What to wear to all these SUMMER WEDDINGS! (Serious favorites, for CHEAP)

"Wedding Season, y'all!" 

I know I know, it's a busy time to celebrate the ones you love, to buy them rolling pins and china they'll use once. The best time of YEAR! I have two coming up, back and back and I am SO EXCITED.

Seriously though, y'all need DRESSES for wedding season! There are SO MANY on sale at Asos. 

Almost all of these dresses below are between $20 and $50 dollars, and they are STUNNING.

That's why, I had to share!

I wrote a post previously on the best NYE dresses they had, and shared this hot little number that I am borderline obsessed with.

THEY STILL HAVE IT! It's $154 dollars, from Virgos Lounge and it's SO FLATTERING. Truly. It fits nicely and is just a bit dressed up. It's more than I wanted to spend, but I've never felt so glam. So, get it, it's worth it! It goes just below the knee, has a little slit and looks great with silver or gold. 

But these are the best of the best, hover over them too to see the price, since seriously more than half are less than $50 dollars.

I'm really into the off the shoulder ones, and florals, but also a classic basic is the best. 

Let me just say - that I am all about COVERING UP at weddings.

Like the wedding is about the bride, not me and I will do anything to not show too much skin. I still have nightmares about this girl at the wedding I went to over New Years eve. She sat in the FRONT ROW and her dress seriously went down to her belly button with her tits out, GRAZING the nipples. I die. Like this isn't your day with your tits.

ANYWAY, rant over. Weddings are for classiness. 

So, some of the BEST picks! There are also dresses similar to this that are GORGEOUS! I love the Virgo dress line from Asos.

Shop the look:

Are there any that are your favorites? Where do you shop for wedding dresses right now? I have 8 this year and need to STOCK UP!

Keep me posted! I have a wedding next weekend and I am thinking the black one that is like, $38 bucks! LOVE.