Weekending in Palm Springs (where to stay, what to do & what to WEAR!)

Hello you!

How's the week going? Hoping things are good - so glad you're here!

A little overdue and a few trips to Palm Springs later - and we’ve got a weekending review!

I’ve been going back and forth between L.A. and Palm Springs for the past few months on random weekends, and finally have a good grip on what to do, where to stay and the information to share with you.

So last weekend I was in Palm Springs for an event called Desert Swim, which was a group of brands and bloggers getting together. It ended up really just being a party, HA.

I was like ready with business cards (that I bought and will write about) ready to network. 

I come to this pool party where people are hanging in donut and pizza floaties drinking coconut flavored mixed drinks, LOL.

I live in a no chill zone, HA so I was like hmm now what. I don't want to put on a bikini and drink Corona's...so I just chatted with folks in my little romper. It ended up being really fun and I had such a good time with our little group. Val our friend, did an AMAZING job finding a sweet airbnb.

At the event there was an amazing bathing suit designer who was like, "Girl let me get you in a bathing suit, would this work?" Hands me a TINY piece of bikini and I'm like hmmm...you got a large boo? HA. Swear she never heard the word large, but ANYWAY. I got a dope one piece out of it!

I am writing a post on my dope business cards because I think they aren't out of style, and that I truly use them more than you'd think. For me its better than standing with someone and you're trying to put their contact in your phone.

So that's to come.

But, I love Palm Springs because it's really what you make of it. You can do it with girlfriends for a spa getaway, with your person for a romantic getaway, or just like, a chill weekend to regroup and relax. Especially for L.A. people, when you want to do something different, you can go here.

It can be done cheaply, or expensively, and you can make it party-ish or laid back. Up to you, and why I love it.

So, a recap of everything you need - plus SUPER cute thangs to wear even if you're in Palm Springs or not :)

Places to stay:

Parker Palm Springs

ACE Hotel


Airbnb (let me know if you need a suggestion!) 

L'Horizon Resort and Spa

Two Bunch Palms (this place is RAD! It's a spiritual relaxation center where you can do things like: 

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Sacred Heart Dancing

  • Grotto Relaxing

  • Angel Card Reading

  • Intention Setting

If you go there, you won't probably leave the resort - just some R&R and hanging out. Which is AMAZING.

Things to do:

Go out at the ACE Hotel

Get a drink at the Parker Palm Springs

Pool party at Arrive

Walk around in downtown Palm Springs

Go to a hot spring and RELAX

Hike in Joshua Tree nearby

Get coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Visit or hike the San Jacinto Mountain

Hike Indian Canyon

Where to eat:

What to wear:

I love the Palm Springs attire.

Beach-y, poolside gear that's a bit western and a bit boho. There's also a retro glam feel to it, as shown in the decor around the city. For bathing suits I would go one piece, kimono hat to the pool and at night do an easy maxi or something like that.

It's all about colors and patterns, Miami type vibe.

Also! These 'My Willow's' shades. I mean come ON. They don't have side 'bars' to hold them up, just a chain that goes around your ear with crystals at the bottom. They are truly the most unique and different sunglasses I have ever seen and I loved the owner's story. 

Get them at My Willow's and I think they will be in Nasty Gal really soon!

Wait you guys can we also talk about the valet guy in the reflection of my sunglasses? Do you die?? HAHA.

Okay, so an interesting week, but I'll keep you posted. Lost my wallet and things aren't REALLY working in my favor, but what can you do. How are you? Questions on Palm Springs or anything I've missed? Let me know!

Loving you.



Weekending in San Luis Obispo

Hiiii friends!

Had a little getaway with J last week. Spur of the moment and late for my birthday, we decided to rent a car and drive up the coast to a little town called San Luis Obispo. It's an hour and a half away from Santa Barbara and three hours from L.A. 

Just far enough!

If you followed along on snap (@hundredblog) you saw that It was insanely gorgeous, remote, mountainous, green, lush, and right on the BEACH.

Such a good quiet place to escape for just enough time. If you live in Cali, definitely do a weekend here!

Justin and I haven't traveled together just us in a while and it's so fun to have your bud there with you to do things. I can drag him on as many hikes as possible, ha. I'll keep it super short and share some photos and things to do, but hoping you had a lovely weekend too!

Things to do:

Pismo Beach: The beach here is SO quaint, and it's amazing because the background is all mountains. Truly breathtaking. 

Bubble Gum Alley: Gross, actually. It's like tons of peoples gum built up over the years. I'm serious - LOL But it's a must see in the area.

Mission San Luis Obispo: Gorgeous religious site, that won't take more than 30 minutes to see.

Farmers Market (especially on Thursdays!): Such good food, and really good local vibe.

Bishop's Peak: Easy hike, about 5 miles up and down. Great views of the area.

Thrifting: Really good shopping and thrifting here. Take your time and really explore it! 

