The way to dress at Coachella.

I've found the best dressed person at Coachella, y'all. 

It doesn't help that this lady is a mega-babe swimsuit model, who probably gets this shit for free, but her outfits for each day are seriously on.point.  They're so appropriate to the vibe, sexy  but not slutty, it seems comfortable enough and they're accessorized SO well. 

Also, she's on 'team no cat ears, headdresses, weird 70's shit, croquet or neon'. 

There is so much good fashion at Coachella, but for all of the good, soooooo much bad. 

But anyway, 

When I think about music festival looks, I really like to match the look first to the festival, then to the vibe of the day. Like a Austin City Limits, I'm gonna go a bit more laid back 'country' (if that's even possible for me) than at something like Mad Decent Block Party. 

Each of the days' have different looks too. Friday you're just settling into the scene, feeling it out so you don't go SO hard with the look. You don't want to seem like you planned this shit for weeks (even though you did obvi). 

Saturday is the day to show out. It's the  longest day at the festival, and you'll see the most amount of people. Everyone's happy and excited and have fully adjusted to the festival life.

Sunday you're probably starting to feel hungover or tired, and you're look should be a little bit more low key, playful and easy. It's like the 'coming home' part of the event. You've earned the ability to have a chilled look.

For these reasons, the accessories, versatility, wearability and hot factor. Tash Oakley for the win.

Day One:

The white top is to die, it shows skin but not so much, loose down hair is right and I love the belt accessory with a jean short color I would NEVER normally wear. those color jean shorts. I think they may even be corduroy?. 

You can buy everything here from:


Day Two:

Yes. All of the black. All of it in the world I want. 

To be honest I don't know if this is a swimsuit cover-up or like a one piece item, but it's so freakin' hot. Not sure if I have the balls (or abs) but whatever.

It's from Nastygal, obvs. They have such good stuff for stuff like music festivals. 


Day Three:

Low key vibin', the sort of look dudes for some reason really dig. I am so about the labeled underwear thing. The flannel addition makes it okay. 

You can get it all from:

Elle Magazine also did a good piece on 'avoiding being a Coachella cliche' which was very on point with fashion at Coachella. 

I guess when it really comes down to it, with all of the music posts I've done and this on fashion, is that as I watch this year from the Coachella sidelines FOMO in full affect, I might as well outfit plan for next year.

P.S. Alice McCall and some of these brands have such dope shit! I've never heard of them so check it out, and pleaseeee let me know your favorite Coachella looks to lust over. 

Love xx