V EXCITED ABOUT: the TSC Bombshell Body Guide (!!)

You guys want to know how fucking random I am?

I'm actually certified to be a group fitness instructor. LOL. Through a popular program called ACE, I got certified about 8 months ago but have yet to utilize my skills through an actual group fitness instruction job. I had one in mind in NYC but the move happened and I'm figuring it out in L.A. 

Just don't ask questions honestly I'm so hilarious with my random shit. I will keep you posted. 

ANYWAY. So the point of this is that I got the best email ever from Lauryn at The Skinny Confidential yesterday. Which reminded me that I'm not doing shit with my certification and that it's time to get my ass in gear. 

Lauryn picked five babes to try the Bombshell Body Guide for FREE and review it, and guess who got picked.

Moi! :) 

Honestly, of all the people and readers this girl has on her blog, it's like the craziest-ly cool thing that's happened in a while. If you don't know, The Skinny Confidential is probably the only blog I really read. She's SO LEGIT. There is a good mix of topics and major realness. But when I say she's an inspiration, I know it sounds so lame, but it's true. 

This came at a perfect time because although I've been working out in L.A. at places like The Studio MDR, Circuit Works and The Yoga Collective, the working from home and unrestricted access to the pantry/fridge is ruining my life. Justin right now has the peanut butter jars in places that I can't reach, but I've somehow found ways (bringing chairs into the kitchen from the office) to get to the jars and polish them off one by one as a 'snack'.

He keeps saying I'm like an animal that's adapting. LOL.

But I needed a little push to get back, and probably to look for a place to join a gym as fitness instructor. Will keep you posted with that, LOL. 

So I will be starting the program next week, it's the 28 Week Bombshell Body Guide and One Month of Bombshell Body Website Membership completely free. It's got lots of workouts and I think I'm really into the nutrition part, because my food game is dire. I need to mix it up from whole foods veggie burgers - STAT.

First of all, I logged in and checked the program out this morning, and by the way, I am seriously impressed.

The photos of workouts, are super clear and helpful, and this guide is SO THOROUGH. I think that I know a little bit about various workouts just from being at the gym, but a lot of the combinations I haven't ever thought of before, or probably doing wrong. 

The workout library has so much in there, I'm hopeful I don't f this up.

So, all of this is part of the program:

  • Bombshell bod guides, in phases 1 and 2
  • Nutrition, full of recipes, supplement guide and good products
  • Workout library, with targeted workouts and 3 day cleanse
  • Also a support center (!) I can see other babes on here writing what they're up to

Plus it's always good to track stuff, ya know? Successes, failures, whatever. It's good to get honest about what you're doing. I mean honestly before and after photos, measurements and weighing myself like makes me feel like I'm straight up Jenny Craiging, but it's truly the only way to track your success. Bad news doesn't get better with age y'all. 

This will be good though. Bombshell Body life isn't a bad one, ya know?

I will keep you posted with progress, updates, etc. Probably won't post before photos but like I mean I don't want to freak readers out. 

How exciting! V happy. Thank you to TSC and the team. Gotta make ya proud!

P.S. How was everyone's weekend? I want to see Halloween costumes and hear updates! I was in Long Beach all weekend, being a bad Halloween-er hehe. Just couldn't do it, but LB with a group of girlfriends was perfection. 

Keep me posted - chat soon!



photos via The Skinny Confidential and The Skinny Confidential Bombshell body guide.