Places to stay:

The Madonna Inn


Weirdly there are not a lot of cute hotels in the area, so let me know if you need an airbnb spot, and I got you covered! Otherwise, The Madonna Inn is super famous and each room is completely different than the other. Everything is almost all PINK and it's a crazy unique place to stay. 

Places to eat:

Big Sky Cafe: Breakfast and lunch spot with something to please everyone.

Luna Red: Tapas style place, good for drinks too.

Bliss Cafe: Vegan food, and I love it!

The Original Jamba Juice: Truly! 

Granada Hotel: We had a really nice dinner here, good wine and great service.

Seeds: Juice and health food place, that's really good.

Scout Coffee: The best coffee spot in the area, super cute and great for pictures, I LOVED the decor.

Keeping it short and sweet today. Have such good posts this week, so this one is just an update! Going to Austin next weekend for a bachelorette, any suggestions of thangs to do? Would love your input!

You da best,



Weekending in Ojai

Hiiiii Friends!

^(just set up Bloglovin' btw and needed to link it back!)

A bit late with this one, but still GOOD. From my trip(s) to Ojai, California, and I am in looooveeeeeee.

Have you ever been to a place where the whole time you're thinking, I seriously don't know how people live here, it's so BORING. HOW DO PEOPLE SURVIVE?? It's an anxious feeling almost, where you want to get out because you feel suffocated by impending boredom.

(Sometimes I feel like this when I go home...LOL).

Well I was thinking that in Ojai I would feel that way......like get me out of here there's nothing to do! I need civilization and stress!

But it actually was the exact OPPOSITE.

By the end I was imagining my life there owning a tiny crystal shop in the town and going to the farmers market every week and knowing everyone in town....I actually felt compelled to slow down my life, to embrace the Ojai lifestyle. 

I'm considering retirement in Ojai. 

Keeping in mind I had back to back weekends there. Both with girlfriends and both magical none the less. We did lots of journaling, chatting, exploring, eating quality food, and sober activities. Aka my HEAVEN.

For background, Ojai is the home to many celebrities who want to get out of L.A. and a few hours up the Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Monica/Venice. It's nestled in the mountains, and everything has the same Spanish style design with a super hippie, laid back vibe. There were lots of families there and when we went to the farmers market, it was clear that everyone pretty much knew each other.

Perfectly described by Racked L.A....

Ojai’s dreamy mountain views, clear night skies, and spiritual wellness scene have made it an easy getaway for mystic hippies and LA’s boho set. Nestled in Ventura County, this self-professed “Shangri-La” offers plenty of stylish retail therapy, healthy bites, and R&R for a proper staycation weekend.

What to do:

Go to Bart's Outdoor Bookstore: This is one of the most amazing things I've seen and Bart's is famous for it's outdoor bookstore. Whether you buy a book or not it's a must see.

Hike in San Padres Forest

Go to the Ojai Valley Day Spa: This spa is reasonably priced, and the facials and massages, are incredible. 

Visit the Meditation Mount: I went here a few times! Such a good journaling opportunity as well as meditation session.

Ojai Valley Farmers Market

Ride Bikes: The bike trails are gorgeous and it's a super way to get out and be active.

Where to eat:

The Hip Vegan: So good, fast casual and filling.

Farmer and the Cook: Good for breakfast.

The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa Restaurant, The Oak

The Ranch House: Super romantic and scenic spot.

Azu: Great for a nice dinner, right in the heart of town.

Suzanne's Cuisine: Gorgeous scenery for dinner.

The Rainbow Bridge: Quick spot for a quick breakfast (the acai bowls are AMAZING).

Where to shop:

Summer Camp: Super dope spot to find tons of random good like journals, jewelry and more.

Treasures of Ojai: Knick knacks and random items you didn't know you'd need.

In the Field: Intermix vibe, amazing and curated goods

Fig Curated Living: Such a cute store. Fig has amazing goods for your home and garden.

Where to stay:

Ojai Valley Inn and Spa: Gorgeous, and HUGE. It's like a plantation. Go here if you're going with your lover.

Ojai Rancho Inn: My personal favorite, rustic and cheap

Airbnb: Let me know if you need a recommendation for an airbnb spot! I can provide it.

The Lavender Inn Ojai: Right in the middle of town, it's a great location with a small Bed & Breakfast vibe.

Ojai is the PERFECT getaway (especially for those living on the West Coast), and I had so many quality moments during my time there. It was peaceful, and divine.

If you have any questions on Ojai, let me know! I am glad to chat further about it. Have you ever been to a place where you could imagine yourself living there? 

Also, side note, it's been a slow start in January, lol. I am waiting some shot of inspiration or something! Anyone else feeling a bit slow? 

Happy Monday! Busy week and the best friend is coming Thursday for a trip to Santa Barbara! Woo!


Chat soon.