Celebrating 4 years with BAE feat. Billabong (Warhol Surf Collection)

Hi you!

What's happening?

How are ya?

Hope the weekend was GOOD. 

So big news at the peanut household (ha) we're celebrating our 4 year anniversary this week (not sure the exact day of course) but we'll be doing a low key dinner at our favorite burger place (great options for both of us and it's super cheap, LOL).

Nothing crazy just spending time together, we also did a beach day (here) reppin' this rad Warhol Surf Collection for Billabong.

When I think about Justin and our relationship, the past 4 years have (over anything) been SO MUCH FUN.

The key (for me) to being in a long term relationship isn't taking anything too seriously, and to have FUN. 

Yes, he's there for me when I need, and does all that cute shit girls love, but 99% of the time when we are hanging out we're making fun of one another, laughing and playing.

I know that when people used to tell me, you need to date your best friend, I understood it, but I didn't understand it until living with J for so long.

There's so much going on, in both of our lives, I just want someone to come home to and laugh with. I need someone to support my vision, to support me working 99% of the time, to love to travel, and to enjoy 9 PM bed times.

Anyone else?

Oh and did I say we're always laughing?

Plus he ain't bad to look at, right? :) 

This weekend at the beach, Justin and I wore the Warhol Surf collection, because #VeniceBeach and I was IN LOVE with his threads. 

The shorts, are the perfect length, they hit right above the knee and the palms are classic, but not cheesy. 

The short sleeve button down, we're both such FANS. Cut just right, and good for summertime it's a refreshing take on the short sleeve. Cute right?

He also got the long sleeve, because for most days he's wearing a soft long sleeve shirt, especially to the beach.

Oh and me? 

I got this tie-dye one piece, and y'all know I'M ALL ABOUT THE ONE PIECE. It's a 90's vibe throw back and right now feels so sexy to me. 

It covers everything you need, is super comfortable and I love how this is cut. Super low in the back, and it's cut high on the thigh. 


But anyway, super beach-y, oh so Cali.

I LOVE Billabong but this collection gets Cali summertime RIGHT. For both you and your man! 

What I'm wearing in this post:

Billabong Warhol Surf Collection Sweatshirt (super soft and comfy)

Billabong Warhol Surf Collection One-Piece (I am in LOVE with this. It's super sexy, flattering, and comfortable. I love how low the back is!)

Oh and you know Liketknowit? The app where you can screenshot whatever someones wearing? I have mine, here but lately, Justin keeps texting me, YOU BETTER LIKE IT TO KNOW IT! and it's making me WEAK.

I can't. Making fun of blogger life makes me LOL. 

Anyway, what's your relationship secret guys? Also, loving the one pieces lately right?

Have the best week!