WTF is an Aura and why does it matter?

If you know me, you know I'm on my MYSTICAL SHIT. 

Crystals, sage, moon cycles, psychics, tarot cards, angels, horoscopes... my life today is basically a predicted psychic reading. 

For real! But a story for another day!

So being in NYC recently, I was dying to go get my aura read at this place in Lower East Side called Magic Jewelry. 

Can we all LOL at that name. Magic Jewelry. It's like a dress-up game for little girls. 

I went with my friends Barrett and Julie. Barrett has a YouTube Channel and Instagram you should check out. Julie works at SoulCycle and is one of the funnest most open and loving chicks I know. She's also my SoulCycle sistah, and I legit love when we can ride together.

Anywho, the whole week we had planned to get our auras read to just see what was going on. 

First, if you don't know. WTF is an aura?

An aura is a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature, viewed by mystics, spiritualists, and some practitioners of complementary medicine as the essence of the individual, and allegedly discernible by people with special sensibilities.

In short, if you're taking care of yourself mentally, physically an emotionally, your aura is bright, and almost magnetic to people. It's like when you first meet someone and you just have a feeling about them (in a positive or even in a negative way) you could be sensing their aura, or their magnetic field.  

It is important to remember that the aura has little power of its own. It derives from a person’s internal condition – physical,  psychological, emotional, and spiritual. It is the tool by which psychic healers judge a person’s overall health and well-being. To have a strong positive aura means you have a strong healthy body,  well-balanced psychological and emotional health, and a spiritual maturity and strength. A weak or negative aura indicates physical illness or disease,  conflicted emotions, unresolved psychological issues, and/or limited spiritual development.

Drinking, drugs, lack of sleep, stress, negativity (situations or people) can affect your aura. On the positive side, being well rested, meditation, yoga, and overall happiness can strengthen your aura. As with everything, since life is ebbs and flows, it can change overtime. It's not stagnant. 

Therefore, when you strengthen your aura, you are actually making progress in becoming a healthier, more well-balanced person with a stronger spiritual base.

That's why I basically care about auras and the 'health' or 'state' of mine. It's reflecting what's happening spiritually with what I'm doing physically, mentally, etc. I also want to make sure that whatever I am putting out to the universe, is the best vibe possible. 

*Kendrick Lamar starts playing*

So, to the actual photo and reading. 

For just $20 dollars, each customer receives an image with his or her muted likeness under bright splotches of color. Those colors, according to Magic Jewelry, represent the aura. Ms. Chan or other trained employees decipher the images for customers. There's also mad crystals at this shop which I had to force myself to not buy. 


So the key here is the crazy camera. Magic Jewelry’s camera uses a photographic process discovered in the 1930's by a Russian electrical engineer named Semyon Kirlian. A Kirlian photograph captures a person’s naturally occurring electric field. Believers say that the resulting rainbow reveals a person’s aura.

We wait two minute for ours to develop, and once they're done Ms. Chan turns them over and reveals our auras. Let me say, the reading, and the photos, we're SPOT ON. 

Each one was vastly different and representative of how each was feeling. Julie had been literally killing herself lately at work, not sleeping and feeling a bit out of sorts, and her aura was a amethyst color, noting she was tired, and a bit confused with what's next for her in life. Barrett, had a variety of colors, green for money (which he was starting to make a good bit of) lots of bright light and a spot of pink for his love life, which he's been into as of late. 

Mine comes up and, I'm actually surprised to see how bright it is. I definitely didn't expect it to hit the top of the photograph with yellow light, and have such strong 'money' notes in my aura. She does my reading and lets me know that I know my path, I have a strong aura and I am a very positive, happy person.

I feel good, although I'm like, curious where all that money is? LOL.

It was nice to have the reading validate the things I consciously do, like daily meditation, and not drinking a lot, that really help to improve and take care of my 'aura'.

Randomly, when I was doing research, I noticed that GOOP wrote about this. She had her whole team do it! They called it 'Radiant Human and Aura Photography' and it does a really good job of explaining the colors people see. As an example, it says yellow (which dominated mine) is: 

  • Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Open-Minded, Loves Variety and Freedom, Generous, Playful, Whimsical.
  • Yellows provide an atmosphere where people are comfortable being themselves.

You can see lots of her team have similar type auras which makes sense if they are together all the time (and working for GOOP - hehe). 

I think that the aura reading place in NYC is pretty rare, so make sure to go if you're there in the city - it's totally worth it. 

Okay so that's my random #witchlife post of the week, and tonight I'm off to be super domestic with J and friends before we go to Silverlake tomorrow. Has anyone been? I'm dying to know more about it - and really excited to be a little hipster and go. I'm dragging everyone to the flea market, obvi. 

Also thanks for such a good week, I seriously feel grateful for all the recent connections and love I've gotten via da blog. 

xo Happy weekend!


Info via 1/2/3