I Quit.

Oh man. 

OhHHhHHh man.

Ya'll ain't ready for this.

Words cannot express to you how good I feel right now. To say that quiting my job was the right thing for me.

I wish you could sit with me and have me explain so let me do the best I can.


I worked for two years at an amazing company.  I mean honestly it couldn't have been more perfect for me. It was flexible, everyone was great, I loved my boss....plus it was in marketing/digital media so I wasn't so far outside of the realm of what I do outside of my work anyway. Truly, I couldn't have had a better experience. 

But ya know what man.

Even if it's working, and you know in your heart that it's not what you want or that it's no longer aligned or serving you...then you gotta make a move. 

With the full time job, Almost 30 Podcast and Hundred I was working 7 days a week.

All day. Most nights, some mornings, and I lived at a constant heightened level of stress. I would go to the bathroom at client meetings and post a sponsored post on Instagram. Or take interviews for Almost 30 during my lunch break.

I'd walk out to take calls with sponsors, or check my emails when I would walk to the bathroom at work. I always felt like there was more to do. 

I also felt like okay I am doing this. I am getting away with it....(in the sense that I was still alive, HA)


I survived another week. Phew. Got it. Now I can work all weekend, get everything done that I wanted to all week...

But I had a few expanding moments. One of them was speaking at an event, where, I said no at first. 

I had to work. 

They came back and asked what the price was? How much would it take for me to do speak at their event as a panel moderator (aka my dream).

I gave them the same price as one of my corporate job paychecks. More actually.

To my surprise, they agreed.

I knew in that moment, that I could make money, more easily, more quickly, doing things I loved than doing things I didn't.

The ability we have to make money when we are doing things we love is infinite. 

With Almost 30, for me, making money is FUN. I get to talk about my favorite brands, and to share them with people I love and want to experience the brand too. I also get to host events, hang with my best friend, grow and develop Chloe and our interns....

There's nothing better. I know I am not the norm. I know that people don't find what they love to do. I know I'm lucky, but the path hasn't been perfect.

But I also answered the calling.


When I asked for it, I followed the voice. When I prayed to find a job where I was impacting peoples lives in a positive way, utilizing my skills as a communicator, interviewer, and generally curious person...

I got the tap to start to record, to be authentic, and try something new with Lindsey.

I worked at it, I went for it, and then I worked for it again. But I never pushed aside the calling and messages that I was given.

That's the thing, is that so often people ask for their dream job or passion, or to find something they love that they can make money from. But once that hits given to you, the message for what that is, EVEN IF IT'S CRAZY, you need to go for it. 

It doesn't need to be quitting your job, it doesn't need to be crazy or put you into debt, but if you want it, you need to follow it, to get scared, to take risks and to choose fear over faith. 


I knew that I needed to walk in alignment with the messages I was spreading on the podcast.
How could I talk to these badass entrepreneurs, who have lost it all, gained it back, taken risks, grown businesses, helped others, been scared....and live my life scared and unaligned? 

It just felt right.

So I did it. Didn't overthink. Just acted and did. Got my healthcare in order, got us set up with payroll, figured out finances and how things were going to work. Got BUSY with my schedule and Almost 30, but also allowed myself to nap.

Yes, nap. The week after I quit I let myself nap each day. There really is nothing better (especially as a projector) than a nap. It's the ultimate recharge, and feels like the epitome of self care to me.


How I prepared:

  • Saved: Oh I saved. I have more money in my bank account than I have in my whole life, and that money may or may not be used, but it's about 6 months salary to sustain myself, allow myself to still travel for fun, move into a bigger apartment...etc. This number is different for everyone so find one that works for you.
  • I stopped asking everyone else what they would do. Because it doesn't matter what they would do. It's my life and I needed to take ownership for it.
  • I took my own advice, and actually thought about the messages I shared with others to live a life aligned, and made my own life more aligned.
  • I got myself in a great position with Almost 30 Podcast where one job replaced the other. Lindsey and I grew Almost 30 Podcast so much that when I left it felt like I didn't skip a beat. We had so much to do, that I haven't slowed down working since, it's just changed.

