For Hair, Skin and Nails: Collagen is a No-Brainer (featuring Collagen for Her)

For anyone that I’ve met in person, the most compliments I get, have to be on my SKIN and my hair. 

If you know me, I would never normally start a post in this way, but it’s truly something that’s started happening in the past two years. 

Basically these compliments or comments, only came when I started taking collagen regularly.


Honestly, I say it all the time that it’s the one supplement that works. I can even tell if I stopped taking it (I look dull, and I swear my skin feels more brittle. It’s like the plumpness goes away!)

My hair hasn’t always been so thick, long and healthy and my skin hasn’t truly always been so glow-y. (It’s hard to type this but this is what I have been told, ha). It’s been such a good feeling knowing that I have taken control of these parts of my life naturally by leveraging collagen for my hair, skin and nails, all while aiding in my digestion and more.

There are so many benefits to collagen:

  1. Not only does collagen prevent the signs of aging, it can reverse some signs such as fine lines and reduced elasticity. Anti-aging, is SO key for me. 

  2. Helps to reduce cellulite: Okay, so, in short: collagen is the protein that forms the connective tissue in your skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. So, if you have changes in the skin such as weakened collagen, it can make cellulite more apparent because the skin is less able to conceal everything happening below the surface. So, that thin skin, will show fat MUCH quicker if you lack collagen. This is key for living in Cali when I'm in shorts like, all year ‘round. 

  3. Prevents the onset signs of aging: by increasing skin moisture levels, the development of lines and wrinkles diminish. It’s that simple! I have a few fine lines on my face that I watch like a HAWK. No seriously, I look at their prominence daily because it's fascinating to me how they change relative to my hydration level, my sleep, and what supplements I'm taking or what I'm eating. With this, my skin just looks so much more hydrated and even. I had someone stop me on the street today, complimenting me on my skin. Which is crazy!

  4. Strengthens hair and nails: If you didn't know, collagen protein is the foundation of hair and nails. It's like biotin but it works – HA (never felt like biotin worked at all). To brag, my hair is LONG as shit now, and the collagen as seriously helped it stay lustrous. It’s the longest it’s ever been and I’m able to keep it that length because it’s healthy. For my nails, they can survive my no chip manicure obsession, thank GOD. 

  5. Improves digestion in two ways: it supports hydrochloric acid production in our stomach, which makes digestion easier and collagen helps to repair the lining of the stomach, and small/large intestines. Staying regular and supporting my digestion make me feel more like a human, ya know? 


Although as you know I am mostly plant based (about 95% vegan) I do take collagen regularly because it has such amazing benefits. 

So I am happy to share with you the collagen that I’ve been using and loving regularly. Not only is it on brand (with the pink though) but it’s female founded and female focused. It’s called Collagen For Her.

What I love about Collagen For Her, is that it’s such a quality collagen that I can trust. It’s been designed and made specifically for women, and the ladies behind the brand truly believe in helping women with their health. Collagen For Her is THE cleanest collagen available.

Why I LOVE Collagen for Her:

  • Non-GMO & All-Natural

  • Gluten free, dairy free, and soy free

  • Sugar free & Paleo

  • Chemical free: No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

  • Packed with clean protein: 10 grams per scoop (such a great way to get in your protein)

  • Only 40 calories per scoop (yes pls!)

My favorite ways to use/take collagen:

  • In my Fab 4 Smoothie using avocado, Collagen For Her Collagen, Adaptogens (all of them!) Coconut Milk, and Spinach

  • In my Morning Matcha wth MCT Oil, Hemp Milk and a bit of Stevia

  • In my nighttime Reishi Tea with coconut milk so it’s frothy and creamy


My favorite smoothie recipe with collagen:

1 Scoop of Collagen For Her Protein

3 tbsp. flax meal for extra fiber

3 tbsp. Pearl Powder for glowy skin

1 Dash of Bee Pollen for B vitamins

1 Scoop of Chocolate Protein for flavor and taste

Handful of Spinach to add some greens

8 fl oz. of Cashew Milk or you can also do almond or oat

1/2 avocado for healthy fats and to make it super THICK

I mix and match all of my shakes depending on my mood, but collagen makes it so easy to get my protein and changes the game for my hair, nails and skin.

I am in LOVE and so excited for you to experience it’s amazing benefits too in various simple delicious ways with Collagen For Her!

PLUS! You can use code: ALMOST30 for 10% off your order!

What is your favorite way to take your collagen? What would you do with better hair skin and nails?



*Thanks to Collagen for Her for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

How I use (and LOVE) my essential OILS

Hello lovely!

How are you? I hope the weekend was great!

I am so excited to write this post because I am sitting covered in oils, smelling oils and about to drop some oils all over my pillow before I go to sleep early again for the evening.


