WHITE OUT + What I'm thankful for

Hi guys,

Just a quick note today as we get ready for Thanksgiving. 

Thank YOU so much for being a part of Hundred Blog.

For reading, for commenting, for engaging and just being a really great part of helping me create on a daily basis. 

Letting me have a place where I can be myself, means THE WORLD.

If you listen to me say ridiculous things on The Almost 30 Podcast, thank you for that too! It's been crazy how big it's gotten... and it's all because you listen!

So, I'm most grateful for you this year!

Spending my holiday in Florida with family. What are your plans? Hopefully you're with family and in elastic pants hehe.

Also, P.S. This month I did a bunch of giveaways, make sure you enter!

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Kaizen One VIVA Water Infuser Bottle

This week, sharing my favorite WHITES for Fall and Winter. I am such a fan of a good white, or cream, or rich ivory. I feel rich and regal and adult. Nothing makes you more angelic! 

I've listed below some ways to wear white all year round, plus some of my favorite white's for fall.


Ways you can wear all year round:

Tweed jackets or skirts, and metal to toughen it up.

Blazers and crop pants with a bit of an edge.

Jumpsuits - period.

White Chunky Sweaters with a skirt and boots.

Long silk slip with a chunky sweater (MY FAVORITE).

White peacoat and black leather leggings.

......Say FUCK IT and wear what you want to wear.

My favorite Fall whites:

What I'm wearing in this post:

Monrow Attire White Mesh Dress (sold out but similar linked below)

NARS Lipstick in Red Lizard

Gold Midi Rings

What's your favorite way to wear white this winter? Anything you're loving that I linked? Let me know!

Again, thanks so much for reading, for commenting, for sharing and all you do! Super grateful. 

Happy Thanksgiving, loves.




COOL SNEAKERS: so fresh and so CLEAN.


Not going to lie I'm in a rut this week but, HEY, life goes on and ya just need to keep moving forward.

It's just thoughts like, WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? But I'm sure we all have that at some point.

How's everyone else's' week going? Would love to hear it, so talk to me!

I had to write about the new kicks I have been wearing around EVERY DAY.

(BTW, I get obsessed with stuff. I'll wear it out, and then NEVER again).

So right now, I am wearing these white sneakers with every single thing I own.

Floral dress, check. Suede shorts, check. Maxi dress with leather moto, check. With my red silk pajamas to get the mail, check. 

I had a time where I only wore my black flat sneakers but those got holes at the bottom (I'm serious LOL) and it was time to move on. I'm all about comfort AND style people. Comfort AND style.

How is it that sneakers are so cool? If you would tell me that, FREAKING SHELL TOES ARE BACK. I mean, WHAT.

Remember rocking shell toes with Delia’s bell bottoms and an Abercrombie & Fitch logo shirt? All day baby, and I was SO HOT. 

One time in 8th grade I got sent to the principals because my bell bottom jeans were SO low rise that my butt crack was seriously hanging out all day long. At that time, I probably thought butt cracks lured boys in, that's how fucking clueless I was. Not much has changed I guess.


The super clean, super WHITE, crisp sneaker, just makes ANY look sexy. It’s the urban, badass girl that’s feminine enough to rock something masculine...look that I’m obsessed with.

I shy away from these trends usually because I have big ass feet (FACT), which makes it masculine to wear sneakers, but I'm past caring about that when I find a trend I love. I mean how cute would little feet be in these!?! 

You can rock these shoes with ripped skinnies (also in right now) or even with an ultra feminine dress to make it unexpected, there’s nothing better.

Truly there hasn't been anything that I can't wear with them, and that's probably my favorite part. 

Cool girl versatility! Plus they are under $100 dollars. 

Shop the look:

Adidas White Superstar Sneaker

Round Reflective Sunglasses from J.Crew ($15 DOLLARS Y'ALL)

Print Shift Dress (mine is sold out, but this one is similar and I bought it to! I'm actually so sorry this one isn't available, because I would gift it to every single one of YOU!)

Lipstick is NARS Red Lizard

Shop similar looks:

Cheers to a super laid back comfortable trend, right?

Loving this look!

P.S. Guys, are we liking more fashion posts? I want to keep up with y'all and what I'm loving lately. I definitely have the DEEPNESS in here too, so be prepared, HA.

