Helloooooo Guys!

I've been meaning to write about this for a while, just because it’s been a focus among friends and people that I talk to.

The side hustle.

What is a side hustle you ask?

As defined by our friends at urban dictionary:

It’s a sideline gig that brings in cash; something other than your main job. Maybe playing weekend gigs or life coaching.

Because, nowadays, career paths aren't linear, and the ways in which we can earn money don't have to be either. 

Very few people I know, plan to stay at their company for 20-30 years, let alone for like 3-4. Our generation does not stay still for long.

It's what we do, we move around, we explore, we push what's possible and it's so cool that now there everyone is sort of making their own success and definition of it.

In many of the podcasts I listen to (James AltucherTim Ferriss as examples), they talk about the importance of side hustles, passive income, or small ways you can earn with little effort (once you've set up the correct processes). I've always been like, 'I'd like to do that' and then continued to live my life, spending hundred of dollars at Whole Foods on random juice potions and polishing off jars of peanut butter on the reg. 

Until I went to Marrakech in April.

During my trip, we had scheduled an overnight tour to the Sahara Desert Luxury Camp. We did so not knowing that it literally takes 12 hours of driving to get to any sort of desert landscape from Marrakech, let alone the Sahara.

This provided my friend and I a lot of time with our driver, Abdou.

People often say, you don't know someone until you travel with them, well you definitely get to know a person in 24 hours of driving in the car through the desert. We had already danced to all of 1999's greatest hits (they're always a little behind internationally with music LOL) so I was asking about what his goals in life were.

As background, Abdou had lived with 10 brothers in Morocco his whole life, moving from cab driver to city tour guide to overnight tour guide - a big deal there. There is nothing this kid loves more than freakin' Morocco. He's only left to travel to New York City, his second favorite place in the world, (sort of by default but whatever).

At hour 11, we just sort of started to say/ask whatever, so I asked what his dream in life was. 

He said to own his own tour company. 

First, respect for knowing, and second for being bold enough to say it out loud.

He mentioned that the only thing holding him back was the creation of the website and organization/client facing piece. It's hard to be the actual physical tour guide, on multiple day and overnight tours, and then to also juggle working with future clients on creating their tour/taking payments. Especially if these clients were in the United States or Europe.  

I mean, I can make a website, (squarespace whaddup), I could help to organize overnight and day tours, manage the money (if it's not my own)....

Obviously there was work involved, but to get paid a percentage of every tour, and not actually do physical work for the tour, sounded like a side hustle in the making.

So after long conversations for the remaining hours in the car, we decided to create Let's Travel Morocco Tours

So how does this side hustle work?  I get a portion of every tour that I schedule. I manage the email, the website communicate between the client and Abdou so that he understands what exactly they are looking for in their tour, it’s time, date’s and length. I then take payment and distribute to him so that he can pay for their food, lodging, gas, etc. These tours can range from a few hundred dollars, to a few thousand and groups can be as small as 1 to 20. 

I mean, it was really hard to get an LLC set up, figure out payments so they were legal, and then create the website using information I was getting from someone via Skype sessions with Abdou.

I think thats what's hard about a side hustle, not so much finding a skill that you can capitalize on, but really just the initial effort you have to put in to first make that shit happen. Everyone can do something of value for someone else in our 'global market' today. Period. 

As other examples,  I have a good friend, Adam, whose making bank by doing wholesale on Amazon. He buys things from all over the world, and resells at a high price point on Amazon. Justin is making mobile apps for people, ad hoc. One of my friends in Chicago sells her shit she doesn’t wear anymore on eBay. So many people make so much blogging, it’s another side hustle that works.

Capitalism y'all.

It’s super exciting to think about all the opportunities outside of your daily job, where you can make as much extra cash as you want really. 

 More information on side hustles:

  •    Elite Daily has some good ideas for people in their 20s
  •    Entrepenur calls out places like Tradsy, which is such a good start
  •    I love Ramit Sadhi, his book I Will Teach You To Be Rich is on point, and 3 easy ways to  make more money is so true. With all of them, freelancing, productizing (creating your own product) and getting a raise (which may honestly be the most difficult one sometimes) there needs to be effort put in initially. 
  • You can read about the Amazon one here – because it’s actually crazy. (They talk about Etsy specifically, but the same model also applies to Amazon). 

What do you guys think? Down with it or no? I’m super curious if anyone else has a side hustle, this stuff is so crazy!

Have a good week. 

Krista xx