I have been oil-curious for the past year or so, but until finding DoTerra never really understood the hype. Now I use them all over my house, my body, in my beauty routine…it’s been a game changer to remember how important your sense of smell is to activating so much in your life.

While oils (which are basically plant extracts!) have many uses (and a ton of scientifically proven benefits) I think my all time favorite aspect of the oils is that they bring you back to the present moment. They make you connect.

It might sound a little out there, but as soon as you’ve tried them, you’ll get it.

They force you to be more present and make you connect with your deepest self. Whenever i use them, in any way, I seriously feel like I am taking care of my self, my environment, my space, my body…it’s just so intentional.


Here are a few other reasons why I love essential oils:

  • People are attracted to my scent (and so am I!)

    • Our skin is our largest organ and whatever you put on it topically gets absorbed straight into your bloodstream. So, next time you spray that expensive perfume on your neck (right into your thyroid gland) or that deodorant straight into your lymphatic system, take a look at the ingredient list first... You may think twice about your next spray. It’s unfortunate that most perfumes are made of toxic and harmful chemicals.

  • I can enhance my mood and emotions in just few drops

    • For example,, if I need to reset after a long day I will use the Deep Blue which is a minty, delicious feeling and smelling oil that really relaxes my whole body. If I want to meditate deeply I will do frankincense. If I want a pick me up I can use Lemon.. By using our senses and my sense of smell I have been blown away at how it helps me shift into and out of different emotions or moods.

  • I can make sure my cleaning products are non-toxic, and natural

    • Nasty toxins BE GONE. With these plant essences you can create your own cleaning products and know EXACTLY what you are using.

    Natural Cleaning with Essential Oils:

    Mirror and glass cleaner

    2 cups of filtered water

    2 tablespoons of white vinegar

    10 drops of Lemon essential oil.

    • It’s sad, but I dare you to look at the ingredients of your store bought cleaner (and all your other cleaning products for that matter) and ask yourself if you really want to be breathing that in and using that in your home.

    • Although we can’t control the pollution in our environment, we CAN control what happens in our home environment. My goal in 2019 is to turn my entire home into a wellness sanctuary and am trying my best to move towards all natural, toxic free, homemade cleaning products.

  • My clothes now smell incredible! (Which they NEVER DID before, LOL)

    • I read about this a long time ago and I would cite it but it’s escaping me! Something you can do when doing your washing is to add oils such as Lavender to your sheets and towels, so it smells like the french countryside hehe.

  • I can seriously supercharge my meditations.

    • Using essential oils to put on my palms and even on my forehead, really helps me to get into the zone and into the meditation. Essential oils have been used for YEARS for getting into your body and spirit.

  • I diffuse them all day long so that my space feels like an actual HOME.

    • Changes the mood, sets the tone, helps me live my intentions…super sexy, right? :)

  • I have helped my sleep and rewired my nervous system (so I am calmer and more collected)

    • Being stressed out constantly, running a business

  • Enhanced hydration (because I want to drink more water!)

    • I now add oils to my water to enhance my water uptake overall and hydration. My usual choice is Lemon and Ginger, or sometimes Peppermint — which is super soothing (and great for your stomach to aid in digestion). If I am feeling frisky I will add a twist of Himalayan salt so that I can add more minerals into my body.

  • Bath time is the best part of my day.

    • Follow me on Insta? You’ll know that I’m OBSESSED with baths. What you won’t be able to guess though, from the pictures, is that my baths? Are laden with oils. The intense fragrance, the topical impact, the straight-to-the-nervous-system hit… these oils upgrade my baths in ways I’d never before experienced.

    • My go-to blend is Geranium, Rose and Lavender. With this, I add some epsom salts, light some candles and pop on Enya on Spotify… and I am in total HEAVEN.

  • I can support my gut with DigestZen, which I sip on all day in water.

    • It’s incredible for your micro biome, and for keeping your immune system in tip-top shape.

  • Next-level stress relief.

    • For stress management, anxiety and nervous system support after too long in front of my computer or on my phone, I use Vetiver, Bergamot and or Cedarwood. It’s like a warm hug in a natural plant form.

  • They get me back to my heart-space. Almost instantly.

    • Just being present in the moment is all I need and these are KEY for that!


Most of the essential oils mentioned above are available as part of the beautiful dōTERRA Home Essentials Kit, which you can learn more about on my page here.

If you want more information on joining the Path to Freedom team, and learning how I make passive income with DoTerra through mentoring and working with other conscious people who love essential oils go to my page. Happy to also chat through and answer questions you have! I am glad to support you on your journey!



Loving your self first on Valentine's Day (featuring Aveeno)

Hola chicas!

