Crystals you NEED for your workspace (plus a $100 giveaway from Energy Muse!)

Hi there!

How are ya? How was the weekend? I'm thinking to post on Tuesdays now instead of Monday. I feel Mondays are 'back to the grind' days? Tuesdays may be better but if you have thoughts, let me know!

Anyway, I went to Vegas last weekend for my friend Emily's bachelorette. It was so good to see friends (it's always worth it!), but the low was definitely the TRAFFIC on the way back. A 5 hour drive turned into 8 hours. I pretty much went insane (you know if you saw my snap ha!) 

Today however, I'm writing from my little at home desk, in our bungalow apartment in Venice.

I say bungalow because it seems more California than saying 'small'. But, it's perfect, and we're by the beach. What more could ya want?

(Actually I definitely want A/C because for some reason they don't have it on the West side in Cali!)

Since I started working from home about a year ago, I've really thought about the desk space and home office. It's super important to be conscious about your workspace, whether you are home or in a corporate office. 

It's like, 9 hours of your day! 

At my desk, I have my succulents, orchids, my buddha, and of course my crystals.

Bringing me good vibes, cutting the EMF and any negative energy.

You guys know I am a huge crystal fan who believes in the energy they bring and the magic they have.

I wrote about it here, and here and am SO EXCITED that with this post I am partnering with Energy Muse to do a giveaway for you.

$100 dollars worth of free crystals for your workspace!

Energy Muse is an amazing company based out of California. They are the numero uno crystal babes, with a true dedication to inspiring others and are very KNOWLEDGEABLE about crystals and anything in the spiritual realm.

Included in the giveaway:

EVERY crystal we discuss in this post for you to keep at your home office, or bring to work (to ward off those negative work vibes and bring clarity to your everyday!)

Shungite Pyramid

A MASSIVE Selenite wand

Citrine Point

4 Black Tourmaline chunks


How to win:

Follow @hundredblogla on Instagram

Follow Energy Muse @energymuse on Instagram

Tag a friend (or two!) you think would love win, and comment on my Instagram which crystal you'd love to have most!

That's it!

The winner will be announced next Friday, July 29th.

Quick story about Energy Muse before we discuss the crystals in this giveaway and their benefit.

I went to the Energy Muse store in Torrence, and was BLOWN AWAY at how thoughtful, gorgeous, and welcoming the store was.

(They also let dogs in! This is Erica's dog Bo!)

At their store, I met with my friend and mega-babe, Erica who runs their influencer marketing. She's huge into energy, the moon, crystals and all things love and spirituality. So, it was nice to chat with her about lots of mutual things we have in common.

Like crystals, spirituality and blogging - she is 1/2 of SOLO!

In SOLO, Erica recently wrote about being laid off from her previous job a few months ago.

Knowing it wasn't the right fit for her, and that it didn't align to her deeper self, she reached out to Energy Muse to discuss a position she wanted to propose, and shortly after, she was starting her new dream career.

 Going from being laid off, to doing the job of her dreams that she manifested herself.

She wrote about it here - it's a DOPE story.

One of my favorites of the year.

I am going to interview Erica in more detail in a few months to discuss this further.

But, lets get to it, the crystals included in this giveaway from Energy Muse!

Crystals that will make a HUGE difference in your workspace

Shungite Pyramid 

Amethyst Stone

Amethyst Stone

Where to place: Place on or near your electronics you are working with daily - computer, laptop, iPad etc.

Meaning: Shungite is a tool of electromagnetic protection. It shields against negative, harmful energy while increasing work performance. The pyramid shape enhances higher vibrations and allows its healing properties to be carried a farther distance.

Black Tourmaline 

Where to place: Place 4 pieces in 4 corners of your room where your work space is.

Meaning: Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones. It magnifies the protective energy frequency within a space and creates a protective shield.

(I also use a small Black Tourmaline stone to wear in my bra everyday to ward off any negativity!)


Where to place: Place on your window sill

Meaning: Selenite is a great cleansing tool that dispels all negative energy while creating serenity and mental clarity within a space. It aids in energy blockages allowing a free, positive flow of energy through one's body.



Where to place: Place on your business cards or in your wallet

(I actually wrote about my business cards here and keep my citrine point on top of mine!)

Meaning: Citrine is an amazing manifestation stone that heightens all wishes and intentions especially ones pertaining to manifesting wealth, prosperity and abundance. It is powered by the energy of the Sun therefore does not hold any negative energy.


Where to place: Place on your desk 

Meaning: Fluorite is known for its rejuvenation. It clears and resets the mind during times of "monkey brain", confusion, indecisiveness and negativity. It also ensures a constant flow of positive energy.


I have been really loving Selenite lately especially to calm down and ease anxiety. Erica taught me to rest the wand on my chest and it REALLY calms. You can actually feel it working on your nervous system.

I've been doing that each night and I LOVE it.

Plus I've always really loved Citrine, because when I meditate with it, I notice a serious shift in my good fortune.

All of these crystals though, are amazing.

It feels really good that I can work with an AMAZING company like Energy Muse to give you something that's worth over $100 dollars. Products that I feel really matter.

That increase wealth and abundance, clear negative energy and create a more open workspace. 

(Closed mouth smile).

So cool right? This is a huge giveaway and I REALLY love my crystals and Energy Muse so I am excited about this one!

What questions do have for me about crystals, my workspace, or even about working from home? Do you work from home? Let's swap tips!

 If you have any questions for Energy Muse, I can also have them answer and discuss :)

Do you guys have crystals or use them? I'd love to know your favorites.

Feeling good about this, and loving you!

Have the best day!



P.S. Thanks to Energy Muse for partnering with me to sponsor this post! Major credit to Erica Kmiec for being such a great partner, visionary and friend!

Photos: 2, 4, 6 via Energy Muse