Let me know what you think, friends!

You da best and happy Wednesday!


Music FESTIVAL FRESH. What to wear to Coachella & other festivals this year

Babes we are excited for Coachella/music festival season?

It's SO CLOSE and I know friends are on their diets and prepping like good little hotties for the best weekend of the year.

Although I'm not going this year (weddings and bachelorettes galore!) I feel like understanding the Coachella/music festival fashion, is something I'm vetted in after a few years going. If you're not doing Coachella, that's A-okay, because there are so many festivals near you! A day pass is money, get in and get out and your feet/wallet with thank you. 

For a guide to festival's I recommend Pitchfork's Guide. It's super detailed and you can find whatever you are looking for.

I had a few years where I was basically obsessed, and made my rounds to a few:

Coachella in Indio

Lollapalooza in Chicago

Made in America in Philly

Tomorrow World in Atlanta

Mad Decent Block Party in Brooklyn and Cape Town

Pitchfork in Chicago

Austin City Limits in Austin

Bestival in Toronto

Governors Ball in NYC

It's not really bragging when you realize how much money I probably spent. Also, I didn't really have a life. 

Anyway, back to what to wear on your face, feet and body. Make-up, clothes, shoes bags and all. 

There's also some major trends to respect and look out for when you go.

So, this little trends list is all you need for any music festival you attend this summer!

This year there will be some MAJOR trends to watch out for:

First, embroidery

What I'm wearing in this post, one of my favorite trends for the moment. This dress from Free People, is soft, flow-y, comfortable and light. It's unique and different, plus there is a lot of attention to detail. An old woman stopped me on the street to compliment my dress, LOL. Love her. I wore it with cheap Forever 21 Sandals, because honestly your shoes will be ruined. These are so comfortable and cute. 

Other trends to rock:

White Nails

So clean. Makes your fingers look cute and tan, and just fresh. 


 Fringe shirts, shorts and bags are SO CUTE. Just don't wear it all together, kay?

Jean Shorts that aren't up your ass

Guilty of this trend. Truly. I wear my shorts high to hold in the gut. BUT, it's coming out of style having your butt cheeks out, the teens caught on to this trend and it got WEIRD. Love the boyfriend jean shorts from Rag & Bone.


Refinery29 describes how to wear the trend here, but the best ways via photo are below:


See through lace

So hot. Period. For Love and Lemons is my spirit animal for clothing brands (I own one thing from them and mostly just admire from afar LOL. 

Comfortable, airy dresses

All about moving and shaking, these dresses let you be FREE.


I'm serious. It's not cool to be tanning your skin. (High school Krista was so guilty of this, it hurts). Wearing sunscreen in the desert IS SO KEY. Get a spray tan (ask me for places if you want to get sprayed) or wear self tanner, and LATHER UP. 

Septum rings

These are dope, especially if you have a cute little button nose or cute nose in general. If you wear it, ROCK IT, no excuses. Obviously they have fake ones you clip in, no need to pierce.

Gemstone jewelry

I have a post about this, but all of the yes. Necklaces, rings, earrings. All of it is amazing.

Body chains

I like body chains, LOL. I think it's sexy and dainty and draws attention to your femininity. If you hate it, I respect your opinion too though. 


I loved this article from Refinery 29 on BRAIDS and how to rock the bad bitch braid. 

You can find my Pinterest page to also see 'lovely hairstyle inspiration'

Fresh skin and light lips

Really like link pink, or just pink enough lips for the day. I've done a full lip and it feels good, but you can get all sorts a mess and look like a tranny real quick. I know from experience, HA. Rock it with a quality foundation like I've linked here, that lasts all day. 

Where to get it:

I would do braids for most of the time, TBH. It helps with the heat and it stays PUT. Have your friends braid a pigtail SUPER TIGHT braid for at least a day. It saves so much time, energy and sometimes hair is just so freaking hot on your head. I'm all about the embroidery, lace and would do a septum ring just to try it out and be cool.

Are you going to any music festivals this year? I will probably do one but that's it. Getting a bit weird when I'm there just staring at everyone, sober. LOL. 

But realistically, I'm just buying lots of this stuff for life. So cute for weekends, casual but not too try hard.

Gotta love it.

Let me know your favorites!