Water that changes your life and someone elses: Generosity water (not sponsored)

I'm about to get real L.A. on ya right now talking about alkaline water.

But I am ALL about it lately. 

Love the taste, love the benefits, and FEEL better having it.

Alkaline water is water that’s less acidic than regular tap water. This means it is rich in alkalizing compounds, including calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate.

Many people believe that the typical North American diet contributes to chronic low-grade acidosis – a condition that may be associated with poor health outcomes including heart problems, altered hormonal status, and the loss of muscle or bone.


Fans of alkaline water believe that it can neutralize the acid in your bloodstream...and help your body metabolize nutrients more effectively,.

Leading to happier bodies and minds of all babes.


Most water from the tap in the United States has an alkaline level of 5 which is considered neutral (for context Dasani has an alkaline of around 5.5 to 7 which is neutral to alkaline).

Thankfully water where we live is really clean compared to other places in the world so water from the tap isn't at all bad for you. Seriously, we have clean enough water to drink out of the tap - most of the world doesn't and for THAT we are lucky.

(prayer emoji)

But when you're at Whole Foods looking at which water to buy when you need a bottle, it's good to know which is best for you and why.

Why it’s important:

  • Acid-fighting alkaline pH balance
  • The nutritious minerals in it
  • It hydrates your body faster and more thoroughly than plain water.

These benefits have been linked to weight loss, detoxification, improved pH balance, better bone health and other health benefits that have been reported in over 40 studies.

Major benefits, explained:

  • Detoxification: Weirdly, and sort of scary that water can have heavy metals in it, which alkaline water has been show to help our bodies expel.Drinking alkaline water has been shown to help the body to expel 10 different heavy metals. Research conducted on the long term benefits of alkaline ionized water for detoxification shows that maintaining an alkaline pH balance can protect you from mercury aka that shit that sometimes shows up in raw fish. 
  • Weight Loss: Did I get your attention? Hehe. There have been clinical studies that have shown that those that drink alkaline water lose more weight than those that don't.
  • 21% Lower Cholesterol: Alkaline water has been shown to help lower harmful cholesterol.
  • More readily absorbed  nutrients: It also supplies your body with easy-to-absorb calcium and magnesium.

Waters and their alkalinity levels:


Essentia: 9.0 (my second favorite)

Dasani: 5.6

Poland Spring: 7.2

Evian: 7.4

Arrowhead: 5.6

Smart Water: 7.6

Fiji: 7.8

Generosity Water: 10

This isn't sponsored, but I love that Generosity has a 10 pH AND for each bottle you buy, a month of clean water is given to TWO people in need.

It's SO EASY to just get a water, and make such a big impact. 

Or if you buy a case, it provides clean water to TWO PEOPLE A YEAR.

I've been buying a case a month (around $33 dollars) and drinking one every other day just to get back to balance and feel good.  I have a subscription where they send me a case a month. Easy peasy - and under $35 dollars. 

I also have been sending people cases of this water, too! 

It's an easy, and amazing way to make an impact (which you can see on their website here how they make a difference) and to do good for your body. I truly cannot imagine not having access to clean water, or being able to drink water whenever I wanted. 

It seems simple, but it gives me pause.

Let that sink in ya know? Your dollars count! :) 
Giving back is SO IMPORTANT. This, makes it easy!

Cool right?

Are you guys into alkaline water?  You can also buy generosity water here.

LMK :)



Bye bye BORING WATER: Infused agua FTW (via Kaizen One water bottles)

Hi guys!

How are you? How's the week?

I'm excited to share with you a new FAVORITE. 

One time I did the math for how much I spend on beverages alone in one week, and it's around $85. Swear. 
I am sort of over plain water lately. 

Anyone with me?

 I drink kombcuha almost everyday, I'm a sucker for a good green juice, Rebel beverages, La Croix...I am pretty much over regular water. 

I need something new ya know?

But, staying hydrated is SO KEY for me and feeling energized, feeling good about my skin and my bod, so I need to keep it spicy to stay interested. If I am dehydrated, I can see fine lines on my face (thanks to being #almost30) and I look so much healthier and alive when I've had my 64 oz a day. 

Yes, that's how much I normally drink! If not more :) 

The major game changer for me is having my water bottle next to me in the morning. I wrote about my morning rituals before here, and I LOVE that with a water bottle infuser I can have a lemon infused water right with me in the A.M. I drink an entire one in the A.M. 

Benefits of staying hydrated: 

Aid in weight loss

Help digestion

Increases energy and relieves fatigue

Improves skin complexion

Flushes toxins

Boosts your immune system

So I was on the hunt for a water infuser, to add some vitamins, add some fruit, add some excitement to my water.

In comes my little buddy, the Kaizen One Viva Bottle. No one in L.A. can be mad at me for carrying plastic anymore, and I can spice it up 100 ways. I love this one because it's super sleek, real glass, and can be hot OR cold. So I'll throw tea in there too, in the morning on my way out for work.

How it works is, it has this little silver bucket, that you can fill with whatever fruits, tea, herbs, anything, in the top. Pop that in and then fill-er-up with water, and after a minute or so, you have infused water to enjoy. 

More exciting, and a change to keep you drinking water, staying hydrated and happy.

Other (on brand) details about the Viva Bottle:

It's made with natural bamboo with silicon seal to keep your bev from leaking

It has a stainless steel strainer and infuser basket 

It's double walled glass so that your bev keeps the temperature you want longer

I've also got a few more ideas for mixing it up with your viva! 

Infused Water Ideas:

Cuties (the little oranges fit in perfect!)

Grapefruit + Rosemary


Cucumber + Lime

Grape + Orange

Tea Infusions:

Sakara Detoxifying Tea + Stevia

(15% off your Sakara order with ALMOST30LOVE code)

Chai Spice Tea + a dash of Cinnamon

Lemon Ginger Tea + a dash of Turmeric

Ginger Tea + Apple Cider Vinegar + Stevia

I've been doing the lemon water in the A.M., then a Sakara detoxifying tea, and in the afternoon for something sweet. Either grapefruit or watermelon. 

If I am eating any fruit, really I'll pop some in my water to give it that extra flavor. No calories, just goodness.

It's such a game changer for me to try to reduce my snack attacks. 

I feel like I ALWAYS need to be eating or drinking something, LOL

So this seriously helps hydration and curbing my sweet tooth. 

(I swear that thing runs my life). 

*puts down water bottle to finish post*

I genuinely suggest checking this out and make sure to:

1. Experiment

Try different ingredients! I haven't found one I didn't like yet :) 

2. Do your research

Find which fruits and teas will benefit you the most. Then, throw those in there!

Have you guys tried fruit infused water? Or tried an infuser for your water? So tasty, no? Let me know which combinations you love.

I'm doing a giveaway of one water bottle via my Instagram if you want to check out how to win one! @hundredblogla!

Also, thanks to my friends at Kaizen One for sponsoring this post! 

Happy Wednesday, xoxo