My favorite beauty HACK: Collagen from Vital Proteins

I think you guys know this. But I’m a HUGE fan of collagen

It’s super easy, and one of three things I've taken that WORK. Like, I honestly SEE and FEEL the difference when I take it. The other things in my life that have worked, is Viviscal for your hair, and Tarte BB Cream (it’s made from angel tears I swear).

If you tell me anything will make me look or feel better - I'll try it. With collagen, it covers all bases - better hair, skin, and nails. It can also improve digestion. Plus, it's good for your bones and can reverse the signs of aging...

As I avoid any sort of Botox, I'm doing what I can to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, dryness....

Importantly in an effort to Keep it 100, before I recommend anything to anyone, I try things out. I mean, like take it for a few months, truly giving it the proper time and effort to see if it works. With Viviscal, I actually took it for over a year, saw crazy benefits and then shared it with you guys. Just like that, with collagen, I've been taking Vital Proteins for a few months now, and truly am LOVING it. It’s EASY and WORKS – need I say more?

You know I LOVE a good beauty hack.


Benefits of collagen

Reverses the signs of aging

Not only does collagen prevent the signs of aging, it can reverse some signs such as fine lines and reduced elasticity. Anti-aging, is SO key for me. 

2. Helps to reduce cellulite: Okay, so, in short: collagen is the protein that forms the connective tissue in your skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. So, if you have changes in the skin such as weakened collagen, it can make cellulite more apparent because the skin is less able to conceal everything happening below the surface. So, that thin skin, will show fat MUCH quicker if you lack collagen. This is key for living in Cali when I'm in shorts like, all year ‘round. 

3. Prevents the onset signs of aging: by increasing skin moisture levels, the development of lines and wrinkles diminish. It’s that simple! I have a few fine lines on my face that I watch like a HAWK. No seriously, I look at their prominence daily because it's fascinating to me how they change relative to my hydration level, my sleep, and what supplements I'm taking or what I'm eating. With this, my skin just looks so much more hydrated and even. I had someone stop me on the street today, complimenting me on my skin. Which is crazy!

4. Strengthens hair and nails: If you didn't know, collagen protein is the foundation of hair and nails. It's like biotin but it works – HA (never felt like biotin worked at all). To brag, my hair is LONG as shit now, and the collagen as seriously helped it stay lustrous. It’s the longest it’s ever been and I’m able to keep it that length because it’s healthy. For my nails, they can survive my no chip manicure obsession, thank GOD. 

5. Improves digestion in two ways: it supports hydrochloric acid production in our stomach, which makes digestion easier and collagen helps to repair the lining of the stomach, and small/large intestines. Staying regular and supporting my digestion make me feel more like a human, ya know? 

My fav collagen morning smoothie: 

1 Scoop of Unflavored Marine Collagen or Vanilla Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins

3 tbsp. flax meal

1 Scoop HUM Raw Beauty Powder

3 tbsp. Pearl Powder

1 Dash of Bee Pollen

1 Scoop of Sun Warrior Vanilla Protein

Handful of Spinach

8 fl oz. of Almond Milk

GUYS, eek! 

 This smoothie fills me up for hours and hours. I feel so much better starting my morning off with something so so super nutrient dense. The bee pollen is high in vitamin B-12 and B-6, and the pearl powder is a known antioxidant. The Vanilla Collagen Peptides I add, also gives a great flavor to unsweetened almond milk, or just water. With the unflavored you can have it in anything.

Hundred Blog Vital Proteins


Anything for hair, skin, digestive and bone health! Especially when it’s easy, accessible, and painless!  No needles is a MAJOR PLUS.

Oh and each scoop from Vital Proteins is PURE COLLAGEN. No fillers, nothing crazy or nasty – so you know what you’re taking. (Beware of others that may have fillers!)

Anyone else here a lover of collagen? Any other collagen recipes you make? Let a sister know!



Photos via Vital Proteins

This post was done in collaboration with Vital Proteins, but as usual all opinions are mine! Keeping it 100 with ya.