @humnutrition @elementalsuperfood @energymuse @jouviance @lagreefitnessstudio @zobhaclothing @LACREMEBEAUTE @cure_bydrbenya

3.       Tag friends you want to win this with you – we have two bundles to share! So you and the bestie you tag, could win!

4.       That’s it! This giveaway ends on the Sunday the 22nd at 8 PM PST.

A little jealous of the winner of this – I’ll be HONEST! So much good from workouts, to skin care, to workout gear…getting you ready for 2017!

Love you guys!



My favorite beauty HACK: Collagen from Vital Proteins

I think you guys know this. But I’m a HUGE fan of collagen

It’s super easy, and one of three things I've taken that WORK. Like, I honestly SEE and FEEL the difference when I take it. The other things in my life that have worked, is Viviscal for your hair, and Tarte BB Cream (it’s made from angel tears I swear).

If you tell me anything will make me look or feel better - I'll try it. With collagen, it covers all bases - better hair, skin, and nails. It can also improve digestion. Plus, it's good for your bones and can reverse the signs of aging...

As I avoid any sort of Botox, I'm doing what I can to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, dryness....

Importantly in an effort to Keep it 100, before I recommend anything to anyone, I try things out. I mean, like take it for a few months, truly giving it the proper time and effort to see if it works. With Viviscal, I actually took it for over a year, saw crazy benefits and then shared it with you guys. Just like that, with collagen, I've been taking Vital Proteins for a few months now, and truly am LOVING it. It’s EASY and WORKS – need I say more?

You know I LOVE a good beauty hack.


Benefits of collagen

Reverses the signs of aging

Not only does collagen prevent the signs of aging, it can reverse some signs such as fine lines and reduced elasticity. Anti-aging, is SO key for me. 

2. Helps to reduce cellulite: Okay, so, in short: collagen is the protein that forms the connective tissue in your skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. So, if you have changes in the skin such as weakened collagen, it can make cellulite more apparent because the skin is less able to conceal everything happening below the surface. So, that thin skin, will show fat MUCH quicker if you lack collagen. This is key for living in Cali when I'm in shorts like, all year ‘round. 

3. Prevents the onset signs of aging: by increasing skin moisture levels, the development of lines and wrinkles diminish. It’s that simple! I have a few fine lines on my face that I watch like a HAWK. No seriously, I look at their prominence daily because it's fascinating to me how they change relative to my hydration level, my sleep, and what supplements I'm taking or what I'm eating. With this, my skin just looks so much more hydrated and even. I had someone stop me on the street today, complimenting me on my skin. Which is crazy!

4. Strengthens hair and nails: If you didn't know, collagen protein is the foundation of hair and nails. It's like biotin but it works – HA (never felt like biotin worked at all). To brag, my hair is LONG as shit now, and the collagen as seriously helped it stay lustrous. It’s the longest it’s ever been and I’m able to keep it that length because it’s healthy. For my nails, they can survive my no chip manicure obsession, thank GOD. 

5. Improves digestion in two ways: it supports hydrochloric acid production in our stomach, which makes digestion easier and collagen helps to repair the lining of the stomach, and small/large intestines. Staying regular and supporting my digestion make me feel more like a human, ya know? 

My fav collagen morning smoothie: 

1 Scoop of Unflavored Marine Collagen or Vanilla Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins

3 tbsp. flax meal

1 Scoop HUM Raw Beauty Powder

3 tbsp. Pearl Powder

1 Dash of Bee Pollen

1 Scoop of Sun Warrior Vanilla Protein

Handful of Spinach

8 fl oz. of Almond Milk

GUYS, eek! 

 This smoothie fills me up for hours and hours. I feel so much better starting my morning off with something so so super nutrient dense. The bee pollen is high in vitamin B-12 and B-6, and the pearl powder is a known antioxidant. The Vanilla Collagen Peptides I add, also gives a great flavor to unsweetened almond milk, or just water. With the unflavored you can have it in anything.

Hundred Blog Vital Proteins


Anything for hair, skin, digestive and bone health! Especially when it’s easy, accessible, and painless!  No needles is a MAJOR PLUS.

Oh and each scoop from Vital Proteins is PURE COLLAGEN. No fillers, nothing crazy or nasty – so you know what you’re taking. (Beware of others that may have fillers!)

Anyone else here a lover of collagen? Any other collagen recipes you make? Let a sister know!



Photos via Vital Proteins

This post was done in collaboration with Vital Proteins, but as usual all opinions are mine! Keeping it 100 with ya.