How are you? How was the weekend? Keep me posted :)

You may have seen, but we've been moving and shaking lately! A bit of travel in Phoenix, and then this past weekend speaking at an event, and lots of recording for the podcast with really great guests. On Sunday I had a really relaxing day, and really didn't do much of anything besides a workout, lunch and recording. It felt SO GOOD.


Today I had the feeling of needing a reset from my daily routine. Where, what you're doing isn't bad, but you know that you need to take a bit of a step back to reset and relax.

Basically, it's a Sunday in a nutshell. 

One of the best parts of my Sunday yesterday was taking the end of the day, to finish some cleaning, and take a long hot BATH.

For the water, I use a bit of epsom salt, some essential oils, and if I have flowers that week at home I will actually throw them in the bath too just for affect, ha. For the past year or so I've been really into finding natural beauty routines or easy free methods that add some beauty and wellness into my life. I've written a lot about Ayurvedic practices and the ones that I have incorporated into my life that are free or basically free, like coconut oil pulling for oral hygiene, Tongue Scraping for sugar cravings, and meditation, for clarity and calm.

All natural methods that really help to set up my day and help me hit the reset button for a great morning. 


One part of my beauty routine, is a bit out there. So bear with me.

I have never actually said it out loud, and am not sure if it exactly 'works' but the belief in positivity and thoughts are things propels me each time I get out of the shower or bath, to continue in my weird process. 

Might as well get out with it.

So, in the shower, when washing my face (with my Aveeno Positively Radiant Scrub) I tell myself I'm beautiful.

Yes, I said it. Yes, it's corny and cliche. I KNOW. 


BUT, while scrubbing slowly with the really light, ultra calming, scrub I repeat lovely mantras to myself to make myself feel good and remind myself that I am attractive, or smart or enough. \

I like to use the Aveeno scrub because of the exfoliating aspect. It has really helped to reveal softer skin on my face which takes moisturizer better, leaves a better base for my make-up and gives me that glow. It does this by removing dead skin cells, polishing off any old makeup and sweat.

Which is super key. I've loved using this face wash for that reason. This is the type of face wash where you're like, dang that girl lights up the ROOM. HOW SHE SO GLOW-Y? So highly recommend adding this into your routine to give you a glow boost.  


Along with that for my face, after each shower, when I am putting lotion on I repeat to myself and tell my body positive affirmations. 

I've been putting on lotion since I was little. I grew up with eczema, so putting on lotion was part of my routine. I would have such dry skin it would bleed at night when I was little :( so it's been really important that I say as moisturized as possible.

Therefore having the lotion part of my routine hasn't changed, but definitely adding in the positive affirmations, has. 

It's easy - it's things like, you're perfect, you're strong, you're fit, you're able...things like that. 

You're routines, don't have to be mine, but it just has to be something you can tell yourself that really resonates with you.

It's pretty powerful stuff, and like most things, even if it's placebo affect, it's got to feel good to tell yourself nice things once a day. 


In addition to the facial scrub, I've always used Aveeno on my body - ever since the Jennifer Aniston days, I've noticed that it keeps my skin calm, moisturizes really well, and helps my skin to really stay bright. I use the positively Radiant Body Lotion, and it's been my go-to favorite for giving myself a rub down while reaffirming all the love that I have for a body that can take me through each and every day. 

So, my new weird routine is simple. It's using my favorite Aveeno Face Wash to keep me glow-y and to give my face a little love and compassion. 

Then when giving my body a rub down with Aveeno Positively Radiant Scrub I also reaffirm that I am enough. It helps me to stay balanced, healthy and radiant from the inside out. 


These two favorites, I always pick when I am shopping for the essentials from Rite Aid. My list is simple. It's toilet paper, paper towels, mascara...and my Aveeno lotions. It's nice to go to Rite Aid too because because: Aveeno Skin Care will be Buy 1, Get 1 50% off during the weeks of 2/18 and 2/25. During the week of 2/25 when you use your Rite Aid Wellness+ Card, for every $30 you spend, you will receive $10 in Bonus Cash towards your next visit. 

Free money is good money, right? 

Plus I am hosting a giveaway for $50 to Rite Aid - so you can get your self love affirmations on each time you shower, and get yourself some of the best Aveeno products like: 


In order to win the giveaway, I'll be asking on my Instagram your favorite way to show yourself love. Whether it's reading your favorite book, a good meal to yourself, or positive affirmations when you rub your lotion on or face wash, I am so excited to hear!

Enter by going to my Instagram. The giveaway ends on Friday the 16th at 5 PM PST. 

Excited for this one! 

Have the best week! xo


This post was sponsored by Aveeno and Rite Aid but all opinions are my own.