It's so personal to you how, when and why, but in the Secret Almost 30 Podcast facebook group we talked about this all the time. There have been so many women that said they left their jobs that weren't filling them up for greener pastures.

It's not about jumping, or taking the leap, or reckless abandon. It's about being the person that you want to be and preparing for years to build a life you love. 



I am so excited to create more, do more, share more, be MORE for you and for the listeners of Almost 30 Podcast. Finding more ways to SERVE

I love you!


*Photos from our Seattle Tour Stop by Catching Cali Photo

What I'm wearing in this post:

Brass Clothing Romper (code ALMOST30 for a 15% discount)

Jeffrey Campbell Boots

Quay Sunglasses

'ello from London!

‘ello cheerio! 

Writing from London this week. I’m here for work (we have a lot of new people on the team so gotta get some facetime), but trying my best to explore the city and do interesting thangs as much as possible in the evenings. Work life balance here is right. Peeps be leaving at 5 PM on the dot and that’s some #shitilike

However, some shit I do not like, is that I got food poisoning a few days ago. I was in Africa eating food in a desert camp for two days and NOTHING. I come to London to have a Thai meal and, BAM. I’m sick as shit. I was in bed for the next 48 hours. It was like the nauseous kind, not like the other kind, okay. I swearrrrrrr.  Missed work, called my mom and all. Slept the whole damn day.

On the eating note. My eating has been so whack since I left NYC a few weeks ago. I honestly forgot how hard it is to eat well when you’re overseas, especially being vegetarian. There’s a huge meat focus almost everywhere, but I think that in the states it’s fairly easy to find a nutritious vegetarian meal. Like a big ass salad, or risotto even. Not just like shitty fried carbs.

Places outside of the U.S. don’t do the juicing, bars, salads (with a legitimate amount of vegetables) wheat grass shots, cleanses, crazy/weird shit…like we do. The guys even don’t do like protein shakes, or bars. People don’t seem to do vitamins or any supplements either. Working out is way less of a focus for both guys and girls, and I’m pretty sure that the only workout my co-workers who were girls did was Zumba. 

I was busy that night hehe.

For real though. America is seriously ‘bout that fitness/wellness life and I looooovveeeee it. I do think there's a lot of bull shit in the industry and I'm sure that I spend lots of money on stuff that my body doesn't even need. These people seem to be healthy without all that!

This time traveling for so long, I’m trying to not be a psycho path and really just go with the flow, eat well when I can and grab salads from Marc’s & Spencer’s for most of my days. M&S is their whole foods/target basically, and it’s the shit. Everything food wise is fresh, grab and go and cheap.  Yes please. 

A year ago when I came for a month or so, I was feeling really out of it from eating so weird – and let myself think about it more than I should. So I’m being thoughtful to just do what I can. I packed a shit ton of quest bars, vitamins, and find fruits and veggies as much as poss. Sometimes it's like, you gotta just chill. 

As far as workouts go, I’m running again here so that I don’t like go crazy sitting on my ass, acquiring secretary butt (aka flat ass from that swivel chair). London over NYC on places to run, for two reasons. There’s way more room with lots more trees. If I was in the mood, I would be doing home workout stuff like crunches, body weight exercises and such, but I’m sort of over it this week. 

Since I’ve been doing so many classes in the city it’s hard to motivate myself personally to do things on my own, which can be a problem. If you guys have any tips on how to get your ass in gear there lemme know.

But for some London updates, I wanted to share some photos during my stay. Liberty London is cool, and the people in London remind me so much of NYC. Just a little bit on the gritty side, no bullshit, well dressed and cool as shit. More details to come on stuff to do, and of course a guide! This one had mad insight from cool people that live there so that's a plus.

Also would love to know any tips or tricks you guys have on the food things abroad? I am so down for advice and help here, I neeeeeed it. I'm also super interested too if you have thoughts on food overseas. This is a huge topic probably for another day but whatev!

Will keep you posted! Love xx