5 Things to do in Chicago right now + the most gorgeous wedding EVA

Hi you! 

How are ya? How's the summer? 


I've been traveling a bit :) and was recently in Chicago for the most gorgeous wedding of the century. Not only was it gorgeous, but it was full of love, joy, laughter, and all of the things related to being stylish and amazing.

If you remember the post I did on the engagement, with Gemma of Look of The Gem, where it was the most insanely perfect proposal. It, of course, had to be followed by the most gorgeous wedding. This time in Lake Geneva outside of Chicago. 

Our bridesmaids dresses were SO PERFECT together, we all had muted nudes, whites and blush tones, had our hair down and relaxed waves, and just had a really chill day getting ready. The colors were all super soft and fitting, and the day went PERFECTLY. The vows were personalized, loving, funny, and just super fucking perfect for the couple. Gemma is one of my best friends, and she KILLED everything about the weekend. 

What I loved most is that Gemma and Kevin made this wedding their own. They personalized it, had fun, and kept it so causal and unique.  Of course, I had to share some photos, because #pinterestvibes #inspo #weddingfeels, right? I couldn't love Kevin more. He's my homie and favorite human, and to say that I shed some tears is an understatement.

Seeing two people you love, share their love for each other with you is one of the greatest things in the world. 


There is so much going on in Chicago right now guysssss! I feel like everytime I go back, there's 100 new restaurants and things to do. 

5 Things to do in Chicago right now:

Eat at Bad Hunter: This is a veggie friendly place, which has amazing flavors, textures and something for meat eaters to enjoy, too. 

Do the architecture tour: As I get older I appreciate a good tour - I know it's SO LAME, but honestly I love learning, and chilling, and this one involves a boat. So if you haven't already - DO IT! 

Go to one of the street festivals: These are happening ALL THE TIME and are so fun to hang out, walk around and see the sites. 

Eat at Ema: Such a good vibe for lunch or dinner, I love me some hummus and pita that's for SURE. This spot is new, in the loop and really pretty.

Explore different neighborhoods: I had the best time in Logan Square this weekend. Seeing that part of town reminded me how diverse, amazing and cultural Chicago really is. I was so impressed with the bars, restaurants and vibe! Definitely taking time to explore all the hoods is major. 




Okay, had to share, I LOVE YOU! HAVE THE BEST WEEK!