Weekend in Review: Bestival in Toronto

I'm not sure how it happened, but we ended up across da Border in Toronto this weekend. It was J's first time in Canada, and I was excited to get back because Canadians are soooo freakin' nice man. I'm serious, lol, I love it. 

I've written about Coachella, and some other music festivals, but for some reason Bestival fit in perfect with our schedule and Toronto is so freakin' easy to get to from NYC. It's like an hour and a half flight. 

Bestival's like, a Bonnaroo & Pitchfork love child. It's super whimsical, there are lots of activities, pops of color and costumes. But it's on a smaller scale, with only around 20,000 people each day (Coachella has around 579,000) and it's only two days, vs. three. 

For the weekend recap, highlights, lowlights, and all things underrated. 


  • Flume: I hope so bad that soundcloud uploads Flume's set from Bestival, but Flume is sooooo good, and I didn't even realize how much I loved him. New add to my workout playlist.
  • Keys N Krates: Friday afternoon, we're chilling in the 'Perrier tent' (LOL) and Justin like walks away to say what's up to these dudes, who I find out later are Keys N Krates. LOL. He legit says whats up, and has a 5 minute convo with them and I have no idea who they are. BUT. They were cool as shit, and they're from Toronto so they were so hype during their set the must have been so happy to be home. Being up front was perrrrfect.
  • People of Toronto: When I used to work in Chicago, my clients were majority in Toronto and I loveddddd doing business with them. They're so polite and lovely. At most music festivals, for some reason there is like a tension in the air sometimes, people are like smashed together in an area, it's hot as f, you're sweaty, people are drunk, and for some reasons some parents let their teenagers attend so they're all in your grill. However, at Bestival, everyone was so courteous, we didn't get pushed or grinded on by anyone and there was so much space, it was seriously crazy (in a good way!) 


  • Festival Thoughtfulness: So a cool thing about Bestival is that, you have to take a Ferry from Toronto to get to this island where Bestival is held. A bad thing about Bestival is that 20,000 people are trying to get on this ferry back from that island to Toronto at the end of each night. No joke we waited 2 hours in a line to get on the ferry. They definitely should have thought that shit out, and planned accordingly yo! My dogs are barkin' from dancing all night yo!
  • Weather: Weather is everything when you're outside all day for a festival. On Friday it was rainy for the majority of the afternoon, which made it cold and muddy. Any hope of looking fly on the first day of the festival was completely shot. #ponchoswag
  • Bumble & Bumble purple hair spray: You guys I was so excited to spray my hair lavender this weekend. I bought Bumble & Bumble temporary hair spray (two f'n cans!) and it did nothingggggggg at all except make my hair crusty and like I had straight up dreads. LOL. It seriously only barely showed up after using two whole cans (which are $19 dollars each). Maybe I have to be more blonde for it to show, or use 3 cans? I don't know but I'm going to freaking find a WAY. 


  • Beach Club on Saturday: Because Bestival took place on an island, they had shows taking place legitimately on the beach. This beach also happened to be next to a 'clothing optional beach' filled with locals, which was sobering (so many old men LOL), but the music there was tropical house, and you could just lay under cabanas, and chilllllll. 
  • This dress I got from Due West, a store in Canada. It's like super loose, short and comfortable with a tropical pattern and a baseball jersey neckline. I'm all about that hip-hop type pattern, it's so dope! I'm wearing it in the pics here, and it was around $80 USD.

Any recommendations for Toronto? I've been blown away by all the vegetarian cuisine (Grasshopper, Vegetarian Haven...) but also made stops for Justin at Dirty Bird (fried chicken) and Bent (asian fusion) and am loving food here so far.

Back to NYC on Monday and needing to get back on my eating/workout grind feeling oh so puffy. But such is life. :)

Have a good week y'all.