What to wear during #weddingseason

How much is everyone hearing about "wedding season?" I mean, it is wedding season though.

I sort of cringe at the term...I mean it seems obnoxious to say that right? 

But I also know that for the next 10 or so years, when summer comes around, it shall forever be, "wedding season". 

Le sigh. 

Don't get me wrong though. I love weddings. I love love, and if you think about it, it's an opportunity to see people you love on the happiest day of their life, while also partying with your friends in a gorgeous atmosphere. Like, life isn't so bad eh? 

This weekend I was in my hood, Chicago for a the gorgeous wedding of my longtime friend Biz & Chris. It was absolutely stunning, very much a reflection of them and their love for each other and for family. I was reminded of how inspirational their love is, and how true friends, and soul mates they are. A big reason to celebrate.

I do think that weddings are probably the only opportunity we have at this age to get all sorts of dressed up, and I've learned from some weddings recently what to wear, but I'm obviously no expert by any stretch. It wasn't too long ago that I bought a white Philip Lim dress for a wedding only to be shut down by my friends as I was getting ready like, "what are you doing?"

aka, I have little to no idea, but I'm working on it through osmosis yo!

I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked to be for this wedding (and considering our flight was delayed and delayed, we didn't make it into Chicago until 2 AM the night before) I was pleased with how the look turned out. Black tea length dress, strappy back heel (from Forever 21 obviously), YSL clutch, hot pink lip and straight hair (still rockin' the Rachel haircut until it grows out). 

How to master the #weddingseason look:

  • A bold lip. I went with Sephora Love Test 11, in lieu of a red because I didn't want to seem too intense with a tightass black dress, hair down and red lip. It's a bit too bombshell for a wedding, it's best to be more 'pretty' and 'classic' than sexy.  I like Sephora's lipsticks a lot, they last and have an intense pigment for like way cheaper than Nars. 
  • A nice, classic clutch. The one I have Justin got me for Christmas, is Yves Saint Laurent and it's my go-to classic black with a gold chain clutch, that I can wear for any nice occasion. If you need to know anything about me, it's that I wear Forever 21 clothes and carry YSL bags. A nice bag is truly all you need. 
  • Spanx. But for real though. If you're wearing a tight dress, no matter how tight the bod, it smooths it all out. I mean what guy doesn't want to see a woman with sexy bike shorts under her dress? 
  • Clean, face and light eye makeup. I know clean face is obvious, but like if you're outside for a wedding, the natural lighting shows evvverrryyything. Full coverage makeup, like a BB cream base (I like Smashbox BB) and then Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation on top is really good to smooth it all out. Also, smokey eye's are just too sexy, so a bare lid with a thick line and brow is the way to go. I really like Nars single eyeshadow in Biarritz
  • Shoes should most likely be strappy, in nude or black. Pop of color is good too if your dress is plain, but sadly wedges are a no. They're so comfortable, but too BBQ. I love these from Forever, for like $29 dollars. 

I think it's just me, but I'm really a fan of solids lately. Again you can look amazing, and do your hair and lip in a classic way and not outshine the bride. Also, tea length or longer, looks insane right now. I love the move away from super short for a wedding. 

My dress this weekend was River Island, I got it in London as it's a brand out of the U.K. They don't carry it anymore, but they have really good options for a really reasonable price.  The mesh was a nice little surprise but not too sexy. 

Dresses from top left:

Steven Alan Pleat Neck Merida Fan Dress $217 

Club L Cape Overlay Maxi Dress in Crepe $63

Ted Baker Valencia Pleated Dress $325

Asos One Shoulder with Zip Exposed Dress $80.62

River Island Black Layered Sleveless Maxi Dress $150

Revolve Clothing Madagascar Maxi Dress $242

River Island Body Con Dress in Blush $110

Asos Low High Maxi Dress with Cut Outs and Thigh Split $69

Revolve Clothing Monarch Dress $594 

So yasss my wedding recommendations for #weddingseason. Oh please feel free to provide suggestions or recommendations as there are loads to come in the next few years. For my closest friends, we are all so far away (by choice yo!) so none of the other wedding thangs shall be discussed. 

Now back to bed, as I randomly go the flu I think on my flight back on Monday. It's been 3 days of straight time in bed, chillin' mass. Hopefully getting better for the weekend spent in my new city!


Krista xx